Breaking an Opinion Episode 6: Are Weebs Really Going To Win the Culture War?


Well this has been a hectic week so to speak, particularly within the vein of anime with the filing of the Vic Mignogna v. Funimation lawsuit. However, I am wanting to approach this from the possible consequences of this event. How this would change defamation law interpretations, how this might give the falsely accused more ways to fight back, and perhaps even the potential abolition of the social media inquisition mentality that has been spurred by third wave feminists for the past decade?

The biggest questions here are “How likely is this to go through?” “How overwhelming would such an event be?” “Would we even notice?” And most importantly “Are a bunch of crazy weebs like Alex here really gonna be the ones to finish what #GamerGate started?” I plan on tackling all of these questions and more within this article, and suggest ways to move forward after the next three months. That’s right. I’m expecting this entire ordeal to be done and dusted by Midsummer. Now that I have your attention, Let’s Hammer This In!

First, an overview since the last talk on this. Vic Mignogna is a professional anime and video game voice actor who has built up prominence with an over 20 year career that has net him an abundance of good will from his audience… so much so that his go fund me for the legal fees (Linked if you wish to donate) is as of this writing standing at over $140,000. The suit filed in the Tarrant County District Court in Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth area) is against Funimation Productions, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, and Rial’s fiance Ron Toye. Vic’s primary attorney is one Ty Beard, the lead partner of Beard Harris, Bullock and Hughes, a prestigious litigant of many years.

The actions in question here are defamation, tortuous interference with contracts, and tortuous interference with business prospects. An important thing to keep in mind with this is this is only the first wave of suits. This is going to be a fleet of nets by the end of things and only with enough rope for the defendants in question to hang themselves with. The level of evidence collected already is astonishing and Mr. Beard is testing a new method of discovery in this case, one that may change libel and slander statutes for the foreseeable future. He is taking advantage of weaponized autism via KiwiFarms to net most of his information from the screenshots, archiving, and indexing of several instances of foul play.

Wouldn’t this be inadmissible due to the uncertain nature of the ability to modify records? That didn’t get Tyler Barris off the hook now did it? Add the fact that even legacy media rags like Variety and Newsweek are getting the important parts of the story right (although Newsweek did make a title snafu, but I’ll be lenient with them on that one considering the rest) and that gives us something that #GamerGate didn’t. The truth being made public in this way goes to show that the hold social justice has had on such matters is faltering. Of course, that may be due to the fact that the defendants in this case are just so blindingly incompetent its barely even funny.

So how about the fan situations, how are those conflicts going? Well a large amount of legitimate fans have already backed the gofundme and I didn’t even get the chance to fully send out the petition I made earlier before Toei stepped in and punished Sabat and Funimation for what they have been doing to the fans, by pulling Japanese seiyuu (Voice Actor) Ryo Horikawa from Kamehacon and forcing Sabat to rebrand and eventually cancel his studio tour. Vic’s fans have been good natured generally and only made fun of people being idiots. Rial’s ‘inner circle’ have forged evidence, falsified swattings, and tried to call CPS on That Umbrella Guy who has been covering the sordid affair.

I don’t think I need to go any further on who the real ‘bad actors’ are here. So how is this going to affect the future of the culture war?

First, we’ll have a legal precedent, one that can be used to hit some of these charlatans where it hurts – the pocket. Secondly, it will show the truth about how much legitimate power these people have in geek industries (none,) thus giving the true lovers of these pastimes the ability to reclaim their hobbies purely for themselves from propagandist cunts. It will show the normie class that without a shadow of a doubt, these bullies must be stopped at all costs. Finally, the public solidly understanding that false accusations kill would be a nice bonus.

So what should our strategies be from here? Simple – don’t engage these people! Second, sit and laugh. Third, enjoy what you love to spite these bigots at every turn. They can’t stand men being happy. They really can’t stand it when non or anti-feminist women are happy along with men, particularly when they do so without ulterior motive. It drives them nuts. Finally, there is whats most important of all – have your facts at the ready both in the online world and in the real.

The zealot will always refuse to look at your information but that’s not who you are trying to convince. You are trying to convince the casual onlooker. Most people will see the raging feminist against the calm MRA and see when the calm MRA is trying to present rational. They will see that we have done our work while the opposition is just pushing talking points. This is why Professor Jordan B. Peterson is so effective, because he has been able to keep most of his solid points at the ready. If we take anything from Peterson this is the most important thing.

Next thing I’m going to suggest might be scary to a lot of us. Many of us tend to be rather reserved and find the act of participating directly in things horrifying, but we can’t just sit idly by. Carl Benjamin and Markus Meechan are putting themselves on the line and our friend Nick Goroff put himself forth for public office last midterm election. Granted, Nick didn’t get in and we have to wait a month to see how successful the others are, but if we are to have any effect more than what we already have, we have to be willing to reform this with our own hands. We are going to have to start considering becoming politicians ourselves, as unsavory as that may be. It might be the next step to going against the feminist establishment.

If they want to keep dismissing us online then we have to face them on their turf. So get in the back, you outcasts! We are saving civilization and fuck whoever is gonna try and stop us! Oh and Please Remember to Game Freely!

Alex Tinsley
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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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