Taking On Knowing Better’s “Taking On Men’s Rights” w/Karen and Alison | ICMI ’19 Fundraising Stream


Join us on the ICMI 2019 Fundraiser Stream as we go through Knowing Better’s video entitled: “Taking on the Red Pill | Men’s Rights Activism” with Alison Tieman and Karen Straughan. Please join us and donate to help us achieve our goal to make ICMI 2019 the biggest success ever! 8pm Eastern!

0:48 – 1:29 —- Intro
30:22 – 34:50 —- Breaking Biology
36:36 – 38:13 —- A value-added role
1:01:52 – 1:04:56 —- Heroic men and MRA’s
1:18:12 – 1:20:35 —- Selective service
1:27:43 – 1:28:17 —- Because fucking glory!
1:33:54 – 1:35:07 —- “Not allowing” is a gender injustice
1:42:01 – 1:44:17 —- The selective service registration issue
1:55:41 – 1:57:18 —- To make women matter less to society
2:01:57 – 2:02:58 —- To feel useful as a woman
2:36:41 – 2:39:49 —- The possible murdering tendency of feminism


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