Breaking the Narrative Episode 89: Tennessee’s Opening of Pandora’s Gynocentric Box


It is no secret that we are often saddled even now with the issue and question of suffrage, also known as the Right to Vote in the United States. For the longest time, as seen in historically researched texts, this was more linked to the ownership of property as opposed to the common misconception that gender and race were determining factors. Even feminist-run propaganda admits this damning fact. However, they like to neglect, as always, the dark past of disdain for working class or ‘peasant’ men.  If a man isn’t powerful, then in their eyes he deserves nothing – not power, nor rights, nor even children if they have their say about it.

Most of us know this intrinsically at this point. So what am I going to be touching upon this time? I want to bring this around to the man who decided to open the box in response to his mother reportedly telling him to change his mind through a letter. Therefore I will discuss both who he was and who his mother was overall as they seem to be integral to our entire conversation about people’s rights and the understanding of what happened and how.

Why now? Because Knoxville just put up a statue framing the act as a glorious event in our country’s history.  The featured image of this article shows this very statue and the mother lording over her son. Enough to make us start to think isn’t it? Let’s Hammer This In!

So who is he? He was Harry Burns, a Senator for the state of Tennessee who was involved in the 1920 “War of the Roses” that had secured women’s “universal” suffrage without the obligation to conscription imposed on men. This here shows overall part of the insane attacks pushed onto men even by the earliest of feminist advocates, claiming men had a ‘right to vote,’ which couldn’t be further from the truth – patriotic citizens and property owners had a right to vote. This did include well to do women who owned property prior to the vote we are discussing today, those who were drafted to fight during the Civil War and the at the time Great War we would later call World War I and whatever smaller wars outside of the country in between. This combined with the White Feather Movement which has been talked about at length on Honey Badger Radio should show anyone with any respect towards history and facts that feminists have always been and likely always will be full of shit.

So why is Senator Burns sometimes written as Senator Burn so important to this aspect of history? Because it was on Sunday, Aug. 26th of 1920 C.E. that he, at his mother’s written behest, changed his staunch anti-suffragist vote from ‘nay’ to ‘aye.’ Up until this point the vote was stuck at a staunch stalemate of 48 to 48. Keep in mind that some idiotic feminists will to this day try to claim that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that secures their unrestrained capability to vote short of incarceration was never ratified by all 50 states. This is because it didn’t need to be ratified by 50, there were only 48 states at the time it was an issued, and any state that would join the Union after that fact would have to accept all of the amendments of the Constitution without question. This is why some U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam aren’t made into states because parts of their government still battle with aspects of the Constitution. If my understanding is correct it does have some connection to abortion issues and how some of those feel that it contradicts the First Amendment protections of religious practice. Don’t quote me on that though.

So what did Burns’ mother write to him that had him change his mind so quickly? To quote the letter directly:

“Dear Son:

Hurrah, and vote for suffrage! Don’t keep them in doubt. I noticed some of the speeches against. They were bitter. I have been watching to see how you stood, but have not noticed anything yet. Don’t forget to be a good boy and help Mrs. Catt put the ‘rat’ in ratification.

Your Mother.”

Well wasn’t that short, sweet and to the point? We can see that she had basically shamed him saying that some of those against it seemed to be ‘bitter men.’ Does that sound like something someone oppressed would say or more like something that is still used to attack us men to this very day? Calling us ‘bitter’ at the idea of women doing this that or the other when in fact most of us could care less what a woman does as long as it doesn’t fuck people over.

So who is Mrs. Catt ?

Carrie Chapman Catt was the president of the National Women’s Suffrage Association, someone who tried to tie the refusal of passing specifically women’s unbridled vote in with ‘political corruption.’ Gee, for such an ‘uneducated and oppressed’ demographic, she seems quite eloquent with her writing, and capable of getting into the NEW YORK TIMES IN 1917. Gets those almonds roasting doesn’t it?

