Pussycat 13 – Feminism: Kills sperm dead


Western men’s sperm counts are down. Scientists suspect chemicals, but could feminism’s demonizing narrative be a factor? 

Toxic masculinity is a buzzword created by feminists to facilitate blaming men for the external pressures to which they are subjected, most often by the very systems and social attitudes that feminists themselves support and exploit. It’s a form of reductionism feminists employ to excuse marginalizing men in favor of promoting feminist ideology. Perhaps that narrative, itself, is toxic.







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  • I don’t usually comment, but this conversation was exceedingly relevant to me, and I want to suggest a book/guest. It is “Estrogeneration” by Dr. Anthony Jay. It covers 10 main types of estrogenics and how they effect men and women, including the feminization of men which Brian alludes to by extolling the benefits of its opposite. He goes way beyond phytoestrogens, and I think other men (and women) should know about it. The book is published by his own imprint, Chagrin & Tonic, also the name of his small YouTube page.

  • I just don’t understand how anyone could equate masculinity with toxicity. If femininity isn’t toxic, why is masculinity?

    Leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

  • I swear, we are heading towards the future with the three seashells, VR-only sex, no fluid exchanges and all restaurants being Taco Bell.

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