AuthorKelsey J. F.

The resident moderate of the group, Kelsey acts as Badger Air Support, dropping in to write, reply to emails and help out how she can. A non-feminist and equalist, she lends her voice to all in need regardless of who they are. She is a business major in advanced accounting and administration and has studied for several years high level psychology. She is also a massive nerd and loves puppies. When not studying or badgering about, she enjoys writing, gaming, hanging with friends and cooking. She is best waifu. Science has proven this.

Why I’m Not An Anti-Feminist


Oh boy, someone pulled the controversy alarm.
Listen, I figure I may as well get this out here once and for all: I don’t like feminism. In fact, I’ve got a lot of issues with it. I see it in action today, in the news, on the web, and it makes my blood boil.…

Don’t Dodge the Bullet


The Internet is full of debates … nay, arguments. A debate implies civility and intelligence by both parties; arguments, well … at least one party has to be the fool. By fool, I mean the one who throws insults, goes off point, refuses evidence, and keeps dragging everyone back into the fray when the horse is clearly dead and further kicking wouldn’t help the smell of it; a child having a tantrum...

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