Now does this imply a connection between Mrs Catt and Mrs Burns? Well Lucy Burns helped Alice Paul form the National Women’s Party in the United Kingdom  and was very close friends with many women’s rights advocates at the time – both suffragist and suffragette. So yes, this is important, considering that Mrs Catt was quoted in a book on the subject three years later stating “To get the word ‘male,’ in effect, out of the Constitution, cost the women of this country 52 years of pauseless campaign.” Well that’s a fine example of ‘equality’ there, isn’t it my dear feminist ideologues?

When this occurred, several of Burns’s fellow legislators were taken aback by him saying this, still with his red rose on his chest signifying his disdain for the new amendment, all while he clutched the letter sent to him by his mother, as if pained and aggrieved for what he was pushed to do by his own flesh and blood – forced to go against his principles. It was due to this act that Burns has been mocked as a “Momma’s Boy,” but also lauded as a hero and good male ‘ally’ for  doing as his mother said. Even the statue that has been made shows him in perpetual subservience to his mother…that sons should live to serve the women in their lives, and nothing else.

Its hard to find a definitive interview of Burns to see if he was in the typical anti-suffragist camp but those who were against it were labeled often as ‘conservatives’ who believed that women shouldn’t ‘sully their hands’ with the burdens of politics. So even a century ago being a ‘conservative’ was used as a slur, and society was told that the right thing to do was to ‘give women what they wanted.’

This should show something very harrowing. We’ve been fighting the same battle for sensible politics for the entirety of this country’s existence, and have always been undermined by elites that were often led to their conclusions by the women who lorded over them. The thought that we are now starting to really break from their propaganda is what horrifies them the most, because it means that their free rides are about over.

The primary question is, how is this going to end? Will it end with us evolving the West into something truly meritocratic? Or are we doomed to the follies of Rome because we just can’t begin to consider the concept of balanced politics? Only time will tell, but until then we have a bronze statue in downtown Knoxville near Burns’-Roane County immortalizing this obvious example of how women have always controlled “male power,” and why we must claim our masculinity for ourselves…. because whether we like it or not, Momma isn’t always right. This may have been out of nowhere, but I felt this was important to go over, as we need to work on further presentation of what has been lied about concerning both men’s and women’s rights over the ages.

This is especially so now, since those on the lower rungs of the ladder are under attack by the elites worldwide. Take, for example, California’s water rationing. Do you think that’s being done by accident? Also do you think the elites are going to have to honestly suffer that? No, its only those who likely can’t afford conversions or don’t have multiple wardrobes full of clothing or the ability to wear a new outfit for every day they live. They likely don’t have to stay in their ‘home’ in California day in and day out… those who are usually only there for a couple of days before jumping around all over the place in their private jets.

So what is going to happen to self-made middle-class families that have stuck together and have secured a nice home in California? They can’t afford to convert it, so they have to give up their homes to go live in ‘smart apartments’ that will have tech that limit electricity and water usage to third world levels so they can’t go against these laws that have been put into place even if they wanted to. This, just to keep a pet voting demographic for the corrupt Democrats who have been known to run the state of California for the bulk of the past century. This is because as Raz0rFist has often said – Hollywood was always Red!

Did that seem like a random tangent meant to pad this article up more? I apologize for that but it isn’t. Who do you think often runs these Marxist political organizations behind the often male faces put out there? “Behind every powerful man there is always a strong woman pulling his strings.” This is so these women can have all the luxury, influence and overreach while taking none of the responsibility, consequences, or guilt that often come with such positions of grandeur and control. This is why gynocentrism is so dangerous overall and where even female MRAs have to be cautious, because there are several traps it employs to not only keep men in line but women enslaved to its lusts and hedonism.

That’s why we must push through all of this because in the long run we not only get men the rights that we all deserve, but we free women from the collectivism they’ve been saddled with since time immemorial. Now if you want me to go back into these more political aspects more often please let me know. Next time I should have some other interesting tidbits to go on reviewing, maybe some that could lead into some of the discussions held at ICMI2018 if we are lucky.

By the way we have fully funded the court date on July 4th in Alberta thanks to many of you. When it’s up I will make mention in the coming articles of our fundraiser to get our team to ICMI2018 as well.  We all understand that its a lot to ask but we are making some headway – we can’t back down now! So as we do, badger on and Please Remember to Game Freely!

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