Breaking the Narrative Episode 68: Silly Card Trolls, You Aren’t Stopping the Wall!

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I’m sure all of you have heard by now about the attempt by the rightsholders of the game Cards Against Humanity trying to block the border wall campaign being pushed by the Trump Administration. This time I’m not going to be debunking a specific article but the concept being promoted by the group in question. Not only that but I’m going to show how that trying to force such an egregious use of crowdfunding will not only hurt the country but might make the property rights of others be put into more jeopardy than they were before. As such I’m going to go into why it won’t work then I will finish up by explaining why this is such a dangerous precedent they will unintentionally make. This is a prime example of lack of foresight by special snowflakes acting on their feelz. Sorry if this ends up being a bit short but Let’s Hammer This In!

First and foremost what is their mode of thinking in trying to own land on the border of the country, specifically near San Diego? First, I must specify that this isn’t the first completely idiotic thing the game runners has done. They have also protested the easily debunked “pink tax” among other far leftist things.  I mention this because this sets up where their company politics and mentality is coming from. It is unusual to find a company famous for a game that is all about being politically incorrect is so keen on being PC authoritarians. They are hypocrites. This is expounded even further with the fact that in the long run they don’t care whether they succeed with this campaign or not. They just want to make it as costly as possible to fulfill this one promise of Trump’s to make him back off it. To them, the worst case scenario is that he looks bad by the methods used to fulfill it.

So what can stop it? First there is Civil Asset Forfeiture. Here is the bitch of it; the legal costs of CAF are not that expensive to the state. All they have to pay for it is the costs of the judge and prosecutor if this is ruled that CAH are accomplices to the illegal immigrants and human traffickers in this case. Whats even more insidious on this is since they were stupid enough to crowdfund it that means every single individual who donated to this particular crowdfunding project can be seen as enabling the accomplices. That means if you donated to them they could seize your assets too. Its cold, yes, but you were the ones who decided to flip off the President of the United States by enabling crimes against the country to take place. You’re lucky you won’t be strung up for treason.

That’s extreme, sure, but like I said, there are some dangerous consequences to these action.

So what’s the second way they could use this land? Eminent Domain Law, this is where the government can lay claim to your property or a portion of your property if they consider their need it justified for any particular reason or project of theirs like say – a border wall.

Don’t believe me? Well they can and will as they choose, and it doesn’t matter who you are, either. For example, I’ve gone into how my father-in-law is a veteran in the past right? Well this is a story from someone he knows at the DAV (Disabled American Veterans.) This person owned a parcel of land in Tennessee that was a sizable amount and worth about $3 million total. This included a home that was in his family for generations that costs nearly half a million on its own. The government had a use for it they thought was better. He of course fought the state tooth and nail to keep his family land. Didn’t matter, they built the bypass anyway and took his land away for the determined cost of $48,000. I didn’t miss a zero there, they ripped him off big time and he was a veteran.

With knowledge of these laws in mind, it’s obvious CAH aren’t stopping the wall, nor are they costing the state a considerable amount of money, all for a vain attempt at trolling Trump, who happens to be a troll himself.

Now why does this set a dark and risky precedent? First it reinforces a perceived need of Eminent Domain, which puts risk to property rights as a whole. Secondly this could urge strict regulation of crowdfunding projects and could put at risk any and all platforms involved, which means anyone who makes any sort of funding through crowd revenue could be targeted by a state entity. After all, how do we know you aren’t going to use the funds you made from people supporting your cause to usurp the government’s control of its borders or commit some other crime? Can’t be having that now!

This is a sad truth but one that should have been considered first. “Gee, those are nice rights you have there – be a shame if someone were to violate them.” Sure, the wall has its flaws as a concept, but it is a necessity, considering the current situation. It’s not just necessary for us, but for the people that come over the border. Just letting them run from their problems isn’t going to help them as they aren’t guaranteed success here and shouldn’t be, and with an open border they’re not guaranteed their problems won’t follow them here. They need to realize the issues in their home country can only be fixed by them and step up to fix those problems themselves.

I hate using biblical proverbs for obvious reasons but this one does have a basis behind it. Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for the day. Teach the man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. This is why we must push for a more peaceful, liberty-minded society as a whole, one that puts all of humanity’s innate human rights at the forefront. If we can show a country where that is the standard, then others will follow. That’s why America as a country is important, because it started the concept.

Am I saying we’ll get it perfect? Of course not! But will we make do with what we can and encourage others to live by our example? Most definitely. That’s another reason the European Union wants to distance itself from America using their own army. Because they want to invoke continentally a socialist authoritarian regime, and that’s the only way they can keep countries from exiting the bloc. America showed Britain it can live under its own accord again. They fear the example of the lower classes going against their elite-filled government. (They really should ask Russia about the last time that was attempted. I believe it was called the USSR.)

In any case I don’t think this will end well for anyone. I am usually an optimist but this is a situation that doesn’t have a ‘good ending.’ We all have to be alert and careful whether we think of the current administration as ‘on our side’ or not. The solutions available would go south big time if made available to the wrong hands. Imagine a hardline socialist like Bernie Sanders with unrestrained Civil Asset Forfeiture or Eminent Domain on his hands. We’d all be fucked. Just saying, with that he wouldn’t need a ‘revolution’ to enact a full-blown totalitarian regime. All he would need is a few months and some loose judges. The rest is just ‘following orders.’ Be wary moving forward everyone, wish for luck with the civil case in Canada in the coming weeks, and Please Remember to Game Freely!

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