Breaking the Narrative Episode 72: Zero Tolerance Rules Don’t Work. How Teachers Bully Students!


If you are familiar with the video of Keaton Jones posted by his mother meant to raise awareness about bullying late last year then you might realize why I am covering this today. For those unfamiliar with the story or had forgotten, I will get to that in a minute. First I feel that I need to disclose that I have dealt with bullying myself growing up due to my predisposition towards geeky subjects. Also I would like to mention that in my area the Zero Tolerance violence policies didn’t reach full use until I was in high school. However I will not be citing my experience for this article because I wish to show something a bit more prevalent. The fact that not only are bits more bullied in school but that a lot of teachers (#NotAll) aid the bullies.

Before we begin I need to go through a few things. First off I’m not going to be delving into the distractions of accusations towards her mother’s perceived racism. I did two articles debunking that perception already. Also not gonna touch her e-begging the MMA guy either because that is unrelated (and potentially falsified to try to discredit young Keaton.) Finally, I need to define for everyone what the Zero Tolerance policies are.

– No contraband items. (seeming weapons and drugs)
– No attacking or threatening teachers or students.
– No insubordinate or disruptive behavior.

This is simplified to three straightforward rules but most of the time they draw them out because bureaucratic types always do so to try to make them as vague and hard to understand as possible. Now that this is laid out Let’s Hammer This In!

So while the situation young Keaton experienced what is sparking this article I’m approaching this from the vantage point of dealing with the bullying of boys and men in general. I’m not going to go into the issues with his mother but I am going to ask you this: If Keaton was a girl would anyone have gone this deep into his mother’s background, or would she have gotten flooded with money and we would have heard nothing about her Confederate Flag or from the MMA fighter?
I think you know the answer.

When looking at how bullying typically manifests in popular media we typically see the awkward outcast student being picked on by the white trash punk from the wrong side of the tracks. In reality this is rarely the case. More often the bullying occurs due to more collectivist vs. individualist approaches to life. The popular “clique” types mock and attack the typically more honest and unique outlier who doesn’t typically show interest in the same things. This is usually why teachers will back the bully as I suggested earlier. The bully is ‘popular’ among their peers and usually participate in popular or approved organized activities. This is a show of typical authoritarian thought in fostering the mob mentality which they end up using to claim leadership, and at the same time trying to not rock the boat by reinforcing the questionable morality that comes along with such mindsets. Quietly sanctioned peer-bullying is part of how authoritarians control the public.

Another reason this ends up being a case with many teachers in contemporary public schools is a trait that many I know have noticed over the years. Many grade school public teachers have not mentally grown past their high school days and at times end up returning to the schools that bore them in the first place, if not going to a school that a love interest they meet in college went to instead. Many teachers from my own graduating class have done these practices from what I’ve looked into through their individual Facebook profiles. I will not name them for obvious reasons but one example is the team quarterback from my time at school, who was in that position due to his father being the team coach. The entire time he was on our team we didn’t have a single strong season. The only reason that he and his friends, the bulk of them having bullied a decent amount of my contemporaries at the time, stayed on the team, was due to his father’s influence. Despite this, today, even though my school no longer exists, he took his father’s place as coach at its successor, a needlessly unified county school.

I’m not citing my experience because these people never bullied me outright, as I proved I could defend myself. This is coming from others from the classes I was in and underclassmen during the term he was quarterback, names withheld at request of those approached on the issue. I also was able to get similar information from those at my wife’s childhood school we were able to find. Again their names will stay withheld by their request. I can state however that more men came out about being bullied as young boys than girls. While some girls did state receiving treatment that’s been considered bullying it was neither to the same rate or the same severity unless the bully in question was female. Female bullies however were more intense with their bullying to men and were more often defended by the school’s staff.

The reason I was able to obtain the information I was able to from close to 120 quick interviews was due to the fact that I originally intended for this article to come out when my hiatus had started due to personal reasons.

To make this even more disturbing and show my own lack of bias in the approach being taken to this article, I will disclose that I got proof of something I had long suspected: My own older brother was once one of the bullies in question. His mistreatment of a particular person I will not name for their protection started their downward spiral into drugs, thievery, and violent outbursts in adulthood, actions which have led to their forced separation from their children, which in turn exacerbated their misdeeds.

So why else do these teachers deal in bully mob mentalities and instead of enforcing their own rules with these ‘favorites’ of the class?  Well, for acceptance of course! A more positive influence on my life had once stated that more often than not weaker minds that have become teachers tend to get easily swayed by charismatic antagonists. The ratio of teachers in this category is even higher when you consider the feminist mindset being based around shaming, bullying, and weaker, collectivist minds. So as long as feminism has a stranglehold over academia and our education system this is only going to get worse over time. This is further demonstrated as we keep seeing revelation of male feminists’ surprisingly common ephebephilic, hebephilic and pedophilic tendencies within the movement. I don’t think I need to link to one of the hundreds upon hundreds of stories about female teachers having sex with their students over the past 30 years that most do their best to sweep under the rug… but here’s a link to research that reveals the damage that is done by sexual exploitation of minors.

So what can we do to curb bullying in general? I don’t wish to entertain the delusion that we can stop bullying completely. Humanity will always have conflicts of some form for as long as the race exists. As such, some form of ‘bullying’ will always be prevalent. We can, however, start actually dealing with the issues that lead to it rather than just blindly ‘punish’ it without lessons being taught. We can’t just keep going by the doctrine of ‘tell the teacher and have the authorities deal with it.’ More often than not, showing that one is capable of defending themselves and has the strength of will to resist those who attempt to lord over them with numbers leads to easily neutering bullies. This is because for the most part, they tend to be cowards who feel to prove their worth and claim the position they must push those who seem weaker. They also do not understand that looks can sometimes be deceiving.

Parents of bullies also influence their mentality by pushing the same mindset that leads to our special snowflake issues with things like participation trophies, coddling, and pushing the idea that because the child is who they are they are destined for greatness. Not only was I raised to embrace humility, I intend to teach my son the same way to prevent him from becoming such himself. In this way I guess the solution to bullying is the solution to what we seek overall with trying to dethrone the feminist mindset. We need to foster in our children a strong sense of self and will that is tempered with an appropriate level of humility that would prepare them for living their lives on their terms and no one else’s. We’ve seen from the actions of celebrities over the years that while beyond well-off and able to live their lives in any way they like, they are never fulfilled and end up trying to throw their weight around in often destructive fashions.

This has put together a strong argument in my opinion but I think I will expand on this concept further in my next article, a review of River City Rival Showdown for the 3DS, because it will combine last week’s article with this one in ways you would not expect. If you have your own stories of bullying and dealing with it that you wish to share then please leave it in the comments below and share this with people you’ve seen bullied or are parents of bullied individuals. That way we can help them push past their troubles with bullies together as individuals. With that in mind Please Remember to Game Freely!

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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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