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The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 27th May 2015. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:

On one of those absurd reality TV programs we are used to, a great house was being offered as a prize. This happened during the first years of the second millennium, when the real estate bubble hadn’t burst yet (although it was so filled with speculation, dubious contracts, changes of land use and other urban corruptions that it would not be long until that happened). Housing prices were so high that what our Constitution considered a right had become the privilege of a few lucky individuals. So the lure of having a big house, especially one that would be completely paid for, appealed to lots of participants.

They had to participate in pairs (either sentimental couples, friends, etc). Undoubtedly, one of the most popular couples in the show, due to their singularity and media favor, were Mónica (a.k.a. the Virgin) and David. The way Mónica controlled and diminished her partner’s integrity would have triggered every alarm in the room, if only the owner of such a dictatorial and degrading attitude had had a couple of X chromosomes. Mónica decided when David should speak and when he should remain silent. His opinion was disregarded and scorned by her. Insults were common, and always one-sided. Humiliations were constant, even in front of other participants (not mentioning the cameras that were recording such vexation for the enjoyment of 3-4 million viewers), and she would remind him who was the thinking member of the couple, and who was supposed to just shut up and obey. Is this what I taught you? Haven’t you learned anything I told you? Do I have to train you better? And the guy would just tilt his head, accepting the humiliation, accompanied by the looks (mixing pity and mockery) of the other participants.

In order to exert her rigid control, the Virgin wouldn’t waste any occasion to remind David how his life was before he met her. You had no friends, you were all alone, you were nobody, and she would threaten to leave him, so he would go back to that situation. She would repeat such a mantra again and again, not only in the heat of an argument, but also during daily conversation, until those words would drill a hole in his self-esteem, like a jackhammer. Even during conversations with participants, he would repeat, like an automaton, that he was nobody, he was alone until he met her.

The worst thing was the reaction that this situation triggered in everybody else. David was not a victim in a psychological abuse scenario: he was just a henpecked husband, a spiritless half-man. A spineless coward, incapable of “putting his wife in her place”. The absence of empathy towards the victim (when he has a Y chromosome) was obvious in the mockery of participants, talk show guests and viewers towards that pathetic, miserable man. Obviously, this was a symptom of desensitization towards a terrible reality: the abuse of men by women. The difference is staggering; if the roles had been reversed, Mónica would have deserved our pity, while David would have been shown deep contempt.

The figure of the henpecked man is very common. We all know at least one. We all have a friend that could be described with such a terrible term. We should consider that our henpecked friend is more than likely just a victim of manipulation and control by his partner. A victim of abuse.

El Ratel
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About the author

El Ratel

El Ratel ("The Badger") has helplessly seen the rise of politically correct nonsense, inclusive language and feminist ideology in his native country, Spain. After getting in contact with the MRM and antifeminist ideas, his attempts to talk about it were met with disdain and disgust. That is why he adopted a secret identity and started doing what he does best: spreading information by means of writing and translation.

El Ratel ha presenciado el auge de las estupideces políticamente correcta, el lenguaje inclusivo y la ideología feminista en su país natal, España. Tras entrar en contacto con las ideas del Movimiento por los Derechos del Hombre y el antifeminismo, sus intentos por hablar de ello fueron recibidos con desdén y desprecio. Por eso, tomó la decisión de adoptar una identidad secreta y hacer lo que mejor se le da: difundir información a través de la escritura y la traducción.

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