Breaking an Opinion Episode 5: The Tyranny of Corporate Government!


Well if you’ve spent the time to watch Alison’s latest video then you know that this whole issue of payment processors and transaction-denying thuggery is coming all the way from the – spoiler alert – FDIC! I remember even a few years ago, Sargon doing videos on the dangers of such. I would link all of them but that would take up too many of the words. Here is a link to his channel. I merely mention it since Sargon was the last major alarm on this. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch should have been alarm number one!

Think about how Veeh has come out discussing the “petrodollar” and it all starts to fall into place. This might sound crazy, but if you add to it the efforts to keep the United States from tapping into its own oil reserves for decades, and how so much control over society has been pushed, what are we looking at then? This is also why Islam has been so protected by the powers that be, and catered to hand over fist – because the price of the US Dollar has been artificially bolstered for decades by a deal made in the Middle East by Nixon. I guess “freedom” and “The American Way” are “reputational risks” then. As such we are through how the FDIC has screwed us so that we are stuck not with a proper democracy or republic – but in a corporatist superstate. Why do I think that? Well I’ll show you…. Let’s Hammer This In!

To start out I think I should define what a corporatist government is. I know this the most from the Armored Core series of video games but the rest of you might know it better from Judge Dredd or even in Final Fantasy VII with the Shinra Electric Group. Point is, it’s a totalitarian for-profit company that has so much influence that they can decide who lives and who dies. The most insane thing is this isn’t restricted to fiction. It isn’t even restricted to our century. The Dutch and British East India Companies are both prime examples of this type of overarching corporate rule over people. So does this mean we are ruled by Wal-Mart and McDonalds? Well you aren’t too far off but it goes further than that.

Remember these are multinational companies whose primary and preferred currency is the aforementioned “petrodollar.” I mentioned how Nixon basically made this, and yes, he is known as a ‘crook’ and one of the worst presidents, but only for the Watergate scandal. His true crime is taking the world off the gold standard and putting in the piece that would make the exceeding corporate overreach come to fruition, not to mention the most hazardous piece of foreign politics of the past half-century. So what is the jewel of the “petrodollar” crown?

Saudi Arabia.

Why do you think they get away with absolutely everything, and barely get a slap on the wrist? Saudi Aramco. Formerly known as the Arabian-American Oil Company, Aramco is the corporation that gave the royal family there the excessive control over contemporary politics.

In the end this is why they don’t like Trump. Agree with his approach or not, he has revealed the man behind the curtain.

So how do we fight this?

Well proposing an International Consumer Bill of Rights to the World Trade Organization is a start. The real trick is getting the corporations to go along with it. “Well why wouldn’t they?” This goes back to that “petrodollar.”  They still need to transport their wares. Every form of transportation on this planet is fossil-fuel-based. This is why most every advance alternative for the past 20 years has been forced to be overpriced out of cost of materials (Tesla) or made purposefully inefficient for ‘environmental reasons.’

It’s for this reason why we were forced off of carburetors for fuel pumps instead. To try to keep Americans fuel inefficient and disconnected from each other. Now I’m not talking about the Pogue Carburetor which is all but urban legend at this point. I’m talking about a vehicle that has actually been driven. The Volkswagen XL1 which ironically has parts that are made here in the United States. Funny enough, some of these parts were rumored to be made in my former home of Murray, Kentucky.  Why isn’t it released here in the States? Three reasons: First, the technology it uses is illegal on the federal level for use in a motor vehicle in the US. Second, they use Diesel as a standard, thus can be converted to biodiesel, Finally, they use tech and standards that are easily understood by even amateur mechanics, which would cripple not only the unleaded fuel industry but also specialized mechanics.

So why do they even allow it in Europe if it’s like that? Well, Europe doesn’t have the same monolithic car culture that we do here in the United States. What do you get when you have a country that can refine its own fuel for its own use, can grow any crop it wishes with a ton of land that it currently doesn’t use, and give it a vehicle standard that they can not only easily repair but will all-but demolish their fuel bills? The death of the global marketplace, and dependence on an overgrown bureaucracy!  Ask yourselves this, we have the largest government shut down in American History and whats being done? Telling volunteers to stop cleaning the National Parks and showing us how little we actually need government in our lives (not to mention showing how industrious and good men are and further debunking the feminist narrative of ‘penises are icky.’)

