Breaking the Narrative Episode 61: And You Were Doing So Well! The Escapist Done Goofed!


I’m sure by the title you know which article we are talking about: A “Gamers are Dead” article here in September 2017 (as of this writing). Funny how this just fell right into our laps the usual day I start writing my next weeks articles. While I’m sure you’ve likely seen the videos and all that on it by now if you read my articles on the regular I’m sure you want my bit on it. Since we know where we are at and what we are bouncing on Let’s Hammer This In!GaD2017-1Ok, first things first, who is this Taylor Hidalgo? Going by his on-site profile he is a contributor out of Louisiana who has been primarily a reviewer since 2008 starting at the age of 20, making him 2 years younger than myself. He started out by reviewing the DS remake of the classic game Chrono Trigger. After an opinion piece in 2009 he took a 6 year hiatus from any real posts on the site, likely to deal with a collegiate career through most of his 20’s… then starting back up in 2015 with a consistent review schedule until September 29 2016 to field a year long hiatus. Well? Where was he then? Working as a writer for Haywire Magazine. So what the cock is Haywire Magazine? According to their twitter page they are a gaming culture site. But that doesn’t seem to pin him down completely. What else do we have? Well we have his own site “The Thesaurus Rex.” Yeah, we’ve hit absolute cringe here!

See he talks this big game about how he isn’t this ‘boob addled teenage creep’ (paraphrasing obviously) yet he has something on his site called “Waifu Wednesday”. Save you some time – his waifus are trash.  So now that we’ve established a line of obvious male feminism with a side of having been exposed to some good shit in the past what can we glean from these links?  He likely was spending most of his college career being brainwashed by the social justice cancer while popping around the United States as a student. I suspect this because this type of shit was tried on me while I was in college. While they weren’t the most prominent on my campus in 2004-2009 while I was around I’ve heard the SocJus groups getting a lot of traction in recent years.

They do everything they can to get you to only pay attention to their world. To make you believe in their crap. The only reason it wasn’t as obvious to me then as it is now is because of a group that called themselves “Christ Ambassadors” who were headed by an even creepier guy. We are talking a guy who bugged me and an old friend from high school I was rooming with at the time during lunch….on orientation. Remember I’m a Gaelic Pagan, you can imagine my disgust and how much I had to hold back bile at the attempt.  I didn’t notice the social justice group until a particular ex of mine took me to an LGBT and Allies group that she was a part of. She was bi but a lot of them were “Political Lesbians.” If you recognize that terminology then congratulations, you’ve been dealing with this shit long enough. Lets move on.
GaD2017-2Really? The biggest thing the gaming community struggles with is communicating to the outside world that games and gamers aren’t what are imagined? You pin this on terminology familiarity?  Also I’ve never heard ANYONE tell someone to be ‘mindful of their sensitivity settings’. Also the term ‘player’ is still not sticking ya loon, you wouldn’t be using the term ‘gamer’ if it did. Do you want to know WHY ‘players’ will never be a thing in gaming? Because of the shit stereotype called ‘players’ when it comes to men fucking a lot of women. Oh wait, you want those to be PUAs now so you can lump them in with MRAs and the MRM. Also glossaries? Why should we want our passtime, something that was developed by long lasting bonds and deep admiration and respect for one another to be diluted by just giving people the ability to rework the rules left and right? Thats always been my experience in gaming, you may hold some resentment to people that beat you in the short term but as long as you aren’t a sore loser you end up respecting their skills in the end.

A big example for me is back in high school; back when I first got my license I learned that out of all my classmates only one other had a Sega Dreamcast. This was back in 2002 so a year after the platform was discontinued. The girl was mixed race and for the sake of this we’ll call her Jessy to preserve her anonymity. Jessy had a copy of Soul Calibur for the system and we would always play for a couple of hours. This happened until she decided to change her name and had a falling out with our mutual friends. Three guesses why. Anyway she won against me as often as I did against her.

Point is the friendship was one based primarily on our love for games and a respect for each other as gamers. Not the size of her breasts, nor the wideness of her ass. Not even how she wore her hair. Thats right, a platonic and honest friendship between a young man and a young woman. It can exist as long as neither one gets stupid. But like any other relationship  you need to work at it. Remember I’m no psych major so I am only speaking from my own experience here.
GaD2017-3Remember what I just said in the last paragraph? Mixed-race female, all our friends were just fine until she went stupid? We all were gaming together? Yeah, though I did leave out one bit – she was also openly bisexual, though there are the theories about that which we won’t go into here. Point is she didn’t care then about sexy women in games, likely doesn’t give two shits now much like many other female gamers I know. You know, like my wife, who says:

“These morons need to stop! Who is the woman behind this idiot pushing this? Gee some guys will do anything to get laid… Besides, the jiggle physics are hilarious to watch!” – Lacy Tinsley @heckticangel 2017

Speaking of bouncing boobs this chucklefuck decides to go into how developers keep hush hush about dev tricks and tips because of the toxic nature of the community. To that I have one thing to say, listen to @Grummz on twitter and whatever you do, WHATEVER YOU DO! NEVER LET ANYONE SEE THIS ARTICLE!  Yeah, that exists, and you know what? The coding depicted is shit and likely stolen from someone else’s screenshots knowing her history. Also join League4Gamers, and there are also discords dedicated to game development if you know where to look. These are some of the best ways to find good developers to learn from. Or you can also look up who was blacklisted during #GamerGate for some good people to ask hints from. So fuck you and fuck Charles Randall whoever the fuck that is.
GaD2017-4You must think you are cute because you know how to get the ™ symbol to post.(Thats Alt-0153 by the way.) I’ve gotten called ‘not a real gamer’ all the time because I don’t consider the community bigoted because of basic trash talk.  Who is gate keeping now huh? Especially with your contradictory last paragraph. You know what? Like Appabend said in his video on this article, you managed to convince me, there is a toxic element in the gaming community, you anti gamer idiots who keep trying to rewrite the book for your own bigoted bullshit! You can get the fuck out now please. Come back after you cleaned that brainwashing from your skull. Especially the idea that censorship isn’t happening because of localizing teams trying to ruin our Japanese fun by putting in these failed cultural nods to feminism as a ‘positive force.’ Now how did you end your drivel?
GaD2017-5You just up and cite the whole social justice argument about gaming verbatim in three paragraphs then end by citing THE original “Gamers are Dead” article by Leigh “Drunk as fuck” Alexander? Ok, you are done, you are completely done go to jail, don’t pass Go, do not collect your $200. You dun goofed mother fucker! There is a reason we don’t really see much out of Alexander anymore. She is a failed journalist because she attacked the games media’s audience for gaming. You just did the same. Grow up and get over your damn self, you disgrace! Escapist, if you want respect from gamers back you have to purge this idiot who is posting on your platform. Thankfully every comment I saw on this article was honestly calling the fucker out for being a dumb social justice piece of shit! Also I showed you where else this idiot writes. Feel free to let their advertisers know they are supporting someone that assaults their audience for liking what they like and Please Remember to Game Freely!

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