Breaking the Narrative Episode 109:We Are Plato’s Philosopher. The Lesson of Gurren Lagann!


Happy New Year and Welcome Back! I hope you had a good holiday season whatever you celebrate! Tim… Winter-een-mas is never gonna be a thing much less what you’ll be remembered for….accept it and the LOSS! Now that I have that dead set of memes out of the way I bet you are wondering “What are you talking about today Alex and where is that Gundam shit you promised?” Hold on now hold on, I’ll get there….Trust me I have till the beginning of April to finish what I want to finish. This time I want to go over something I really WISH was my idea but wasn’t so I have to give credit where its due, the YouTube channel AnimeUproar for what I’m covering.

So what is today’s article about? Its about how we are the one in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave who is trying to tell the people stuck staring at the wall of the cave that there is a whole world behind them if they’d just turn around and accept it. That the entire reason we are accepting of the reality of Men’s Rights and what people often refer to as the Red Pill is simply because our brains are wired differently than everyone else’s. We literally see the world differently because our minds are open enough to see it.

“So whats this in the title about Gurren Lagann? Well that’s because its the anime version of Plato’s Allegory, full stop.
How’s that? Well Let’s Hammer This In!

First some context, the series of Gurren Lagann is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where the small amounts of remaining inhabitants are kept underground for an undisclosed reason. They stay as such due to a sense of fear, and desire to just stick to what they know, unwilling to learn anything new. It is presumed at this point that the general population of humanity is kept down to about a few hundred thousand. No one knows why. All the bulk of them know is they live underground and earthquakes are a constant. Insert our two main characters: Simon and Kamina. Simon is an intelligent but timid digger who has a knack for uncovering lost treasures, and free thought. He is looked down upon for these traits, seen as freak because he has those pesky intelligent thoughts. Then you have the rebellious and proudly masculine Kamina who is always encouraging Simon and his passions.

Kamina is obviously a mentor and his whole outlook on life that sets him as an outcast to his village is that he believes there is no ceiling, no limit to human ingenuity. This of course rubs off on Simon, as he views Kamina to be a big brother figure, a role Kamina loudly and proudly accepts whenever he says to his charge “if you can’t believe in yourself then believe in the me that believes in you.” Many try to peg Kamina as the fool, the moron, the jester, but I think that he has an excessively high potential due to the rate at which he figures out the new technology he is exposed to in the series. This is encapsulated in the fictional ‘spiral energy’ that living beings in this universe are supposed to have access to, due to the nature of their twisting DNA.

For the purposes of not wanting to spoil most of the story and the fact that this has nothing to do with the subject of today’s article I’m not disclosing more. So what are we talking about here, then? We are talking about our position in the Allegory. If Honey Badger Radio is Kamina, you the reader/viewer/subscriber are Simon and the ones we face in our giant mech to change the minds of, and finally the blue-pilled are all of those unwilling to look towards the future. This is important because in the story of the show, Simon eventually takes the place of Kamina, meaning those of you out there who think you can’t change a thing on your own will eventually be us who believe in potential of men and the good they can do.

Of course there are forces that do seek to keep us in that cave and if they can’t they will intend to destroy us outright. There are also those who will switch from one fringe and destructive ideology to another because they can’t accept anything else. Those who have taken on the names GGRevolt, Alt-Right, and perhaps most recently some of the IBS crowd come to mind. (Don’t think I haven’t noticed THOSE correlations, what with me being an early #GamerGate proponent. I remember those who quickly split off after they failed to co-opt both that movement and attempting to co-opt the Men’s Rights Movement for their own brand of bullshit, typically turning out to be jealous of those who earned the respect and support of those of us in lieu of them getting said support. Sure, a lot of people are idiots, but enough at least have enough sense to see when a con artist is trying to con you into some bullshit.

One of the reasons this Kamina reference I’m making works is because he thinks outside of the box, not only with how he views the world but he goes beyond common sense for his solutions. Thing is he also embraces his disposabilty as a man understanding full well his place. He understands he isn’t the smartest or the strongest man, but he’ll be damned if he isn’t going to pull the potential out of who he viewes as the truly strongest person he knows – Simon. I’ve never asked for financial support out of these articles. I proudly take on the role as a volunteer contributor because I genuinely believe in encouraging improvement of this world for our children. In fighting back the blight that is the insane levels of gynocentrism our world has fallen into. I’m doing this because who the fuck do you think I am?

I’m the man who believes in the will of living free under one’s own flag. I’m the man who breaks narratives with hammers of facts.

I believe that all of you who don’t donate to Honey Badger Radio who do believe in the message can do something to improve the situation for men within your own communities. It all can start from something small: look into spreading such information at the local level, get involved with local politicians, see who would be willing to team up to try to work out abuse and homeless shelters for men. If a feminist tries to shut you down, stand straight up to them and confront them with the facts we give you head-on, in a calm and polite manner, to show people head-on who is the real problem. Enough home grown initiatives will create a ripple that will bring a tsunami down upon things. None of this will be immediate but if we can distract enough attention to get your smaller initiatives sustainable towards eventually overturning the corruption of VAWA but make feminist lobbying an unviable practice, then we’ve done our part.

I started writing for this site almost 3 years ago now because it was just past my son becoming a year and a half old. I had all but gotten past the last hurdle of making sure my son’s integrity wouldn’t be violated. Hannah asked me if I wanted to start contributing regularly since I showed potential to her. So in that point she was Kamina and I was Simon while the doctors I had been dealing with were the closed minded villagers. I was making a lot less money then than I am now and was effectively still on government assistance. I couldn’t contribute financially, but I could contribute my way of thinking outside of the box. I could contribute my ‘drill’ or as I prefer my ‘hammer’ to breaking through the barriers erected against us.

Now I realize this may seem a little silly and like another simple opinion piece but if you think about it a lot of things about this fit what we deal with on the regular all too well.  All of you have your own strengths and abilities both physical and mental. If I fuck up I expect you to call me out and convince me how so I can fix it. Don’t blindly trust anyone except for yourself, and if you can’t believe in yourself then believe in the us that believe in you. Believe in your will to fix a problem that you see, your will to think for yourself, your will to not give in. Because who the fuck do you think we are?!?!?  We are Honey Badgers! We give no fucks!

Next week I’ll be getting back to Zeta Gundam by touching upon a character I’ve delved into before but now more in depth because this guy represents some of the best of us in my eyes. If you’ll excuse me though… I turn 33 on Thursday and my wife is insistent on going to dinner and a movie. I don’t know what will be worth watching but I’ll think of something. Until then Please Remember to Game Freely!

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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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