AuthorKaren Straughan

In the 1960s Karen worked as a international weapons dealer and double agent. For whom is classified but she can tell you that she once smuggled plutonium in her bra. Afterwards she popped back into the time stream for a brief stint as Ada Lovelace in the 1800s. In addition to being a time traveling covert agent she has a bionic liver and pinky toe and wears a cat suit professionally. (Can you tell she didn't write this bio?) When she's not out saving the timey wimey dimensional thing-a-ma-jig from certain doom, she's creating very popular videos on anti-feminism and men's rights.

“Ban feminist”?


As it has done annually for the past few years, Time magazine recently ran a poll asking readers what words they’d like to see stricken from the cultural lexicon. In years past, successful contenders were “YOLO”, “OMG” and “twerk”.…

Tempest in a t-shirt


In one corner of the internets, we have Matt Taylor, a lead European Space Agency scientist on the Rosetta project, who just the other day successfully landed a space probe on a comet travelling tens of thousands of kph, millions of kilometres from Earth.…

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