Now of course the media is blaming this stopping of volunteers on Trump, but most of the people doing this are likely unionized and entrenched establishment types looking to subvert the main piece of Trump’s campaign policy. Why? Because we can’t POSSIBLY have the duly elected head of a nation-state do what his people asked him to do and have shown that they’ll fund themselves if they have to. Think what you will of Trump and his hardline supporters. The one thing you can’t say is that they don’t put their money where their mouth is.  I’ve made it no secret of my rather libertarian stance on things. Granted, I’m not a full blown “taxation is theft” anarcho-capitalist. I believe that taxes are what should be freely paid to the service of maintaining our physical and socio-economic infrastructure – not to grandstand or do the bidding of other groups looking to all but enslave our people and the people of other countries.

That’s what it comes down to, doesn’t it? The American Civil War may have ended but the schism it created never went away. There will always be a bevy of high-power, overfunded elitists that wish endentured servitude from the poor, that they always have control over their ‘lessers’ for their personal enjoyment and comfort. It goes back to that bonobo nature that has been mentioned so often in Alison’s videos. In the long run it also shows them their greatest fear, that we realize we can live without them and their particular system meant to keep them in power. A self-sufficient individualist is their worst nightmare because not only can they not control him, his mindset can be shown as a shining example to others.

Trump is such an individualist. You may not like him… you can even hate him and be staunchly against every single thing he stands for… but can you say that he is controlled by others? Not even the idiots still believing the hard debunked ‘Russian conspiracy’ can claim that he is of some sort of hivemind. It’s why everyone with eyes in their head can’t believe that delusion for even a second – there are decades of video evidence proving that he is the exact opposite of controllable. It’s also why the name he has taken for himself of ‘Trump’ is so accurate. He is the wild card, he is the Joker in the deck. And here we are getting back to the allegory that is The Dark Knight, but instead this time the billionaire hero of the downtrodden is Trump.  You can see it in every move he makes from shitposting on Twitter to rile up the crazies to what I’m calling the “300 Burgers of Thermopylae.” Yes I do believe that Trump would take that comparison and run with it on this issue because its too damned apt.

So, is Trump the sort of folk hero president we deserve? Perhaps not, but he is the one we seem to need right now to wake up the slumbering beast and show enough people whats been going on. He makes way for true champions of human rights and liberties to come to the surface and change everything. I’m saying the plural here because I don’t think there is going to be any one singular ‘hero’ that saves us all. I think we are going to end up stepping up and saving ourselves. That is the lesson that MMORPGs can teach. Think of it, people freely choosing to team up into vast guilds of individuals with no real uniform or sense of conformity, usually of varying race and class mixtures that choose to serve specialized roles they teach themselves. I still remember stories of the massive raids in World of Warcraft’s prime. Phantasy Star Online 2 (which I’ve been playing for a few months now through certain channels) has an event going on right now where all the ships are working together to build up a limited quest counter to unlock loot in game.

We are talking thousands upon thousands of gamers from across the world working together. Consider the fear that #GamerGate unleashed in the elites. I mean is it any wonder that Jack Thompson resurfaces in such an environment? It’s what I’ve been saying this entire time – this isn’t something so simple as a ‘culture war.’ To keep calling it that is to devalue what’s really happening here. This is a war against the freedom of thought and will. Why else do you think the theory that free will ‘doesn’t exist’ has been coming forth so heavily. If you don’t have free will you can’t think for yourself. You just need to submit to the machine and not have ‘freedom’ because ‘freedom is an illusion.’

You know what I say to that? I say they can go suck it! We need to be free! Free to determine what we do with our lives, free to follow our hearts, free to aspire to fulfilling our callings. That’s why I’m going to keep Breaking the Narrative and try to help whoever I can realize they can do the same. I’m not particularly special. I just caught enough attention. You can too, so please lets keep working together to cut through the bullshit and Please Remember to Game Freely!

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