Breaking an Opinion: Happy GamerGate 3.o! How to Protect Yourself From Bullshit!


I realize that everyone likely saw Hannah’s article on the Ctrl-Left instead of my article last week. No I didn’t quit or get canned or anything silly like that. I actually had quite a bit of personal stuff to deal with so my planned article on breaking the narratives of the GoogleMemo ended up not being possible. I will go into loose details of what happened through this article but not to claim myself some sort of lame victim status, because here I am no victim – I merely defended myself from some crazed feminist shit on multiple sides and I intend on leaving a guide how to keep yourselves protected if need be.

For starters this is not for everyone. If you aren’t open and active about your advocacy and stay anonymous that’s usually enough, though some of these you may want to consider if you have someone connected to Zoe Quinn or Kristi Winters openly doxxing you. Appropriate, I guess, since we have hit the third anniversary of #GamerGate! Let’s Hammer This In!

This first bit was easier for me since my family here already has some friends on the police force where I live. Also, since I live near a school there is always an officer near by that I can talk to if I so desire. Point is the first thing you want to do is let the police force for your district know what you intend to do working on the internet, let them know what tactics to expect and request that if any SWATting attempt is made on your home to have you and another family member that lives near by but not with you (in my case my father in law) called first. This is so the cops know and will make sure you and your family are kept safe from an attempt on your lives from some butthurt snowflake. When doing this it helps if you have a solid proof of something like this happening to show them the danger. This also helps if you are going to run a streaming channel and some dumbfuck noob wants to have you wasted on stream. I had to re-confirm a few things recently with the police because of the issue that I’m covering next.

The second thing you need to cover is your workplace, I don’t talk about my ‘day job’ here because I don’t think anyone really cares what I do during my nights. Also I’m not going to have innocents that I do work with get shit because they work with me. They didn’t ask for this. However, I had a new co-worker who turned out to be a full blown Marxist try to pull a fast one on me.  She was screening for people like myself by claiming to be a TJ Kirk fan (though personally I don’t watch him too often,) then she was trying to make some of my co-workers think I intended inappropriate things with her. What I did that countered this is something I’ve also been developing for years. First my co-workers understood I don’t go for women built like Slenderman with a cracked face. Secondly I explained to my manager (who is not only a woman but also a fan of my articles – I’m naming no one here boss! Give me crap later!) everything that’s been going on with these problems for the past 3 years. Once they understand that they will work with you on this sort of stuff most of the time as long as you don’t bring the workplace into your advocacy.  In short, don’t be annoying with it.

Final thing, dealing with family and advocacy for Men’s Rights. Chances are considering how rough things concerning family tend to be you are going to have some RAGING gynocentrists among your kin. I hit that landmine this past week as well with my older brother. (Don’t try to look for the post or bug him. Red-pilling him is my job and my job alone). He has always been an avid fan of Joss Whedon, has gotten a computer science degree at University of Kentucky and has a job with a very ‘progressive’ firm which I won’t name here for the same reason I don’t name my workplace – they didn’t ask for this. I shared on Facebook a post from the Official Group (pictures currently scrubbed by FB but they were before and after feminism pics).

His response was to call it ‘disgusting’ because of this picture right here:


If you remember the good Doctor Randomercam’s video on this lovely individual then you know that this was her words – not ours.  We were simply criticizing her for thinking that she should be respected for being a slut. My brother pulled a white knight maneuver and let his virtue signal dangle all over the place. I am sure you can figure out what happened next. Suffice it to say I ended it by calling both myself and him ‘stubborn assholes’ and told him he should spend his time more caring for my niece than to try to pick a fight with me about people being narcissistic idiots. That shut him the fuck up.

So how can you defend against a blood relative who is a devout wimminwurster? The same way you defend against anyone else of the clergy of the vagine – you bring the facts to the table. For me that table is likely to be the Thanksgiving one this year. I just hope my father doesn’t cringe too hard from it. Or that my sister-in-law doesn’t go Full Sarkeesian on me. Or should I say Full ChescaLeigh considering. I am starting to have real trouble keeping up with my ideologue references. Regardless, the best approach is to start small then work them into watching The Red Pill with an open mind. That’s the best way I can think of to deal with such family issues.

I know this has been crazy and everything and I hope a bit of this has helped. Please realize though, this isn’t for everyone. If you are content with simply going MGTOW and stepping out of mainstream society as your way of making social changes then this would be excessive, namely because you are likely separating yourself from most people who would try and cause you such problems. If you are strong enough to simply do that then more power to you and good luck. But if you are one of us who has a lot of family living that they show concern for then consider my suggestions and apply them as you deem fit. Feminists would want to get rid of us at any cost so be careful and if you have fellow MRAs or MGTOW you can trust in the area get each other’s backs. With the fight we still have ahead of us we are gonna need all the back up and loose organization we can get.

I should be getting back to normal after this week, so expect the next article to be something more fun and since most of the stuff on the Google Memo that can be said has been said I may put that in the freezer until it comes up again.  Thanks for letting me use the insanity of the past couple of weeks as a way to help out you who may feel their livelihood at risk because of psychotic feminists. Happy #Gamergate anniversary and until next time Please Remember to Game Freely!

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