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Join us on the Rantzerker as we discuss this article from the Tribune:

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Brian Martinez
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Brian Martinez

Part time student, part time concierge and full time illustrator all wrapped up in one creative package. Looking for opportunities to use my aptitudes, talents and competence to serve a worthy company, or start my own. Dude. Roots in Chicago. Thinker and go-getter.

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  • What happened was the internet came along and the left/right debate went to hard text, and the left lost on facts and logic. In order to keep from completely evaporating, they had to abandon reason and embrace subjective reality. The more the right peels away the nonsense, the deeper the left must burrow into the manure in order to avoid destruction.

    The movie “Troma’s War” is beginning to look downright prophetic, with the terrorists working for the corporations in order to accelerate the concentration of wealth and power.

By Brian Martinez

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