Silencing tactics used against the men’s rights movement | HBR Talk 91


Silencing tactics used against the men’s rights movement | HBR Talk 91

Elizabeth Hobson joins the badgers to talk about attempts by protesters at Cambrige University to silence her, and Mike Buchanan, before, during, and even after their speaking event on campus. Tune in at 7:30PM EST!

0:00:35 – 0:09:01 — Hannah’s Animated Opening
0:13:02 – 0:15:04 — The Diminishing Returns From Tactics Of Fear
0:17:37 – 0:19:51 — The Faux-Bravest People Immobilized By Faux-Terror You Will Ever Know
0:30:08 – 0:31:56 — The Insatiable Lust For Justice Found In The UK Police Force
0:50:00 – 0:53:30 — We Police Our Own, They Canonized Their Criminals
1:03:05 – 1:05:04 — Up In The Sky, It’s A Bird, Its A Plane, Its Parking lot Batman!
1:19:16 – 1:21:25 — They’re In It For Themselves
1:35:29 – 1:39:01 — What We Learn From The Children Of Harambe

Opening monologue transcript

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Hannah Wallen
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About the author

Hannah Wallen

Hannah has witnessed women's use of criminal and family courts to abuse men in five different counties, and began writing after she saw one man's ordeal drag on for seven years, continuing even when authorities had substantial evidence that the accuser was gaming the system. She is the author of Breaking the Glasses, written from an anti-feminist perspective, with a focus on men's rights and sometimes social issues. Breaking the Glasses refers to breaking down the "ism" filters through which people view the world, replacing thought in terms of political rhetoric with an exploration of the human condition and human interactions without regard to dogmatic belief systems. She has a youtube channel (also called Breaking the Glasses), and has also written for A Voice For Men and Genderratic. Hannah's work can be supported at

By Hannah Wallen

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