Faggots are officially out (of the progressive stack)


”Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is…” Hold on to your panties Anita, haven’t you heard of homonormativity? That’s right. Being in a group that corresponds to 3–5% of the population is too normal for the SocJus machine. They realized that gays can take a very scary form, the white male. That’s right. From Guy Benson to Milo Yiannopoulos to Peter Thiel (notice me Senpai), FUCKING (gay) WHITE MALES have been causing tremendous disruption to the agenda of the socialites of the sore assholes camp (Not the gays, we don’t get sore.) And they’ve had enough. From now on, gays are not oppressed enough to be considered a special group by the liberal establishment.

Personally, all I can think is finally, I can’t wait for a fag to get no cake to eat or have, to actually have to face society as a normal person, and I’m not alone. Gay culture has never really clicked with progresivism. We like rough sex, drugs… consent is a laughing matter to us. We like drag queens with an 8 inch cock calling themselves trannies as we the faggots call them queens. We love the fact there are only 2 genders, since we only want to fuck one of them. And if a harpy cunt crosses me I’ll show her patriarchy. So why the fuck do we belong to the libtards? Well, we used to have little to no political clout, and as democrats like to do with people who have a disadvantage, they claimed ownership of us. After all, they are the party of slavery; both actual and it’s modern form, welfare.

The event that led to this discussion was the massacre of 49 people at the gay club Pulse in Orlando. After thousands of pages of legislation to discourage ‘’hate crimes,’’ I and other cynical assholes were quieted. There is an enemy that hates homosexuals more than anything, radical Muslims (also known as more than half the worldwide muslim population). So I kept my fucking mouth shut, I cried for the victims and their families and I waited for the response. After all, this was the tipping point, it had to be, a muslim radical had killed 49 people for being in a gay bar, the largest hate crime against gay-perceived (I’ll explain why I use that term in a minute) people and the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

All those laws, all that liberal outrage, was nowhere to be found.

First Obama talked about the shooting without whispering the words Islam, Muslim or even homophobic. Then Hillary stated just how peaceful the ideology that led to the death of all those people was. And then the media swallowed and regurgitated the most fucked up bat-shit crazy reasons of why this Islamic terrorist attack wasn’t Islamic. Amanda Marcotte blamed toxic masculinity, despite the fact most of the victims were men. Others blamed islamophobia, ignoring the imam who 3 weeks prior to the massacre had called for the death of gays…in Orlando. The guilt trip took a turn and went to good old fashion Christian bashing, because when a Muslim kills 49 people in the name of Allah, that’s totes on the Christians.

But the worst one, to me at least, was the attempt of making the shooter gay. Many major media sites cited how he had visited the club before and used Grindr and other gay apps. Apparently, the entire media doesn’t understand the concept of scouting. Or they do, but they wanted to make him gay, they wanted him to be a closeted faggot with a conservative (Taliban whore) father whose internal struggle lead him to commit this attack.

Let me correct something here. I’ve been closeted. nearly all gay people have. Why didn’t I or any of the millions of closeted gays commit a mass murder? Oh, also, the FBI released a statement declaring there was no evidence whatsoever that Mateen was gay. So if we take apart the media narrative, all of the factors they covered can be traced back to huge groups of people and made into a moot argument, except of course Mateen’s religion, a religion that commands for homosexuals to be killed, something that’s openly practiced in criminal law in ten Muslim countries.

I can only make one conclusion out of this. The liberal establishment, politicians, media and what not, had to make a choice. They could stand by the people they had on so many fucking occasions, they had sworn to protect by signing one anti-discrimination law after the other to protect, or they could throw the faggots under the bus (No pun intended regarding Nice) and save face by taking the side of the death cult the killer belonged to. They chose the second option, not even after consideration, but by default. Just look at any mainstream liberal’s first statement. Gun control, the motherfuckers even tried to push their own agenda on the pile of bodies left by the killer.

I have to admit, as a community, we’ve been pampered. Not for long thankfully, we don’t have a hive mind yet, but we have a grievance industry; suing a Christian baker cause he didn’t make the dyke’s a wedding cake, getting a law over every action committed against gay INDIVIDUALS, and worst of all, letting our loudest voices say we were still being wronged.

