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Liber Namuh, sometimes posting as "4malelib" or 4ML, is a progressive human rights advocate proud to proclaim membership in the broad Male Human Rights Movement, has been thinking about how double standards hurt men since the 1980s, and believes and intends to demonstrate how the MHRM can be made more strong, and its tactics not more powerful, through civil, polite but proudly unapologetic dialog with and challenges to the mainstream. Liber Namuh believes that there is plenty of room for entirely appropriate outrage, but that if we focus on what we're against to the point of too little inclusion of what we're for, and if we neglect putting love at the center of what we do, then we are not underestimating misandry or our opponents, but are instead underestimating the rightness, beauty, and righteousness of the cause of male human rights advocacy.

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