16 Year-Old Boy Given Estrogen for Behavioral Problems In Juvenile Hall | HBR News 265


Hello and welcome to HBR News where we talk about the news of the week! This week we talk about a teenage boy who was given estrogen without the consent of parents because he was diagnosed with “oppositional defiant disorder”, a young man who is looking to detransition back to a female, Feminist Frequency is launching an Online Harassment Hotline, and more!…

Did Andrew Kaczynski violate federal stalking law by demonizing a redditor and then threatening to expose his identity?


Consider Section 2261A of title 18, United States Code- Stalking against the article in which CNN threatened to expose the identity of a redditor credited with the creation of the WWE meme to which the organization took exception. Whoever— (1) travels in interstate or foreign commerce or is present within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or enters or leaves...

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