Breaking an Opinion Episode 2: Women Just Can’t Handle the Magma!


Good day to all of you. Now that seems like a very specific title, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. What do I mean by the “Magma”? I’m talking about an aspect of men and their emotions that has surfaced in multiple cultures over the years. In ours it could be called “hard-boiled” like the film noir detectives of yore. Strong, stoic types with big hearts that will embrace tragedy to help others, particularly against their better judgement. Then there is the Japanese word  熱血(ねっけつ/nekketsu,) or hot-blooded, the delinquents I’ve oft talked about that keep Japanese masculine honor alive and well. What do these concepts have in common and how does it relate to how contemporary women cannot handle a complete man? Well how about we find that out? Let’s Hammer This In!

As you can tell I’ve been writing a bit on this subject for the past few months as it pops up in media; basic masculine emotion. Many low testosterone men and women typically accuse most stoic men of being heartless, emotionless, and cold. But from not only my experience with most stoic men but the few stoic women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting I find that they aren’t even close to this. In fact they end up having stronger empathy and emotions than the most frantic and easy to trigger people. This is because if you think of an emotion as a muscle – the better you learn to control it and the more you train your experience with that emotion then the stronger your response is when you do feel it.  This shows as stoics tend to be extremely passionate when they do open up and are so strong that those who simply wear their emotions on their sleeves and don’t guard them end up being overwhelmed by them.

As such it is of my rather amateur opinion that since these people don’t feel emotions as strongly as stoic men that they feel inferior in the same fashion as an out of shape person who actually cares about being seen as powerful feels about body builders. It’s potentially about massive bouts of jealousy and questioning self worth, namely because in a meritocratic society, control over your emotions can take you a long way. This is because you are spending less time keeping your emotions stable as you have them channeled into your work, expressing your more powerful and trained feelings into making something awe-inspiring. Looking back on multiple artisans and craftsmen over the centuries, people tended not to get along with them due stoicism. Its why you don’t see as many female masters over the centuries – they don’t put the same value over self-control.

As such, due to the exponential growth of emotionally immature people being prominent in society it was an eventuality that they would go after those secure in their feelings. They would go after those they feel are a threat in the form of truly emotionally sound souls. This can also be potentially seen in a few in the anti-theist crowd as well: Namely, the Steve Shives form of ideologues, as their attack on some theist mindsets all center on what seem to be more emotional reasoning. They’re not so much going on a solid evidence-based argument, but arguing purely because they feel that the lack of evidence is proof that they are right. This is a burden of proof fallacy. They do this by claiming that a person who has say, a group of ancient writings making these claims and potential relics that line up with their reasoning has to provide MORE proof that’s outside of their realm of influence in the material realm for something that supersedes it rather than showing through consistent experimentation that such concepts such as religion and ‘God’ can’t be ‘real’.

It’s in fighting such arguments that pantheistic concepts such as the universe and god being one and the same have come about. Some have gone to say that the universe couldn’t have ‘willed itself’ into existence because that would mean the universe has agency. There is only one thing I have to ask to that: Why not? Why couldn’t the pure will to live that all sentient and non sentient beings have shown be held by a macrocosm of existence? That pure will of self determination probably means a lot more for the universe than these people would give it credit for. Some have said that there is already a word for this in the form of “nature,” but what keeps “nature” and “god” from being synonymous? Human definition. If your only reason for positing this line of thought is that you hate stuck up Christians then congratulations. You wanting to be the edgy ‘fuck Chrisitians’ persona has led to several issues in society.

That being said, you can easily be an atheist without being anti-theist. Its all fine and good to believe what you wish to. Even if that is a so-called ‘absence of belief’. What you don’t have the right to do is make people believe in what you believe because you feel they are assholes if they don’t. Freedom of Speech and Expression are intertwined with Freedom of Religion for a reason, you can’t defend one without defending the other. Funny thing is, if you look at most of the long-standing religions of the world, most of the time a stoic male sacrifice is central to it: The story of the Buddhist monk who gave his life so the tiger mother could feed her cub, Abraham being willing to take his son’s life and his willingness to give that life to his father for the sake of Jehovah, even Jesus of Nazareth giving up his own life to repent for the so-called Original Sin. You can even find this strength of emotion in Shinto with Izanagi’s mourning of his deceased wife Izanami giving birth to the prime forces of this nature in his tears and snot.

There is a reason you don’t really hear stories of female sacrifice among these religions. That good old gynocentrism that shows not only do men serve women, but that they be ready to lay down their lives at a moment’s notice to forgive the crimes of the holy vaginae. To be able to do this, we men are supposed to have the strongest bodies and emotional selves to be able to take on the heavy lifting of feminine burdens all on our shoulders, not just even, but ESPECIALLY if it kills us. That is why its insulting to claim that the Virgin Mary sacrificed when her son gave his life to take away HER innate sins by his father’s rules.  In before everyone doesn’t finish reading the article and claiming that the pagan is defending Christianity as well as certain people that don’t deserve naming on this subject.

My overall point is as follows, for men stoicism and control over emotions is not only a given but its expected. This is not a bad thing because that control over our emotions is how we can keep calling these idiots out at every turn.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep control over our emotions, but that we should recognize it for the strength it is. This is why when men get angry and start to talk back, but do so in a non-abusive manner, feminists get scared. They don’t have the strength to stand up to real men who know this works. They can’t stand up to the sense of reason and logic. They can’t stand up to the diversity of masculine ideas and how they can go the distance. It’s why they call our hot-blooded emotions and hard-boiled control over them ‘toxic masculinity’. Because like most bacteria they can’t survive the extreme heat of our passion for truth and doing what’s right.

Again, this is purely an opinion piece that I want to be debated and commented upon. Give me your worst. I can take it. Point is for all of us to take our hammers and forge this into a blade with which we can slice through the lies constantly slung at us. With that all in mind I’ll get a little more serious this coming week. I also apologize for the week off. Electricity on my street was having some trouble and I wasn’t going to type this up on a phone. With that said also Please Remember to Game Freely!

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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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