Breaking the Narrative Special 1: Anti-Feminists Are Dangerous? Really Now!


I’m sure the lot of you have seen by now this article on ( , posting archive for those who wish to avoid giving into their clickbait.), the 7 Dangerous Anti-Feminist Groups You Should Know About by Eric Shorey. Yeah, so far I’ve been concentrating on the Anita narrative but it’s important that I show my teeth against this sort of bullshit too. So I’m going to take this bit by bit and tear through it vigorously! Let’s hammer this in!

To begin, I want to touch upon the splash picture for this article. It shows a man wearing a leather cowboy hat and a pentacle. As a Gaelic Pagan myself I find this particularly entertaining. They are essentially bashing my religion with this one and we haven’t even touched on the text yet! In using this, not only is the usual ‘dangerous misogynist’ card being dealt but the writer is calling all of us, regardless of our religious orientation, devil worshipers, considering he is probably approaching this from the Abrahamic construct of what a pentacle means. So he went full on religious right tactic with this. Quite entertaining here, though I’m not actually offended because the fucker is an idiot. Still, I do plan on using this little ‘faux pas’ against him.trollmail1

Now that we’ve trolled a female friendly website a little for a simple picture, let’s go into the meat of the article! Let’s start with that opening paragraph:

With all its anti-lady and anti-LGBT opinions turned into official policies, The Republican National Convention has come and gone. But as the most powerful voices opposing progress for ladies rear their ugly heads, it’s time we all got familiar with some of the scariest groups railing against women. While each of these groups have distinct ideologies and varying amounts of violence, there’s certainly some overlap between them all. Women and queers beware, here are some trolls to watch out for, because they’re not hiding under bridges anymore.

So here they start by using a strawman of a major political party which doesn’t view itself at all as misogynistic. By Daghda I’m surprised they didn’t add their usual racist argument towards the right on this, and this is coming from someone who considers themselves a more classic liberal, albeit one who sees value in balance and working with conservative right-wing thinkers as opposed to this blatant bigotry we are used to seeing from the regressive left. They also dub the right as violent when all the violence we’ve really seen in the past two years has been primarily from the overconfident left. Although we are used to how they are when it comes to providing evidence now, aren’t we?

Here we’ll go into how they approach the various groups they wish to demean, including us. I find it funny how they open this up:

They full on invoke #GamerGate, entertainingly they let slip the origin of the movement but try to play it off as if it evolved into misogyny rather than what the video they posted implies, that it was always about misogyny and nothing else, threatening poor Anita’s life with bomb threats and teabagging women in video games because man’s club. What’s even more hilarious is he goes straight into all the Literally whos and ends it up with all the things that have been proven with evidence to be the actions of the anti-GamerGate groups such as Crash Override Network and Zach Attack. This evidence is very easily found, to boot. I believe it’s even been posted in the open comments of this article.  That is, if you are tempted to leave the links to breaking the narrative there.

So how do they approach number 2? Well the Alt-Right of course:AFarticle2

They once again deny the existence of the 1963 Equal Pay Act and make a claim that I’ve rarely heard spoken on by Republicans in this day and age. Not saying that it’s requested by the RNC to repeal Roe V. Wade, although I have heard the defunding of Planned Parenthood and perhaps setting stricter regulations on abortion arguments before. They go straight for Milo, who, while he has stated facts that aren’t politically correct in our day and age, they link to the Leslie Jones Twitter debacle. Milo is relatively innocent in relation to that situation. In fact, he was calling out HER own racism which is heavily ironic. Not to mention stating the self-defensive belief of his that he doesn’t like Islam because Islam wants to toss him off a roof and watch him splatter on the ground. Yeah, really hateful that one, even if the concept of a white genocide could be questionable to some.

So how does this idiot follow  the Dangerous Faggot? They attack Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris again with ‘New’ Atheism:


Now while they don’t bash all Atheists, and I’m sure they love Atheism+, they concentrate on most of the Four Horsemen of the rise of Atheism. They even go after a few YouTube atheists that don’t block the fuck out of everyone just for breathing #BlockedByShives.  They also attribute leadership roles to something that in its current form is effectively leaderless. They tend to like to do that, even with their own leaderless groups. Deray McKesson and #BlackLivesMatter comes to mind here. Funniest thing with this is they are so stuck with their collectivist thought processes that they project that onto Atheism, sectioning something that by its very nature shouldn’t be organized. I mean how do you organize not believing in any gods? I really like that interpretation of biological differentiation as ‘inferiority’ as well.