We’re 3–5% of the population, those laws that support gay rights, motherfuckers… that was mostly done by straight people, but like every spoiled brat giving us more wouldn’t quiet down our cries. Stopping would have worked, telling the next gay couple suing a bakery that they had just lost their right to marriage, being an asshole to us, but everyone was so nice, weren’t they? Until the cunt went a step further and committed the worst crime in the history of our community. That’s our impasse. We stop now with the bullshit. We have bigger problems than to bark at the government, and right away I’ll tell you, you’re going to be asking straight people favors with a lot more urgency if Islam makes a sizable presence in your country. You are going to want to learn how to use, maintain, and carry a gun, and in most likelihood, help with that is going to come from a straight person.

Let be extremely clear: I have no animosity whatsoever against the “the straight majority.” I’m one of those gays that stayed with his straight friends because he saw no purpose in moving into the gay subculture. I’m speaking for the great number of faggots who seem resentful towards straight men. I’m talking about the people that completely missed the fact that straight men and women died in Pulse. I’ve always hated the term ally, when allies die being with gay people and we as a community can’t bring ourselves up to say their fucking name a little bit louder so they will be remembered, that proves me right, allyship is bullshit. Get some friends you weirdos. I avoid saying “49 gays” because while it makes it simpler, it’s simply not true. And they died for being so tolerant they could spend a Saturday night at a gay nightclub. So the “Straight people are evil” rhetoric stops fucking now, and any faggot still trying to score victim points after this, allahu akbar.

You don’t hold loyalties to a slave. And a slave shouldn’t expect any. The liberal establishment managed to pull a trick on us, making us think that we would be able to remain as a decisively distinct community while becoming part of the mainstream too. You can’t eat your cake and have it, no many how many poor Christian bakers you sue. Obama, Clinton, they didn’t see people that horrible night. They realized they were either going to lose a knight or a queen, and they, of course, chose the knight.

Get this much in your head: We were out-valued to the point they chose the killer over the 49 victims.

If I have to be honest, I still had a tad of faith before Pulse. I still believed in useful idiots in high ranking power positions. That was stupid of me, of all of us, but we have to move on. We have survived because we used to be resilient. We weren’t easy to kill. Fucking AIDS didn’t wipe us out, so fuck Islam, fuck allah, fuck pedo Mohammed, and have enough self-awareness to realize who has been there and continues to be.

I’ve made many calls to stop demonizing straight men, and I’ll continue. Even if my presence is minuscule and my voice is barely heard, I won’t stop, because it’s right. I’m not saying every fag should become an MRA, but, who took over the vigil for the Pulse victims? It wasn’t a FUCKING WHITE MALE, it was a spic cunt from Black Lives Matter. (I’m a spic so fuck off if you’re thinking of complaining about my language.) Who shut down the parade in Toronto? Again, Black Lives Matter. The worst thing straight white males have done to a gay person in the last 10 years was refusing to make a fucking cake, and even that’s a minority! How spoiled have we become when we can invent entire narratives to spare an ideology that wants us dead while we impose ourselves on the people we’re going to be asking for help when the shit hits the fan?

Being gay is an intrinsic part of my identity. I cannot deny that, and probably a bit more than for straight people since my sexuality wasn’t the default and it was a struggle for a period of my life. But that’s the past. In the present I see nearly absolute, unwarranted support from people which I question whether I deserve, and in the future I see an existential menace like no other we have ever faced. And it’s not going to be a “gay issue.” We may be the canaries in the coal mine, but carbon monoxide kills fast. Everyone is at risk, equally. So go to pride after the shooting range, swing a rainbow flag with ‘’Don’t tread on me’’ written on it. Defend your friends, not allies, but friends, when they are demonized by the people forcing the cult of death upon us. Fuck feminism, Black Lives Matter, and progressivism, if not for common decency then for survival. Don’t be one in 49 on the floor of a nightclub in Orlando. I’m not giving up that easily, and I hope neither are you.

Tomás Allende
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  • I think gay advocates give gays a bad rep. All the BS in the last few years gives me the impression that gay people hate average men so my sympathy has dropped as they come across like feminists. I have to pinch myself and remember that a lot of gay people don’t have this attitude, or I hope they don’t.
    Maybe gays like Milo have planted a flag that its ok to look up to men and not be a regressive leftist intent on tearing down society?

    • ”LGBT” organizations are feminist organizations, GLAAD, Think Progress, Lambda, all feminists. ACT UP was different but by now it’s very small and mostly irrelevant.

      • could be, you tend to see it in discussion forums though the gay contributors are “always” feminists, don’t like being critical of Islam and never take up a pro male stance, everything has to be “equality” and not egalitarian equality.

