Is Tucker an Advocate for Men’s Issues? | HBR Debate 5


Join Alison and Brian as we delve into the first segment of Tucker Carlson’s new series on men and masculinity in America. What are our thoughts? What are yours? Tune in @6pm Eastern!

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  • A potential explanation for lower testosterone levels springs to mind that I would like to share. If you disagree I insist you mock me as lavishly as possible but only if there is some intelligence involved. I’m a boy who likes it smart and rough.

    It is well known that cortisol, the stress hormone, has a negative effect on adrenal glands. Since men are being denied positive reinforcement and are living in a society dominated by the feminist ethos–that is living in a society where the good people of the earth insist that they acquiesce to being pussy whipped–might not this incessant subjugation to the feminine lead to not merely higher addiction and suicide rates but a triggering of hormonal instructions to the testes to lower sperm production? After all, fecundity pretty much vanished during the latter stages of the mouse utopia. Female domination could be an evolutionary indication of over population.

    What would be interesting would be a comparison of the sperm counts of dominant males in traditionally macho jobs versus those of middle managers.

By Brian Martinez

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