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Which US citizen demographic does the FBI hate the most? | HBR Talk 256


The FBI has received quite a bit of criticism for its information-gathering methods. Between its own agents’ involvement at the planning level in several “conspiracies” they later busted and the public’s suspicion of false-flagging whenever a group appears in khaki and blue, it’s hard to view the agency with anything but an expectation of manipulation and entrapment.…

Feminists to advertisers: You’re doing it wrong! | HBR Talk 254


We’ve been told that feminism’s influence on society is a crazy conspiracy theory, that society is not gynocentric, women have no power, and now influence, and it’s only Patriarchy that affects how things are done in the world. Tonight at 7:30 PM EST on HBR Talk, we’re going to look at a marketing-industry article about why and how to squeeze more feminism into advertising to exercise a powerful...

What journalism looks like: @Ariblaff’s refreshingly open mind | HBR Talk 252


Last week we went over an article published by the Institute for Family studies, by no means a left-wing publication, which could have easily been mistaken as a feminist-penned hit piece. Disappointing as that article was, we were alerted during the show to a newer article written by the same reporter after he was provided with an opportunity to meet and learn about men’s rights activists.…

Secret agenda behind feminists’ letter to congress | HBR Talk 251


Last week we highlighted the fact that this letter makes feminists look incompetent by stepping over a century of legislative change resulting from pressure campaigns from women’s groups. As we looked ahead at the issues under discussion, we noticed that many of the issues on the list are things that affect both sexes and some affect men more frequently than they do women.…

We have to talk about “male violence.” | An HBR Production


During the media coverage of the very public defamation suit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard over her allegations of domestic violence, men’s advocates watched many people wake up to the fact that the subject is not a set of neat and tidy narratives, tied up in a little dogma, polarized and unchanging for the public to view as a single problem, whose solution entails a single approach.…

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