        • Let me put it this way, how many women orgs are not feminists? How many race orgs are not that way too? It’s very hard to try to make a group for a group of people and not have the left fuck it up, either by turning it into a Frankfurt school fort or if the demo is not one they like, calling it a hate group and shutting it down. Trust me, I would change GLAAD for a single male DV shelter in a heartbeat, but as someone who’s trying to speak against all this, I’d simply ask not to assume every gay man is a spoiled libtard, even if it’s very prevalent (fine, it is) cause you may miss out on people you may have wanted to get to know otherwise.

        • I usually use islamic or islamist when I use it in a negative connotation, and there is one org I’m aware off, The Pink Pistols, they set up chapters all over the US, 100% inclusive, meaning while it’s made for gay people to learn to shoot in a friendly enviroment, everyone is welcomed (which is necessary to avoid hive mentality, and I happen to like str8 people…lol)
          ACT UP was very effective, even if they came off SJWish, I guess I give a pass to being dramatic when you’re literally dying. Nowadays they’re mostly irrelevant tho…but I don’t want more organizations, fuck the special snowflake status, I just wanna be another friend, another citizen, another person. Anything else I’ll have to earn.

        • I wish they’re was a word for the bad, evil muslims, to better denote your not talking about the nice muslims

          Fundamentalists, extremists, islamists, zealots, jihadis, religitards?

          • I do not think you can trust any muslim. They all read the same book. The meaning of islam is ‘obedience’ Even a so called moderate will do as his imam instructs. When they start assimilating and turn in those among them who plot to kill us .. well … then perhaps we can review.

          • It’s like feminism. Who’s a good feminist to me? One that doesn’t believe in rape culture, patriarchy, the wage gap. In other words, a terrible feminist who takes the name out of pride. Paglia has been feminism’s most notorious critic, and she calls herself a feminist, and I fucking love her :p

  • I found your essay inspiring and passionate but I have to contest one matter:

    “But the worst one, to me at least, was the attempt of making the shooter gay. Many major media sites cited how he had visited the club before and used Grindr and other gay apps. Apparently, the entire media doesn’t understand the concept of scouting.”

    There was evidence he was a regular at the bar for a far longer period than would be required for reconnaissance.

    Note that this DOESN’T let Islam off the hook. Islamic fundamentalism + homosexuality can easily create a self-hating gay who tries to ‘redeem’ himself in the eyes of Allah by engaging in a “martyrdom operaton.” This is due to doctrines spread by ISIS and many Imams and even some Islamic theologians. Fundamentalist Islam creates anti-violence in gay Muslims via internalized homophobia.

    I get where you’re coming from but seriously I think you’re ignoring subtleties that unite your narrative with the ‘official’ one. If Mateen was indeed a self-hating gay dude driven to murder, then it was his RELIGION that drove him to it. We don’t contest a link between religion and internalized homophobia when its a Christian Republican (typically one who ends up having a gay sex scandal in a few months); I don’t see why when a Muslim attacks gays it can’t be similar.

    • The problem is they had no evidence, and a lot of people believed it, the FBI debunked it later but it was too late, which means they ran a story with zero actual evidence…simultaneously. It’s more about the fact that they focused so much on that but so little on his father being a talib, or himself holding extremist views, and given it was MSM, I no longer give them the benefit of the doubt. If the narrative had been the way you propose tho, I would have been far more charitable.

  • Thanks for writing this. I am glad I am not alone in seeing things for what they are, and getting confirmation that I’m not taking crazy pills.

  • There is a faction of the US power-class that has used and still uses fear of the “religious right” as a bogeyman. Many gays across a wide spectrum of political opinions became so accustomed to stampede in the same direction when that bogeyman was paraded in front of them that they stopped thinking. As long as gays were restricted by laws and what passed for the religious right was aligned with the opposing faction, the trick worked. And there still are the convenient bogeymen, for example, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, to scare the kids. And, of course, there are Christian bakers and their magic cakes – oooo – scary! But today, the Christian religious right is not so important, and the younger religious types are not worried about gays. The “right” has moved more libertarian on matters of private decisions, especially about sex. So the bogeyman trick is harder to pull off and gays are wandering off the lefty reservation. And now the Muslim source of anti-gay sentiment and violence is causing cognitive dissonance among the fashion-conscious left, which is met by deflection and denial by the faithful and bald-faced lies by the power class.