Wondering where we fit in on all this attacking? Well wonder no longer dear reader, we have arrived:


I don’t know what’s more hilarious here: the fact that they state exactly what our mission statement is, the fact that they attack our defense of due process against false accusations, or the fact that they couldn’t help but stick Karen’s face on us. My favorite bit is even when they try to misrepresent us they can’t make any of it actually stick or even provide anything that can actually be interpreted as ‘woman-hating’. This author is that impotent.

To be fair even some of us in the Men’s Rights Movement have some issues with this next group but I can’t skip any aspect of this article, nor show any prejudice. They go after the Red Pill:

First and foremost the author actually admits his inherent confusion at the idea of the Red Pill in relation to Gynocentrism. He even goes as far as to admit that feminists lie without using quote marks. I think even this guy’s loose grasp on his reality is starting to fray. In fact, I myself have touched on the idea that what is seen as female subservience actually being the protectionism that Gynocentrism pushes onto men in relation to Japanese culture before I became a more official author on this site (  What I think is even more hilarious is this guy ends this description by linking to an article that shoves words into the creators’ mouths from my understanding. In addition, at the time The Matrix was being made the Wachoskis wern’t even remotely considering the concept of being trans for one reason or another. Last I checked it wasn’t a good idea to retroactively attach ideologies to your own work. Inconsistencies tend to come up that way.

This next part I think is extremely ironic considering how often the Lysistrata allegory has come up in recent memory. I’m sure our good Doctor Randomercam agrees:

The hilarity is they even drop the term gynocentric and point out everything we’ve given evidence of in our various shows and posts on our personal channels.  They even imply that MGTOW deceive women for sex. This is hilarious because every MGTOW I’ve talked to or heard from has embraced full on celibacy. Deciding that if they get off they simply rub one out as they need to towards their own personal preferences. The way the author writes about it here is in a way that seems to my interpretation that he is jealous. Jealous he isn’t strong enough to do the same, jealous that he never even considered it as an option for himself. I sometimes wonder if most male feminists are in the same court. Now I myself am happily married with a child. I will, however, state that my family predates my advocacy and activist leanings and is in full support of it. However, if I were to lose said family completely or did not have one when I learned fully of how bad things were, I probably would consider the MGTOW lifestyle honestly. Although I probably wouldn’t consider some of the extreme concepts of some such as the view of women as a separate species. I would simply criticize contemporary female cultural norms like the bulk do. Whats more I don’t think anyone would blame me!

Now then we’ve gone through 6, so how do they tie this all up in their shitty little bow? Pick Up Artists! The group that not only disagrees with almost every other group on this list but is by far the least dangerous towards feminism in my humble opinion:


Funny thing is I didn’t even know ‘negging’ was a word before this and when I read what it was the first thing I thought was “Wow, this is the epitome of a first world problem.” Whats even more is they basically are punching down because so many who are influenced by PUAs are simply looking for a boost in self-esteem and acceptance for who they are on the inside. The goal I usually hear from such people is to find someone to ultimately be with: an honest relationship. I could have been considered similar in the past. However, to be fair I have never had too much trouble finding someone that was interested in being with me, although their reasoning tended to be shallow at best. The fact that they keep linking to satire articles as examples of misogyny shows how badly they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for outrage. Honestly, I’m surprised when they were touching upon us that they didn’t try to tag Paul Elam’s article about abusive women again. This simply goes to show that feminists simply despise men trying to live their lives peacefully.

To finish this all I have to say is this article is one of the most incompetent attempts at defaming the bulk of the ‘man-o-sphere’ more than they have already. I mean the idiot didn’t even bother to write up his conclusion to the article because let’s say it how it is: There is no conclusion that they can make that will hold any water. I didn’t really need to do this. I’m sure several have done so already, but from what I’m seeing here is their hold is slipping. I think we have them desperate now. We can’t let up on this, not even for a moment. Even now as I finish this article the University of Chicago has banned trigger warnings and safe spaces. I’m sure you are happy to hear that Brian. This means we just have to keep going, keep pushing. We are close to getting a real Badger Cave now, but I don’t think we should stop until we have Badger Caves everywhere. Even after we’ve won this culture war, to evolve it then from a Men’s Rights Activism hub to a networking hub for artists and oddball creators to come up with new fun things in the future!

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