Breaking the Narrative Episode 116: How Many Times Must We Go Over This? Stop Trying to Abolish the Electoral College!


Ugh, I was on vacation from my other job, then we have all our technical difficulties, then I have to wait one MORE day because I didn’t want this seen as an “April Fools Joke” and I have THIS brought to my attention! That’s right. The insanely butthurt establishment players think they can circumvent the Electoral College by some insane national plan to give their electoral votes to the national level popular vote winner no matter what. Voting in this country does not work that way. Plus that would mean in each state that voted this “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” into place is in essence illegally shredding the millions of votes of their constituents in favor of the votes for a handful of overpopulated cities. We are people and citizens of this fine REPUBLIC, not a voter farm.

I didn’t think I would have to do this AGAIN but apparently we need a gods damned reminder! Let’s Hammer This In!

First off let me say that while its is tempting to pit this on one party or another that there are big long running names in both the main parties that would LOVE something like this being the standard because they would see it as a permanent power grab. Now lets take a look at exactly what this whole compact is – to quote their site:

The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Simple enough right? Of course the only reason why those waning in power want this enacted in the United States of America is because half the time they can’t win the Presidency, that crown jewel of ‘ownership’ of the country. That’s even more the case now that they have been found to be really lacking in a platform outside of identity politics. A vast majority of areas have an extreme distaste for the authoritarian political structure and its apparent that they only way they can get the hellscape they yearn for is to unsurprisingly force it.

How do they plan on doing this? Well they have already 12 states, as of the time of this writing, in which they managed to push this through. The list should surprise no one:

-Washington, D.C.
-New Jersey
-New York
-Rhode Island

All of these states are known currently as Democrat strongholds, though they have had various allegiances in the past. Nothing is static, even if we prefer to see it as such. This has secured those looking to game the system 172 Electoral College Votes. If we were to allow something like this to stand, then none of these states would announce their presidential candidate until after EVERY SINGLE VOTE was counted. Oh don’t examine to make sure that all these votes are legitimate or legal…..just give us “Our Democracy.” Just give us “OUR President.” No, don’t consider fly-over country or those bloody disgusting peasants who are peasants because WE say they are worthless from our penthouses in the sky with no legitimate knowledge of the actual working class of our country. We only care about white collars who can give us more of their money!

So like every other authoritarian setup, it’s promulgated by those who don’t want to earn anything by merit. They feel it’s owed to them by the intrinsic value that they have for merely existing. One woman at my workplace – lets call her Gen – is an example. After being married to a guy, lets call him Jaden, for 16 years, she decided to end that marriage, but she also didn’t want to have to work anymore. So she attached herself to a 22 year old guy we’ll call KP. Why? Because she could go with him to South Carolina and live an hour away from the beach.

You see, Gen worked with both myself and Jaden. Not many where we worked liked her because she was a Lifetime-channel-obsessed, overdramatic yandere bitch. Thankfully Jaden realized it after she was gone, and I could help him get severed from her. At the same time, I helped KP realize how insane and dangerous she was. Thankfully neither man got her pregnant. Point is Gen’s whole family outside of the guys she was with is staunchly far left. We are talking devout Hillary supporters. Gen did not do a lot of work at the place we work at and tried to find any excuse to go where no one could find her and goof off on Facebook, yet she was wanting to have the same respect as Jaden, KP and I do among the staff, even though she did virtually nothing when she was at work. There is a surprising amount of upkeep on third shift work for any 24 hour establishment such as a hotel, retail outlet, or restaurant.

Let me be absolutely clear – she wasn’t this way because of her political alignment. I even called myself a Democrat once upon a time, even though I see myself as a libertarian now. Politics are fluid and one day’s Democrat can be tomorrow’s Republican – Candace Owens comes to mind. The reason Gen is how she is comes from the fact that she is a gynocentric ideologue. Her hypergamous lusts are what dictate her actions because she was raised under a very corrupted ideology, one that likes to usurp names and titles, but pass responsibility for herself on to authoritarian politicians.

Most who wish to be on welfare, have things easy, or have the world handed to them tend to drift to the extremes. They aren’t willing to work hard for what they want. This includes getting  what they want from an election or running their countries. They can vote in politicians who will take it from fellow citizens willing to work harder or smarter to build up their own resources. This is ultimately why radical socialist states drift into authoritarian nightmares. They can have all the resources in the world but because they aren’t willing to work for them, so those resources quickly slip from their grasp. Then they try to pervert the natural order of things and when they do their countries die. This is what happened in Venezuela most recently. Since people voted Trump into the Presidency here we started working for ourselves and what happened? The economy boomed!  As the adage goes, all good things come to those who work for them.