    I also live in Chile. I see Chilean social trends lagging a decade or two, especially with respect to the continued influence of religious groups but also the slower penetration of SJW-ism. I wonder to what extent most gays in Chile would still identify today with lefty/statist parties, because those that otherwise would be their natural, more-libertarian allies are still tied – more in perception than in reality, maybe – to anti-gay, conservative groups. And also the Islamic threat is seen as being much farther removed.

    • Chile still has some annoying catholic right wingers who think of themselves as a moral authority. However, I’m not afraid one of them will shoot me for being gay, and while the islamic threat isn’t here yet, I see social justice hidden within other movements. In particular the student movement, just check out Revolución Democrática’s site, in particular the gender part. Camila Vallejos has been spreading the most insane Tumblr bullshit, HeForShe is here, and remember, we have marxism, when they can’t enter through politics, they enter through culture, that’s what I see coming.

  • This was very thought provoking and I am sure that I will read this again. I am years older than you , I assume, and remember what it was like when we were not represented at all. The US had a GOP president that didn’t address AIDS because it was killing all the right people but I was young and not sure what to do or what to expect. In 1984 at 15, I rallied at Dallas City Hall to protest the Texas anti-sodomy law 21:06. and it would be decades before my next protest or rally. In the mean time, we got Bill Clinton and although Don’t Ask Don’t Tell got a bad rep in later years, but to gays living through this time that was the first time in history a candidate ever mentioned gays in their campaign. It was the beginning of the end, of gays in the military being tortured, killed, arrested, dis-honorably discharged, and imprisoned JUST for being found out to be gay in the military. DADT was a MAJOR leap forward in progress for the gay community. I won’t go through the history of gay rights in the US since we all know that we now can legally be married. I guess, I am Democrat because that was the party that eventually singled us out and helped us get rights that we didn’t have before. It wasn’t until last year that I realized I had been a second class citizen and in retrospect it made me feel less than human. I could go on and on, but the point I guess I want to make is that you bring up very valid points that will have me pondering for quite awhile. I don’t want to get complacent. I have been am asshole to young gay republicans for the obvious reasons but I guess what burns my ass more was that when I ask why they feel the way they do, all I hear is ” we think for ourselves and don’t conform blah blah…” Never a good argument with substance. I felt they were shitting all over our past efforts to be the people in “We the People” and the men in “All Men Are Created Equal” I will be a little more patient with them and I hope to be a little more aware of my place now in this country. I really do appreciate your article. Thank you

    • Thanks for the comment, it meant a lot. I was a liberal not long ago, here we don’t have gay marriage or protection laws, and I took that as my pet project for a while. When I was in Amnesty International I wanted to make a suicide hotline, they rejected the idea cause they were busy advertising themselves. We don’t give enough credit to the people who tolerates us, they don’t have to, it’s easy to see why a liberal who has always been one would be fine with gays, but the last year I’ve been meeting more and more conservatives who made an affort in understanding, and they still get demonized. And so many right wingers took gays in to teach them how to shoot after Orlando, while Obama used it to push gun control (Had never been so angry at an US president in my life). I don’t wanna see a divided gay community, but I REALLY don’t wanna see another Pulse, so I rather get shunned than let my community embrace death. And the fact Trump was by far the most compasionate after Pulse is very telling, the ”evil” republican was the only one to affirm the existence of gay people against an ideological threat. If Islam is the new AIDS, it’s the democrats the ones who don’t care if we die, you can disagree with right wingers in everything you want, but at the end of the day, when we faced an existential threat, they stood up for us, and that deserves commending.

    • The US had a GOP president that didn’t address AIDS because it was killing all the right people.

      Ahh Not quite.

      Did San Fran shut down the bath houses when they knew that’s where AIDs was being spread? Hell NO!

      No-one in power had the eggs to stop the Gay groups, yet knowing it was killing them.

      Reagan couldn’t do zip or stop zip. City laws have control.

      When you drink to much and it’s killing you. Do you blame the booze company?

      • They should have addressed it before it contaminated the blood supply, the problem was making it a gay issue, while it was most of the infected, it came from Africa and affected anyone. And they did shut down some bath houses, and yeah, the gays were not happy but that’s another time period you gotta look at it in context. 10 years earlier they were considered mentally ill, they saw it as a threat to their own freedom, and some died over that, I don’t asigned blame anymore tho, in the end, it’s a fucking virus.

  • I am glad when I see things like this. As a gay guy in high school I never see other gays my age thinking this way. They all buy into the feminist/progressive ideology. It is comforting to know that I am not the only gay guy with these opinions. Articles like this remind me that I’m not alone, thank you.

