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Harry Kopyto is legal activist and advocate with more than forty years experience in representing dissidents and marginalized persons and communities. Mr. Kopyto won the largest human rights award in the history of Canada—a quarter of a milion for discrimination against a black nurse--as well as overturned a section of the Criminal Code (scandalizing the court law) that was used to restrict criticism of the judicial system. Mr. Kopyto's legal career includes cases that affect women’s rights, prisoners’ rights, the rights of the aged and the handicapped and unions’ rights. He has established legal precedents for gays, minorities, disabled persons, tenants, youth, the elderly, working people, poor people and victims of police brutality.

Honey Badger Brigade Legal Documents


These are the current legal documents submitted to the Alberta Provincial court for Honey Badger Brigade’s lawsuit against the Calgary Entertainment Expo Inc and Abrams Media, operating under the name the Mary Sue.  We are suing the Calgary Entertainment Expo for breech of contract and injurious falsehood and the Mary Sue for incitement of breech of contract and injurious falsehood...

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