Breaking the Narrative Episode 103: Waxing Mid-Terms, Waning Logic! Politicized Scholastics?


I realize the title of this one may be a bit confusing, however I did want to slip in one last midterms joke before we vote Tuesday. I don’t have too much to worry about, my polling place is in walking distance. I do know one thing though, I’m not voting for Karl Dean to be governor of my state. That would be disastrous! Namely because of how he wants to rework the education system within the state! Why do I say this? Well frankly he wants to take away options for people to ‘ensure’ that everyone gets a ‘proper education.’

Alright, now I think I have you wondering what the ever-loving crap I’m talking about here. He wants to get rid of taxpayer-backed vouchers to go to for-profit charter schools. I know some of you may be asking “Whats so wrong with that? Its preventing tax money from going into a private institution?” Well I will get to that but to summarize here it will actually be taking options off the table rather than improving conditions. So the narrative I wish to break here is this: there should only be public education! Let’s Hammer This In!

So what am I specifically talking on? The concept, within the United States, of elementary or primary to high or secondary schooling – the age range of 4 to 18 for most children, 5-19 for any born from September to December (I had to learn about that with my son.) Many of us have experience with the public school system in the usual setting. However, there are also charter and private schools that are typically for-profit. Most of the time people want to think of these as ‘rich people’ schools but this is a major misnomer! Charter schools, in particular, are, according to the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools, open to the public, and are tuition-free schools that are run independently of the Board of Education. That not only allows their teaching staff greater autonomy but the ability to more adequately adapt to their students’ needs. What’s more, they circumvent the superintendents that keep intercepting pay raises for teachers, meaning your teachers are probably getting paid what they actually deserve.

So why does Dean want to stop these schools from having the option to run or get vouchers or donations? Because they are in direct competition with government-backed schools and don’t have to teach their curriculum. This includes circumvention of Common Core which Bill Gates admitted was an absolute failure. This also includes any political propaganda that Dean would have put in through people placed in Tennessee’s school boards. I think this is an oft-ignored aspect towards how propaganda is distributed through schools. There are school board members in the public school system that may decide which aspects are covered in history class and set specific requirements for what a teacher must teach their students. In short this is how the state raises your kid! They limit your child’s options to only THEIR school then learn what THEY want from THEIR perspective. However, if the parents, through a PTA system with actual clout run the show or parents send their kids to a school they research and decide on their own is whats best, then they have more of a hand in what their children are being taught.

Another thing you might be noticing here is “Wait a minute, isn’t some of this how universities are set up?  That’s true. Many universities do already get taxpayer grants and even vouchers known as scholarships for students to enter them. So whats the difference? Charter schools are typically run by more libertarian minded people and/or by religious organizations. Now for a particular ideology that wants to wipe individuality and some religions off the face of the planet something like these places existing is a thorn in the side. Even the highly feminist Girl Scouts are trying to train future voters to vote them into power. My father taught me most everything I take to heart about politics, and how to effect change through them. I hope to do that with my son too. However, Dean would likely wish for the government public school system to do that and turn it into the one-party setup the Democrats are currently pushing for.

So there is also the fact of the more options approach to things. Like it or not, we do live in a country of religious freedoms. I may not like how certain sects of the Abrahamic faiths do things but if you want to raise your child up with those beliefs intact then I think you have the right to a school that will teach those children how to work within those mental frameworks. In fact, I think encouraging healthy competition between schools of rival sects through something like sports or other competitions may de-escalate a lot of violence  because you can inject sportsmanship into their interactions. Gee, using healthy masculine bonding and competitiveness to bring about peace? Its almost like I’m trying to engender understanding by seeing a common humanity! Imagine that.

Now how about the more secular private schooling situations? Well if you are encouraging competition between teachers on improving their methods to make increasingly more successful children to the point where even the slowest and least talented of the class meets say.. a C+ average as opposed to a D average, then we only benefit by having even larger swaths of the population being highly intelligent free-thinkers. Oh but you can’t control a highly intelligent and individualistic populace can you? Oh dear me, whatever would despots do?  There is only one reason to keep your population at a bare minimum intelligence level, you can more easily control them.

This is why Lyndon Baines Johnson did what he did to remove African American fathers from their families, to create a more controllable and unintelligent voting block to keep voting Democrat. I may think Kanye West isn’t the most intelligent person out there but that just speaks more to him noticing this.  I personally have disdain for identitarians but some who have helped push for more independent thought in some of these communities may inadvertently be doing something good for us as a whole. To address where this is going, I’m going to have to talk about Candace Owens and her newer “Blaxit” campaign. Now black identitarian sites like “The Root” would have you believe this means blacks go back to Africa. But from what I’ve seen this actually means black people leaving the Democratic Party for either the Republican or Libertarian parties, likely more the former than the latter considering the politics of the past half century.

So what do I want to say about Candace Owens? I don’t like her that much. I haven’t liked her since her Social Autopsy days specifically because of that. That and the fact that despite her seeming red-pilling she still to this day has the site in existence although now there is a block that you need to have some chrome extension to be able to get to. She has yet to really disclose why she doesn’t just nuke the site as far as I know. I may be more forgiving though, along with quite a few other people, if she would just finally come out with a full explanation of why its still there. Though there might only be one acceptable explanation for it – that she is keeping an iron clad grip on it to prevent anyone else from making the mistake of doing what she wanted to do. If she said that and meant it then I might start being a little forgiving of her for her actions because she would have learned from the mistakes. But I digress…

What can we gain from having these schools being so numerous and competing for students? Why refinement of methodology of course. You want to be the top school, you pit your scores against all other schools in the same district! Not only that, but it will ultimately mean more educational resources for more students, because if not every child is going to the same run-down school, that run-down school can get the extra funding it needs to improve conditions for the students who do go there. Many of these type want to squash all competition because if they have no competition then why do they have to improve? They can just sit and fatten.

In conclusion, no matter where you are voting, if you have children, look at who is running under the platform of essentially less options for education and ask why they would want that. They may be trying to brainwash your kids into something. Sorry if this is a bit short, I will bulk things up a bit later. Until next time, Please Remember to Game Freely!

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