Breaking the Narrative Episode 35: Anime Feminist, huh? Nazis You Say?


I am not sure if you remember but in September of 2016 I tackled The Mary Sue talking shit about moe anime. Well it turns out that Amelia Cook, author of the piece I debunked there, has her own website known as, this being an apparent ‘self descriptor.’ Since I’ve fried some bigger fish since then, I thought I’d try to see what hi-jinx this insecure lout has been up to, and I got to say I found some choice material. Particularly interesting is how she titles her stuff on her site.

So what am I talking about? What could possibly still be relevant from January that I decided had to be tackled now in the middle of February? “Whats Feminism Got To Do With Nazis?”

What self-respecting MRA can resist an opportunity to write in a bunch a #Feminazi jokes during the current political climate, and probably topple over some idiotic shit at the same time?
Enough prattling I’m excited to get started! Let’s Hammer This In!

So then how are we opening today’s article with Mz. Cook?
….Well not wasting any time with the projection are we? Whats being referred to is a three day prior article berating MyAnimeList for toning down extremist attacks towards the alt-right realizing that tensions were building towards violence. I don’t presume to know how their editor does things but the fact that now feminists care about Jews is hilarious considering how they’ve always treated Milo, who notes his own Jewish heritage. Then, to go in on denoting silencing tactics two days after Richard Spencer was silenced with a fist and implying that someone suggested a person’s primary platform isn’t a place for their personal politics is quite frankly hilarious… not because I condone the silencing – far from it. I want to hear what they have to say so I can show where they are wrong about something. Its hilarious because this is an example of a feminist starting to get a taste of her own medicine whether she likes it or not. They might want to consider this the next time they try to silence a Men’s Rights Advocate or anti-feminist.
Just saying. Moving on:


Alrighty then, I can’t argue the first of these two paragraphs. That’s free market economics. Good on you for being honest about feminism being a political ideology and not simply another word for ‘egalitarian.’  I implore everyone who reads this article to do what that paragraph says: Support her site only if you support her views. Go right ahead!

Now that second paragraph I’m gonna have a jab at. Opening up by saying that feminism means different things to different people says a lot. But to put it in the simplest way possible it means you can no longer defend yourselves with the dictionary definition since it apparently has so many individual definitions to it. Thanks for busting that vocabulary argument wide open for me.
Now how about that Nazi argument?

Well, personal identities aside we know here that feminism didn’t really start because of sexism as they define it. It started from feminists’ own sexism, and out of ideas proposed by Charles Fourier that are obviously a very failed utopian philosophy. To add the whole tumbler infinity genders argument on top of that, it’s no wonder your entire movement has evolved into nothing short of an anarcho-communistic cult of extreme genital ideologues!  Then to implicate afterwards that your ‘progressive stack’ is not Oppression Olympics and to insist that ‘oppression’ is an omnipotent force of (with how I think you must imagine it) an unending mass of tentacles violating and restraining people more or less dependent purely on what traits they have and must come from all white-cis-straight-men. That just solidifies your bigotry and the bigotry of your entire movement of intersectional intersex wannabes.

Am I interpreting that right?  You know, that kind of sounds like how the Nazis viewed the Jews, as violating and encompassing everything to oppress the great Aryan race. Well what do you know, you are right, Feminism and Nazis ARE connected! Whats next?
Ok, before going on I like how her format is every two paragraphs has a picture between them, it makes this SO much easier to tackle. Now for the argument, NO, Oppression/racism/sexism/ismoftheweek is NOT “prejudice plus power,” due to the fluidity of power as a whole. No one being or group can retain power eternally. Its actually more likely that the truly prejudiced are drawn to power so they can use it to enforce their particular form of bigotry. Not having power doesn’t make someone less of a racist or sexist. It just means that they can’t push said prejudice onto others. It would be more believable if you were to say “Oppression is Prejudice plus Influence” because with influence you can spread prejudice and enforce your tyranny onto it. If you did that though, it would implicate Feminism, due to the massive influence it has. Don’t believe me? Ask Hillary Clinton because she thinks “The Future is Female!”

As for the ability to ‘ignore causes because of privileges you have’ that just means you lack empathy. To even consider the fact that you can ignore suffering simply because it ‘doesn’t affect you’ is the entire problem.  You can’t imagine that a white straight man can be homeless, suffering, and on the verge of death. Such a thing doesn’t exist in intersectional feminism, because in that structure “white straight men” are to be silenced at all costs.
“Voted according to the wishes of women without that privilege,” so in other words voted against your own personal interest, voted against the needs and desires of one’s own country? Well, where was your vote?

UK, as in United Kingdom. Yeah, you don’t get to affect American politics, thank you very much… unless you happen to be a US citizen. Get over yourself!
The Women’s March, yes, 4.6 million people marching against President Donald J. Trump! Do you know how few people that actually is? Sure for a protest its definitely impressive and has had some violent results. but to put it in perspective the amount who voted in this election are 138,846,571 voters out of 230,593,103 people eligible. Say that about half of that number is women, 42% of women voted for Trump making approximately 29,157,780 women being marched against if my math is accurate. I could be wrong on that. Still think that 4.6 million is an impressive stat?

That being said, by looking at everything your movement has proposed, we know that ‘equal opportunity’ and ‘fair treatment’ are nowhere near your lexicon because as a Marxist ideology you are obviously for equal outcome at any cost, even if it means everyone lives in squalor, except for the elites of course… women here being the ‘elite.’ Hmmm…..something is missing here… can’t quite put my finger on it.
So now we are getting to the core of your Nazi argument! About time! Nazi’s stand for prejudice? Well then lets check that shall we? Here is a link that will do all the work for you.DefineNAzi
Oh my, I don’t think you really wanted me to do that. “a person with extreme fascist or authoritarian views”, “a person who seeks to impose their views on others in a very autocratic or inflexible way.”

You know what that sounds a lot like?

Congratulations Mz. Amelia Cook you just helped me justify the term #Feminazi! I couldn’t have done it any better without you! Give her a round of applause everybody! The comments on her article are open! Oh, thats all the last bit says, in addition to some general shit saying that despite political upheaval she won’t really jump into current affairs on the site. Rather appropriate, considering its purportedly about anime.

Hold on a minute! There wasn’t a single bit about any fuckin’ anime this entire article! Mother fucker! She just spouted off feminist nonsense coupled with anime pictures to try to weasel more people into her deceptive ideology! Here I thought I was gonna have some fun debunking anime related bullshit and I got more political nonsense. Oh well, perhaps next week will be more culturally productive. Until then please remember to Game Freely!

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