This is what the Electoral College seeks to protect. Our civil servants work for the populations of every state in the nation, not just the residents of the most densely populated cities. Not everyone gets what they want, but they can earn what they need. This is a lesson easily learned in the American South where a little can go a long way. It takes a lot of money to live in the larger cities, because taxes go up exponentially in such areas in an attempt to centralize all resources, just as with company towns. The resources tend to centralize around a singular influence – a decided elite who ends up deciding the distribution with themselves always getting the most. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has done this in her own office. This alone is proof that Marxist policies will never ultimately work. This is what they want us to do about their fictional wage gap as well.

So how do we prevent this circumvention of the Electoral College? Simple, tell your senators and representatives what’s being attempted, and remind them why it can’t be allowed due to the way the Constitution was written. From The Electoral College is not only specified in Article 2 but in the 12th, 14th, and 24th Amendments in a way to ensure that each state gets a say in who shall govern them. Not each PERSON, but each STATE. The STATES decide the president, not the MAJORITY population. This is to ensure whats best for ALL STATES is protected. The amount of Electoral votes grew by the amount of states. At first the House of Representatives acted as the Electors. Eventually the two were separated into different offices to lessen the power of the House in deciding political power. Could you imagine what would happen if the CURRENT House of Representatives decided the presidency? Pelosi would have her wish of deposing Trump.

Ultimately the current system is not perfect but it’s better than what it could have been and as such it needs protecting, particularly from those currently looking to backdoor-force Mob Rule by the Ctrl Left. Considering the fact that the vast majority of them wish violence under the auspices of ‘ideological self-defense’. Yes that’s apparently a thing now. You see, I decided to act as a distraction to help some friends infiltrate an uber-feminist group called “Gamers Against Toxic Masculinity.”  The following is from the raid to gain information about what they were really talking  about. NaziPunchers
For the record Gadwin is the one I helped get in there. As you can tell from this they are justifying violence not because they even think we are violent, but because facts and reality which we use in our arguments debunk their entire ideology. They literally call everyone they disagree with “Nazis” and want to hurt us for ‘wrongthink.’

Does this mean I’m advocating that WE get violent? Gods no! We don’t need to stoop to their unethical actions. What we need to do is put an end to ideological violence altogether. I think trying to removing violence may be a start to balancing our political structure.

Do I ‘hate’ our opposition? No – I want to make this unmistakable. I hate the ideology that made them this way. I pity them for being seduced by such a destructive mindset. Lately Steven Crowder has been talking about how “Failure is always an option.” For many things in life that is true. A business can fail, a marriage can fail… many things SHOULD fail. The real trick is finding what is worth working on to achieve and succeed at. The fools in these states think that worthwhile initiative is an authoritarian superstate. At this point with as many failures as socialism has had, particularly in continent spanning constructs, failure is the only option in authoritarianism.

I think if something has been able to work stably for nearly a century, which America coming out of the Great Depression effectively has, that is something worth working to preserve and perhaps even evolve, not into a socialist state-centered economy, but into a stable libertarian federal republic. Each individual citizen can vote in their state representatives but the individual 50 states should stay the ones that decide the president. Could we rework the way the individual states choose their electors? Sure! Maybe it can be done by individual counties, maybe it can be done by municipailty. Or maybe the state governor is the one who decides the electors. Any of these ways can work as long as the Electoral College that allows rule of all 50 states over the country as opposed to 4 specific cities should stay in place.

So other than being sore losers why else would the big Establishment cities want to get rid of the Electoral College? Why, class warfare of course. They want to push their shit and leave us in the ‘boonies’ behind, yet use us to continue building their ‘glorious new world.’ Utopian ideologues ultimately always end up hating ‘filthy commoners.’ To them we are just the imperfect scum they want to flush down the toilet, thinking themselves the ‘enlightened’ ones. This is why I don’t get along with perfectionists. They always end up in this mindset about other people. One thing my father taught me since he came out of a poor family into his success is you never demean or disrespect the poor, because you never know when you will end up in their house. That lesson was reinforced by my own actions when I literally gave up any privilege I had for love.

I never claimed to be the most intelligent man, but I can understand quite a bit.

Huh, did I just weave provable experiences together with politics and philosophy?  Hmmm…I should start vacations more often! In any case next week I will be returning once more to the Universal Century with an in-depth look into Zeta Gundam for the metaseries’ 40th anniversary! Are you able to survive?!?! Until then Please Remember to Game Freely!

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