Breaking the Narrative Episode 105: Entertainment is Pushing Forward, The Second Video Game Crash Looms!


Video Gaming as its evolved over the years has helped bridge a lot of gaps, despite the urging of puritans to push forth needless conflict. This is because if they can keep us distracted with their brands of propaganda and keep us from realizing that the one harming us isn’t our neighbor but the ones directing power, then they can rest easy knowing that they can just fatten and grow unfettered. This is one of the reasons why, particularly in our day and age, gynocentrism has been stoked into excess, why the recent waves of feminism have evolved the way they have. They are using those who don’t necessarily care and think in some older ways about gender dynamics as pawns to distract from what they are trying to wield. This may sound a little conspiracy-esque but stick with me just a little longer. There is a pay off.

I’m not saying there is an “Illuminati” or a necessarily “Soros-run conspiracy.” I’m saying there is a general class war going on under the guise of this culture war. This culture war is bigger than simply right vs. left  or even West vs. East. This war is like many civil wars – a bout between the rich and the poor. Catch is, this time is the closest we’ve come since the American Revolution to the entrenched elites actually being overthrown by a meritocratic lower and middle class.  Is the war yet won? No, we will probably be fighting a bit of this for at least the next decade given the way things are going. The real trick is, what is really determining the way the future has been forged? I t’s not simply the internet and its not simply video games….it’s the combination of the two. This next step is important because it will determine how even we will continue forward in the advocacy for truly balanced rights and responsibilities between people. I’ll get to that wording in a minute so…. Let’s Hammer This In!

What exactly do I mean by ‘truly balanced rights and responsibilities?’ Well let’s be straight up here, thinking that true 50/50 will be obtained is a naive fantasy at best. But what we can do is take into consideration the distinct honest variations between the sexes and determine a proper balance between the rights and responsibilities – the rights being the supply and the responsibilities being whats demanded to obtain said rights. We saw in the previous economies of Obama that the work force had trouble getting back up there – this was because so many were heading towards the same exact goal but there were too few jobs. That’s the loss of the ‘millennial’ generation. They overspecialized into obscure jobs that were already taken and had no way for self growth. I’ll admit that even I fell victim to this due to a bevy of misinformation from the mainstream media.  That’s where the propaganda comes in. A hypothesis I have is that feminists decided to trick most men into going into jobs that had a high payout but little to no security. That way they could go for higher security high paying jobs in which they could obtain the control they always desired to obtain, supremacy.

Like I was talking about before the midterms, the whole of public education failures are technically there by design in order to produce a compliant voter base – but also to ensure that only the future leadership the movement desired came to be. To be frank, it’s a brilliant strategy and I’m shocked none of us realized this sooner. So what does the future of the console gaming market have to do with any of this? It’s the method through which so many men and boys have circumvented their attempts to program men to be their “allies.” Grassroots feminists are useful idiots, and that’s why the current elite establishment use them, They have taken the place the old Christian zealots began to falter in. So to try to obtain control over gaming to ensure it either dies here or it is converted into their new propaganda tool, we have feminist gaming journalists working their way in to try to convince the industry that ‘no one wants this free thinking crap – they want mindless drivel, you know, like TV!’   Problem is many gamers see through this and that’s why they tried to get rid of us in 2014 – then they underestimated our makeup, our numbers and our intelligence.

So what do I mean by the “Second Gaming Crash”? I am talking about Sony. Right now Sony has made so many mistakes and missteps in this country and in their other ventures that they are likely near collapse. “But they were the most successful this generation!” Yes, and they were the same way at the end of the PS2 era. How did the beginning of that PS3 fare for them? Not very well huh?

In their hubris they have moved their core of their operations to San Francisco. We have to look at why they did this, for starters. The gaming market in their home country of Japan is changing towards mobile and PC gaming. This is why Nintendo teamed up with DeNA years ago and decided to develop the Switch into a hybrid console as opposed to a powerhouse console. That way they could more easily shift to the mobile market. Sony tried for this as well with the Vita but their insistence on proprietary formats that are exceedingly expensive killed their chances in the long run. Add the failures of the Vaio laptop platform, their television lines, and the constant failures of Sony Pictures, and this all falls into place. They have been on Playstation life support as a conglomerate.

