Breaking the Narrative Episode 119: Free College as The Democrat Platform? Conveniently Insufficient!


Recently we’ve had the announcements by both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden for candidacy for the 2020 Election on the Democratic ticket. While I believe that Biden is gonna fall short despite his pleas to the politics of the far left, due to his misunderstanding of them, I am of the mind that the platform piece that is going to more openly determine who ends up on top of the pecking order is going to be the plea in Sanders’ formal announcement to push for forgiveness of student debts, and making taxpayer-backed free college the standard.

This is something that has come up before in the past, but I am predicting that it will come up more often in this election than before, alongside the calls of “Orange Man Bad” and “Anyone to my Right Bad!” This time around, I’m not only going to speak to why this concept is, much like the medicare debate, coming at the issue from the wrong angle, but is inherently dishonest about the solutions and how to go about it with. What’s needed is, as a good friend of mine keeps saying, that good old American Spirit, a “Can-Do” attitude if you will. Let’s Hammer This In!

To start out we should likely ask ourselves this: Yes, education is important but why is free college/university such an integral point in the Democratic platform? Its very similar to their current defense of illegal immigration. They’ve been losing voter confidence and support for the past decade, namely due to the fact that they have delivered very little of their stated promises when it comes to the now defunct Affordable Care Act and support of the working and indigent classes within our country. So how do you keep relevancy and control under these circumstances? You rig the game in your favor much as I stated with the discussion recently over the Electoral College.

Look at the cultural zeitgeist during this time as well, where did the culture war and the political unrest between different worldviews start? The colleges. This is because many in the Regressive side of our political structures within both the left and the right have been using the colleges as the stewing ground for their particular ideological zealots. Yes, I’m stating that this is the truth for both the Ctrl-Left and the Alt-Right. So, of course the political establishment that wants to keep the public largely ignorant of their true goals and reasons for coveting power will insist that everyone go to college and not consider the other options that are available for gainful employment.

Why would this solidify the power of the establishment?

With the far left they have their useful idiots, who they can make jump at the drop of a hat, and with the genuine far right few that coalesce in these situations, you have a scapegoat for outright authoritarianism. Progressives have made a point to essentially take over university administration and staffing, and with interdisciplinary studies in most universities and permeating several other fields, they’ve created their own indoctrination machine. It’s quite the ingenious con if you think about it.

So what is the solution to all of this you ask? Well first and foremost we don’t need to make anything ‘free.’ We just need to drive down the costs. How do we do that? Why start promoting the competition! Do it Mike Rowe Style no less, by promoting apprenticeships, job shadowing, and trade schools!

The reason these will combat issues with “schooling,” and in particular the overuse of Affirmative Action that is plaguing the job market, is that most of the jobs these skilled work fields represent are vastly undermanned, so young workers will begin to see the benefits of these choices quickly. These fields are also solely determinable by merit, partly because if you screw up in some of these jobs you might lose more than just your job – you can lose your life, although proper training and mindfulness are intended to prevent such accidents. That danger, however, is why these fields are overwhelmingly filled by men. This is also why these fields don’t see a lot of crazed political hegemony. They frankly don’t have time for that horseshit because between arguing for fair payment for their necessary labor and making sure that no one is going to do something retarded that gets them or their co-workers killed, they have little time for much else. They can also be fairly high paying jobs, due to hazard pay, merit pay, and incentives for doing jobs that are hard or dirty.

Also, these fields tend to be immune to social justice tomfoolery due to the fact that none of these mentally and physically lazy bigots want to actually work – they want to be paid to be fucking assholes. Sure, I’m a fucking asshole but I’m not paid to be one – I’m paid to clean up after people’s shit (sometimes literally, I’ve made my janitorial profession no secret). This is part of what makes my avid debunking of so many of these farcical arguments so embarrassing to them, so much to the point where I’m ignored so often. They will claim my arguments are sourced from ignorance due to my day job and overlook the fact that I often research my claims from the point of trying to disprove it – like people should do… like the scientific method which their precious colleges are supposed to teach… or as done in the use of critical thinking.

This brings me back to why they view college itself as ‘vital.’ Its how they’ve been indoctrinating people to ignore the reality of matters, and jump head first into peer approved absolutism. Trade school and apprentice-learning don’t mean one can’t think for themselves. More often than not, the worker has to think for himself with quick wits and reflexes, or else people are injured, or die. Also, having to redo something because of a mistake is extremely costly. Without the current college system and illegal immigration, the political parties that are against civil discourse might actually have to discuss genuine issues or address legitimate grievances of the masses, as opposed to their respective virtue signalling nonsense.

So this is a message I’m going to leave for those who may actually be able to ask and record these questions at town halls or debates of those at the Democratic Primaries, and those foolishly trying to primary Trump among the Republicans. Ask them their opinions of the other option: Learning trades or skilled labor via trade schools, job shadowing, or apprenticeships. If they refuse to give these equal value to college, then they don’t have your best interests in mind, because not everyone is suited for college. Some do better in the trades.

Well this has been fun to discuss, I want to apologize for this being a day late before I end this because I was dealing with something concerning my child’s own schooling. Something I may perhaps tackle as part of next week’s article. Until then Please Remember to Game Freely!

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