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  • A man’s sexual desire is dangerous and gross, if there is no woman who appreciates it. Your mistake, Typhonblue, is to assume that male sexuality has an inherent value, while its value is all in its utility to women.
    Btw, here is another even more privileged dude oppressing women.

  • Hallie,
    because of the image of the sign with “Jesus loves sluts” written on it. Maybe the guy Typhonblue is talking about in this video loves sluts for the same reason as Jesus.

  • Welcome, Hallie.

    “where women march the streets with signs and sometimes skimpy outfits declaring that women do not deserve to be shamed, raped or dehumanized just because of the way they dress or act.”

    Do you recognize that visual displays – cheesecake pictures, beefcake pictures, exposed breast, thighs etc. – as sexual harassment in the same way and to the same way as verbal expressions – catcalling etc? And do you think people should be shamed or stigmatized for sexual harrasssment?

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