Now how will Sony fail? There are already rumors that the PS5 is going to be a discless console and perhaps dependent on the Playstation Now cloud service. This will destroy them in two ways. First, it will make it more difficult to justify the purchase, because each console since the PS2 for them has been a multimedia device. Blu-Ray could be considered their other saving grace due to the nature of high definition optical media being a necessity for so much. However, the internet structure in the United States, which is looking to become their primary market, is far from capable enough to host cloud gaming. It wasn’t enough when Microsoft introduced the XBOXONE years ago, and it’s not enough now. The botched launch of Fallout 76 alone should show you that. Add to that the fact that many poor families cannot afford the bandwith needed for such ventures and you vastly minimize your user base. They will not move enough units taking this route. Then there is the censorship….

Yes, as part of the consolidation they reworked their standards basically to censor out primarily fanservice games from Japan, these standards being retroactively applied to re-releases of old games. This is another danger of digital, as they will likely re-work all of the classic games on their storefront to meet these anti-lewd standards. It’s bad when the Nintendo console is the one that keeps the lewd stuff mostly uncensored. Then again, what do you expect when Sony relocates their offices to San Francisco? Oh, and then there is the 9% Video Game tax added on to Playstation games.

Add to this the missteps by both SquareEnix and Blizzard, with going towards either more mobile or subscription-based models while overextending their workforces, not at all understanding the desires of their customer bases and the over-saturation of crap games in the mobile field… the conditions for a gaming crash become evident. At this point, for the sake of the future of gaming, I’m going to suggest that something drastic occur and you likely won’t like this suggestion. Some huge companies are going to have to fail to save the industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if Square and Enix would have to re-split to survive or if Sony closes up shop completely. “But Nintendo should be the ones closing up and supporting my precious Sony with their games as a third party!” Hush with that tripe! Nintendo isn’t the one that are censoring games anymore (at least not without having to deal with whiny bitches.) Nintendo isn’t the one trying to overcharge and overextend with graphics. Yes, I’m saying 4K graphics and the hyper-realism pushed for in AAA titles is overrated and its killing the industry because it makes the companies forget so very often about entertaining gameplay balance and have to go for predatory DLC and in-game purchase models to pay for these games.

Will it get cheaper and more accessible to go for these visuals in the future? Of course it will! I’m simply suggesting maybe we need to take a step back and breathe before moving forward more and we break. Sadly we won’t do that until something drastic happens and it’s looking more and more to me like it will end up being the fall of Sony that pushes us to that point. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want Playstation to go away. I don’t want a fall like what happened to Sega at the beginning of the millennium to happen to Sony. It just reads to me to be the most likely eventuality. Sony has made too many mistakes lately such as crossplay, financial models, and seemingly bad choices in future console designs, while Microsoft might actually have a good idea in splitting their possibilities between a budget box for inner cities and a full console for those who need it as their possible future model. Then there is Nintendo, pushing more for portability as opposed to dependence on higher graphical fidelity, and realizing that good indies will be more important in the long run than the old AAA third-party guard may be more viable.

I realize this will seem crazy in the short term but remember this, some of the most successful ventures came from out of nowhere. Now this is all speculation at this point but it’s speculation based on research of things that have happened before. Now what will this mean concerning the propaganda and attempts by the old guard to control the industry? If this occurs it will show flat-out that they can never control gaming as a medium and every time they try they will overreach and hang themselves. Time-Warner did it before with Atari in 1983. Nothing states that it can’t happen again.

In the long run how will this affect our push for men’s human rights? It will keep us with a medium that will grow like a strong bonsai through which to pass the fables of the next generation. No Peter Molyneux I am NOT referring to Fable!  That’s right, I do think that certain games are the fables of our age.  Just think about it: Metal Gear, Lunar: Silver Star Story, Ocarina of Time. These are all timeless stories of growth and change that have influenced so many gamers from the 80’s and 90’s, among many others. They taught us lessons through their narratives and have shown us the different types of heroic journeys that have previously been told through verse and song. The major difference is how we have internalized their lessons, not by simply hearing about it but by experiencing it through becoming those characters we’ve played in the story.

Its for this reason I see the push for digital distribution as a fool’s errand as it doesn’t guarantee the preservation of these stories. We’ve already seen it happen with some games that are no longer playable in their complete form. PT is unattainable to most people at this point. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World can no longer be experienced in video game format. I can’t begin to count the MMOs that were unable to be preserved for posterity – that will be unable to preserve themselves for posterity. So many that will be lost to our great grandchildren eternally like never before, not necessarily because of a digital book burning but because no one thought it needed to be preserved. That is truly a shame.

It is my sincere hope that those of you who read this understand the reasoning I see this as something important to discuss. I feel the same about preserving film and geek culture of the 20th Century. Though our opposition would rather see it all burn just so they can revise history on those things the same as they did with the truth about early feminism… for their benefit of course. Now next time I plan on approaching something a little less controversial! Until then Please Remember to Game Freely!

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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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