  • Since I’m sure every lefty has heard of Angela Merkel, have they ever told you gays about Guido Westerwelle? He died this year.
    He was Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany.
    I didn’t like him, but I guess it would be fair to show him to you as a conservative gay politician.
    He was never a in your face gay.

    • The term closeted is sometimes missused. Guy Benson for example ”came out” but he was out in his private life, he just didn’t think it was relevant. To be honest, I prefer when they publicly state it, not meaning they have to change anything afterwards or that it has to be a big deal, but we lack a strong presence of gay right wing politicians, pundits, etc. And it’s good that younger gay people have someone to look up to that’s not a total libtard.

  • A powerful and thought-provoking piece that I know I would not have had the courage to write myself were I in your shoes. God bless you, brother.

  • Gays and lesbians have served their purpose.
    Expect more abandonment as the left’s power structure moves on to transgender and, ultimately, the strong horse in all of this, Islam.
    The left is only interested in one thing.
    They don’t care about blacks.
    They don’t care about gays.
    They don’t care about transgender.
    They don’t care about refugees.
    They don’t care about Islam.
    They care about only one thing.
    The acquisition and deployment of power.
    You are tools and nothing more.
    And Islam will be the biggest and most powerful tool they can wield in their fight to tear down the West.
    And since Islam plays the long game, like the left, and we’re all talking about stupid sh*t Donald Trump said 11 years ago, they will likely win.
    It won’t be tomorrow or next week or next year or the next decade but while we in the West become increasingly fractured and politically balkanized (by the left’s design) Muslims will have many children while we don’t even have enough to maintain our populations. And there will be nice, good Muslims but they will be outnumbered by the ones who see Islam as it truly is. An all-encompassing ideology that informs every aspect of your day. Total control and submission.
    Yes. The long game.
    50 years from now the US and the world will be a very different place and the last thing a gay man will have to worry about is whether a Christian baker will make him a wedding cake.

    • Survival wins. What the people who support radical Islam are not getting is, yeah, americans will die, but muslims will eventually be obliterated in response, and the middle east is imploding. Get out, shut the doors, let them kill each other, nothing we can do without risking ourselves.

      • Islam has been slaughtering any and all they could since the seventh century. If they really were going to obliterate themselves… would have already happened I think. It looks like it really will be us, and not them getting the sharp end of the stick. Islam has been at war with the US since the beginning; Google Barbary pirates.

        • They did obliterate themselves, they were an empire and ended up as colonies, I think it’s cyclic.

    • their endgame is to chip anyone with a samsung galaxy, so every one who disagrees can explode.

    • That is the thing though. Islam isn’t the tool; the progressives are, and the progressives don’t see it.

      • Agreed.
        They see Islam as just another tool, thinking they can control it….
        By the time they figure out they’re f*cked it’ll be too late

  • Now that enlightened Progressive policies have fixed the healthcare system and healed the racial divide, who can doubt their ability to control the temperature’s of the planet right down to the degree? LOL.

  • I need to think this over a bit more (and reread a couple of times, foreign speaker here and we don’t learn swear words at school, what’s a “spic”?).

    Just one for clarifying. Again: Foreign speaker and I have a good chance to get things wrong (Irony and sarcasm usually fly directly over my head if coming without warning, which takes the fun out of it).

    I’m working in the refugee help – and I’m working with many muslims, naturally.

    Some of them are gay and had to flee. Others are straight, but they don’t mind gays. They have bigger fish to fry, like: “Can I stay here?” (“Here” being Germany).

    There is the occasional homophobic asshole, but it’s not the majority. So, since the religion itself is a death cult, the believers are not.

    And THAT’S very similar to most christians. Cherrypicking bible and Q’ran is not uncommon.

    I *think* I can get that out of the text either. The religion is bad, a lot of guys who are taking that way too serious are also bad. But the majority isn’t? No matter the religion?

    • Mateen’s father was a Talib propagandist, he got into the US with no issue. My problem is mass immigration, if you wanna take in people that are in danger, that’s good, but I’m sick and tired of wanting tighter control, secure borders and a BASIC understanding of the country’s constitution and culture, along with real integration, to be considered islamophobia.
      And Christians…the most extremists say hateful things, the average jihadists kill in the name of the prophet, as demographics they’re not comparable by a long shot. I grew up conservative catholic, and it sucked, but I’m not dead, my parents didn’t gave me away to the government when I came out, my friends didn’t stone me, simply put, Islam is exponentially more violent, and we need to start saying it.
      The people fleeing are fleeing islamism, don’t let the islamists come with them, they’re exceptions to the rule. I’m trying to get a friend out of a islamic country, her parents would kill her if they knew, if they wanna become weterners, I’d personally welcome them (After a lot of background checking) but their culture get’s left behind, and that’s that.

