The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 27th May 2016. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:

Sigmund Freud once said: “Humanity has progressed a lot; people have burned my books, but during the Middle Ages they would have burned me”. However, when a bullet fractured Adolf Hitler’s skull and went through his brains; when the soviet flags waved over the German chancellery; when the horrors of the death camps and the furnaces in Auschwitz were being discovered, all of it proved that Freud was completely mistaken. Auschwitz, the Siberian gulags, the Burma of the Khmer Rouge and the Rwanda of the Interahamwe militia prove that humanity hasn’t progressed that much since the Middle Ages. Evil, intolerance and bigotry never completely disappear. Like the law of the conservation of energy, they transform, they adopt new appearances and names, new discourses and new targets to focus on.

But deep down, it is the same primordial hate, lost in the beginning of time, when one despicable Homo sapiens first threw a rock at his neighbor, in the distant valley of Kibish. And the echoes of that old stone with a thousand names can still be heard: slavery, sexism, crusade, jihad, inquisition, Nazism, communism and now, neofeminism.

They all begin similarly. First, there is the feeling (sometimes real, sometimes fake) of being constantly attacked. The inquisitors feared heresy would pervert and corrupt the hearts of men; the Nazis feared the Jewish would spoil the Aryan race and ruin the German nation, and the communists feared the tyranny of capitalism… And as they felt threatened, they felt entitled to destroy that which they fear. From that point, the hate escalates bit by bit, and empathy towards the hated group quickly vanishes. Its members are stripped off their humanity, so they are not seen as thinking, feeling beings, but as something to eradicate.

Contemporary feminism, or neofeminism, is on the verge of the second phase. They are already convinced that they are victims of a superstructure that they call Patriarchy, which is killing, raping, subduing, enslaving and silencing women. But feminism has never been as publicly funded as today. Violence against women has been extensively researched and made visible. The law discriminates in favor of women for the first time in History. But all of this doesn’t matter in the slightest, because one of the features that best describes the “hate group” is the total absence of intellectual and logical reflection. So now that we’ve got past the first phase, we are plunging into the second: the dehumanization of the hated group.

The first step of this second phase is erasing all means of defense. They can’t prevent us from freely expressing ourselves —at least for now—, so they try to suppress our right to defend ourselves, by means of the dictatorship of the adjective. While neofeminists and their publicly funded associations can freely call men “an oppressive collective”, as well as potential rapists and abusers by default, the slightest reaction to this devastating campaign of dehumanization turns us into sexists. They jokingly say to each other “not all men”, and they accuse us of being cruel tyrants who refuse to let go of their privileges. In essence, they attack us for refusing to be called rapists and abusers.

Of course, they invent all sorts of adjectives, titles, and expression to censor us endlessly. First, no man can give his opinion on feminism. We should wonder why. Is it that men can’t intellectually compare themselves to women? Can’t they read, educate themselves, rationally and critically judge feminism? To say that a man can’t “lecture” a woman on feminism is just as sexist as claiming that a woman can’t lecture a man on car engines.

The most recent expression spreading among these hate groups is mansplaining. It officially describes a man who explains something to a woman in a condescending way, presuming that her femaleness prevents her from knowing the subject that is being discussed. Unofficially, it is just a way of preventing a man from freely giving his opinion and debating some subject, usually regarding feminism. My personal advice: never shut up, no matter how frequently you are accused of mansplaining, or called a misogynist, a crybaby or a #notallmen. It is an appeal to civil disobedience in the face of the dictatorship of the adjective.

El Ratel
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About the author

El Ratel

El Ratel ("The Badger") has helplessly seen the rise of politically correct nonsense, inclusive language and feminist ideology in his native country, Spain. After getting in contact with the MRM and antifeminist ideas, his attempts to talk about it were met with disdain and disgust. That is why he adopted a secret identity and started doing what he does best: spreading information by means of writing and translation.

El Ratel ha presenciado el auge de las estupideces políticamente correcta, el lenguaje inclusivo y la ideología feminista en su país natal, España. Tras entrar en contacto con las ideas del Movimiento por los Derechos del Hombre y el antifeminismo, sus intentos por hablar de ello fueron recibidos con desdén y desprecio. Por eso, tomó la decisión de adoptar una identidad secreta y hacer lo que mejor se le da: difundir información a través de la escritura y la traducción.

By El Ratel

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