Breaking the Narrative Episode 53: Still Want That Baby Soft Skin Huh? INTACTIVISM NOW!


In approximately 86% of the Western world if you’ve had a son or were born a son during the late 20th century, chances are you’ve been exposed to Male Genital Mutilation, also known as circumcision. Well what if I were to tell you that there is actually a first world country that has both its medical establishment and its citizenry wanting the practice banned?

Don’t believe me?

There is, and you might be annoyed by me saying this but… its Japan.  They’ve even gone as far as to perfect a method of resembling circumcision without cutting, called auto-circumcision where the foreskin is still there – its merely trained to stay pulled back. Like how one can train a part in one’s hair.

Now its no secret here that our medical establishment wants to keep cutting foreskin for baby skin cells a norm (even though there are times where they ROYALLY fuck it up and leave people’s lives in shambles). So how come Japan’s doctors are so gung ho against the practice, so much so that the practice is seen as barbaric in most areas outside of Tokyo where its only performed as a cosmetic procedure.  It stems from the women. Most Japanese women either don’t know or don’t care for circumcised penises. Even the aforementioned ‘auto-circumcision’ is pulled out of practice in adulthood due to it being seen as an immature act.  Interestingly enough the mild increase of practice in Tokyo is being seen as linked to the Grass-Eaters phenomena as an attempt to reclaim masculinity.

Add to this that like most non-Abrahamic faiths (including my own) there are specific festivals held in veneration of the masculine contributions to procreation. Then its no wonder why even when both the Jesuits and the Dutch came during the Warring States period of Japan, as well as Matthew Perry forcing Japan back open before the American Civil War and the Meiji period, that they didn’t widely adopt the practice.

You will see references to a condition called phimosis in the article I just cited, as well. This is also pushed on parents in the West, though doctors here won’t tell you what the condition really means. This is to try to trick you into circumcising your child against your wishes. They claim its the inability of pulling back the foreskin of the penis while in actuality its just the name given to being uncircumcised in the medical industry.

My son’s doctor tred to pull this one on me too but when I presented much of the evidence most of us who are intactivists ourselves have she backed off, realizing that she couldn’t push me into it how she wanted.

Why is this push going so far? Why try to push this to where whole other countries that NEVER DID IT BEFORE in Asia and Africa do it? Corporate industry, of course! So what excuses do they keep using? “Oh it will prevent STIs and make your dick look better!”

So what is the percentage rate for circumcision in the bulk of Japan? Approximately three percent. THREE PERCENT MAX! While still common, the practice is going down in the United States. Its now down to a 77% rate among kids and falling because of intactivism. That means an insane level of people are getting a completely unnecessary operation within days of their birth without consent or knowledge because of the blissful ignorance of ‘fly over country’ which many of the elitist groups that hate the living fuck out of us in the Men’s Rights Movement see as mere trash. To the medical and corporate elites that perpetuate the feminist gynocentric philosophy our sons are nothing more than cattle… for face cream. I laid into The Hunger Games at one time for being a shitty series but where they got it right is the societal dynamic. A small affluent aristocratic class living it up in their closet sized utopias while they burn the rest of the world like so much firewood and oil for their opulence.

The bulk of them are in the media: CNN, Buzzfeed, NBC. They all hate Japan with a passion. They also see us who like anime as trash as well. Why is this? Because Japan, like I’ve said in the past, is a model that disproves the entirety of their narratives. They provide better entertainment, more consistent successes, and for many, an exit from the brainwashing they keep putting forth.

They hate video games for all the same reasons. Gamers break the narrative with our very existence.  Its for this reason why social justice has tried so hard to ingratiate itself with the larger dubbing houses such as Funimation. For example, see the recent dub of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Its through these terrible localizations of games and anime that they hope to keep people asleep to the horrors they are actually performing towards our society.

Why do I mention this? To reinforce the simple fact that they are using our own times for relaxation and escapism to try to brainwash people. At the same time they try to teach them, as well. If you had asked me 10 years ago I would have said to go for a dub if you know the team behind it is professional. Now I’m back to a subtitle only attitude. Does this mean piracy? Gods no – support your preferred content creators regardless of country. Just know exactly what you are going in for. As we’ve seen with VidCon, #CNNBlackmail, and what I’m wanting to dub the summer of ideological meltdown, when you give an inch these cretins will take a continent. I’m in no way in favor of socialism, of course, but we should keep on the path we have been going on since #GamerGate began.

We reclaim geek industries for ourselves by holding back our funds from those who despise our free thought and make our own content. Make what we want to see and use that to make a happier and more intellectually diverse society. I predict that such a society will end up becoming more meritocratic and therefore better for the physical and mental health of men and boys. Then, once more women live in the same harmonious manner of balance of compassionate emotion that men bolster we may not have a utopia but we’ll have a world that is perhaps more peaceful overall for our kids.

You know what? I think I can live with that.

Alex Tinsley
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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

By Alex Tinsley

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