      • I understand where you are coming from, but: Christians are violent, too.

        Ask the doctors shot at Planned Parenthood for “performing abortions”. Ask the gays who underwent “conversion therapy” in one of those obnoxious “heal the gays” camps.

        Or the guys who killed Matthew Shepherd (I still can’t read his story without being thoroughly disheartened and being at the verge of tears how somebody can be THAT cruel 🙁 )

        Violence in my eyes is a question of mindset not necessarily religion. Religion makes it easier to rely on violence, that is true – but even buddhist monks are very violent in Myanmar and killing all who are not buddhist.

        I agree, Islam itself is violent – kill the heathen. But so is the bible, if you read it carefully and the Torah.

        But it is the man who is making his life. The man decides on violence. And the man is the one who is using an excuse to do so. Nobody forced him to do it.

        Like I said: As a german refugee helper who is bisexual I am very outspoken about it. I don’t hide anything. Why should I?

        I’m not getting disrespected here.

        P.S.: I like your text nonetheless – because it gives a lot of things to think of.

        • Add up all the abortion doctors and gays killed in the name of the christian God in the last 30 years and you’re still nowhere close the amount killed the last 6 months along in the name of Allah. And religion makes mindset, his father was a Taliban propagandist, where do you think he learned to hate gays?
          I could write an article on christians, but I haven’t, I wrote one on the islamic problem, so why is it christians are always brought up? When discussing the child molestation at the hands of priest, I never hear someone saying ”Hey, that’s nothing compared to the rapes of boys in Pakistan cause it’s deemed less sinful” and I shouldn’t, because it’s irrelevant, the same way christianity is irrelevant regarding this topic.
          And Matthew Shepard wasn’t killed in the name of God. It was a horrible murder, so were the murders commited by Aileen Wuornos or Dennis Rader, yet those victims are not deemed special enough…I’m tired of entertaining the idea that an attack on me is worst than an attack on my friends, aren’t you?

          • Hate comes with hateful people. They will find ANY excuse to hate. And a lot of them will use this excuse to kill.

            That’s my approach with my experience of dealing with the refugees you want to “kill each other”. Many of them btw. christians or Jesidi. Muslims are the majority but by far not all.
            I know the stories, I know the truth (I can positively say that I know if somebody is lying to me). I know the bad guys who use their religion to bully others, of course we have them, as well as those who are not respecting women simply because they are male. Who despise gays.

            My approach is: Deal with the person and its behavior. If he is a nice guy, I don’t care about his beliefsystem. If he is an asshole, I don’t care either, he gets the asshole-treatment. If somebody is violent, he gets a nice timeout at jail.

            At the end of the day all of them need my help because many of them are in a free fall, in a world they don’t understand, where they are not prepared to live in.

            If you would know the stories I know. *sigh*

  • Great rant. I am a straight man wkth gay friends. I coud t agree more. You bave better friends in the conservative community because we see you as people, not just gays to be exploited as a voting block, or something to toss off a building.

  • You got thrown under the bus because of demographic growth potential. The gay community is actual 1-2% of the population with no potential for growth; those supporting the Jihad far outnumber you. THAT is the Democrat angle!

    Your demographic is irrelevant when it comes to democracy; but your narrative is worth it’s weight in gold to to the socialists who would use your misfortunes to their advantage.

    Just another bunch of Useful Idiots.

    Great article btw.

  • Well, it is encouraging to hear people utter mea culpas… but at the same time I always recall Niemöller; they came for a lot of groups, and a lot of other groups either said nothing or joined the mob. The pessimist in me tends to think that at this point, there is not going to be anyone left when they come for me. Much as you seem to have realized in the wake of Pulse.

  • Hi Tomas,

    Welcome to the real world…
    To help you adjust to this new paradigm I suggest you watch the Neil Jordan film “the Brave One”, a parable about those who come to learn that there are bad people out there who wish to hurt you. Filmed shortly after 9/11, but making almost no reference to the event, it successfully indirectly backgrounds that day into the story of a young and beautiful New York couple who, while walking their dog in Central Park, are savaged by random hoods. The film spends the next two acts showing the ramifications of the violence. Worth a watch.

    Yours truly,

    Niall from Winnipeg

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