The twilight of radical feminism


The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 6th June 2016. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:

I once wrote about Shulamith Firestone, a celebrated second-wave feminist and a precursor of radical feminism. With her book The Dialectic of Sex, published in 1970, socialism, which had previously knocked on the feminist door with previous authors, was now breaking down the door and kidnapping —up to today— the main feminist movements. Along with Kate Millet, this young Canadian activist radicalized feminism and turned it into a fertile field for the emergence of all kinds of bigoted characters. Firestone abhorred the family and considered it guilty of a “biological tyranny”; she even hated her own family, a simple traditional Jewish family. She severed all ties with them very early in her life, and got herself a new family: those feminists who, beclouded by her charisma and the passion of her activism, followed her and considered her a Maitreya of the growing and unstoppable radical branch of feminism. But Shulamith Firestone and Kate Millet weren’t just connected by radical feminism: both of them were victims of themselves; they had schizophrenia.

None of those thousands of feminists who followed Shulamith Firestone in the 70s, none of the so-called Redstockings —women who were devoted to spreading Firestone’s teachings—, none of those who screamed passionately, fists in the air, in feminist meetings, were on her side when years passed and sunny days became cloudy twilights.

In 2012, the owner of the building where old Shulamith Firestone lived found her corpse in a small apartment, as chaotic as the confused mind of its dweller. At 67 years old, but looking much older, Firestone was an old woman living in absolute solitude. It’s true that, for a while, a group of feminists used to visit her regularly, did her shopping and house chores and gave her the schizophrenia medication. But even they eventually abandoned her. Shulamith Firestone, one of the most important feminist leaders of the 70s, fell into the most absolute and ruthless oblivion.

Hate is the fuel of radicalism, and when hate is the mortar that keeps a group of people together, virtues like solidarity —so alien to it— are nowhere to be seen. Firestone’s body had a Jewish funeral, and only two people said goodbye to Shulamith: her siblings, the same people from whom she had willingly distanced herself from, so many years back.

El Ratel
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About the author

El Ratel

El Ratel ("The Badger") has helplessly seen the rise of politically correct nonsense, inclusive language and feminist ideology in his native country, Spain. After getting in contact with the MRM and antifeminist ideas, his attempts to talk about it were met with disdain and disgust. That is why he adopted a secret identity and started doing what he does best: spreading information by means of writing and translation.

El Ratel ha presenciado el auge de las estupideces políticamente correcta, el lenguaje inclusivo y la ideología feminista en su país natal, España. Tras entrar en contacto con las ideas del Movimiento por los Derechos del Hombre y el antifeminismo, sus intentos por hablar de ello fueron recibidos con desdén y desprecio. Por eso, tomó la decisión de adoptar una identidad secreta y hacer lo que mejor se le da: difundir información a través de la escritura y la traducción.

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  • I admire Jewish people, they’ve contributed much to the intellectual life on humanity. One thing I’ve noticed though, occasionally when a person of Jewish ancestry leaves their faith, they do so vindictively.

    When Hitler signed the race laws into effect, his sister was quoted as saying “Our grandfather is now dead to us.” Turns out when his remaining families DNA was tested, they were found to be more likely of Jewish extraction than German. Same with Bobby Fischer, brilliant chess grand master, terrible anti-Semite. George Soros, financial wizard, betrayed his own people to the Nazis. There are other examples, Marx and the Frankfurt School Intellectuals, many of the Russian revolutionaries who murdered their own.

    Sigmund Freud must have had this in mind when he formulated the Oedipus Complex. In fairness, Jews aren’t the only people who can become hostile to religion when they loose the faith. It just seems that they leave behind a problematic intellectual or philosophical legacy, if not outright damage when they do.

    It would be interesting, if HBO ever has a guest of Jewish background, if they’ve ever noticed this, and if they feel a common explanation exists.

By El Ratel

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