Different Names, Same Pain


Every day, I wake up

Every day, I hear the same two words uttered in different ways


Every man

All men


What follows next is not always the same

But in the end they have the same hurtful meaning





And when someone utters the words not all,

they get called different names with the same pain intended





Every day I hear what they proclaim that I am taught

Taught in the name of a privilege derived from a penis


Raping 101

Blood Spilling 101


Yet people wonder why I shun the names they embroider on their hats

When all I am told is that I am the source of a problem I never caused





What crimes have I committed in this world that deserve such scorn

When the only crime that I am guilty of is being born with a penis





My whole life I spent without a father, and yet I still had male influences

But each day, the lessons I had learned remind me what I am not





Each day I step forward, I step forward as myself

As a human that loves and not as a monster that hates





Each day I do not stay my hand because I do not strike to cause pain

I reach my hand out to give hope to those that need it





And each night when I go to bed, the words still float in the wind

All I can feel for those that spill the verbal bloodshed is not hate





All I feel for them is pity to hold such useless fear and anger towards men

When I can see them becoming the monsters they wish existed in me

– Jacob S. Hanes, Paperfan

I wrote this poem based on experiences that I have had with women using the words All men can/can’t do/don’t and I wanted to write this piece because of the effects it had on me. I always disliked hearing these words and being a child at the time, unable to tell the person to stop saying them around me. A child can’t tell an adult to do a thing. Or at least that is what I thought until I told the person why I disliked them. I still remember their reaction, them crying and telling my parent that I need to be forced to apologize for saying that I hate them. My parent is a 2nd Wave Feminist and told the woman that they wouldn’t force me to because I didn’t say that I hate her and what did she expect with all that she had said in front of me to feel. Now with 3rd Wave Feminism spewing what I swear is the same woman’s words, again I have the same feeling for them as I did her. You see, I did dislike her, but I also felt pity because with using her words as careless as she was, she was causing pain to me. Instead of hating her, which I could have done, I choose pity because she is just as human as I am. I consider myself a humanist because I believe in rights for all human beings as well as equality. Hope you have a good day and a good life. Keep up the work, the signal can never be stopped.

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  • It always bothered me being told that men have no feelings and it always made me angry being told that all we want is sex. Like women don’t like sex, only men, really.

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