Honey Badger Radio: Femen, Freedom and Women against Feminism


Recently the media noticed a growing group of women online, the women against feminism. Despite the claim that feminism is about freedom of choice, feminists had no problem harrassing these women for their beliefs.

With violent Radfem groups like FEMEN making headlines around the world, it’s easy to see how the average woman would have nothing in common with them.

But feminism doesn’t care about your feelings, they’re about freedom of choice. The freedom to make “their choice.”

Join the Honey Badgers tonight, as we discuss FEMEN and the Women against Feminism.

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Show Time: 9 PM EST

Show Date: Thursday 24th of July, 2014

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  • well it looks like you misogynist’s just recruited Woopie Goldberg…


    you win this round creeps…

    even though modern feminism is just as white supremacist as the manosphere–we, unlike you MRA’s are good at getting POC’s to be our footsoldiers…

  • and, I noticed in the video, one of you is smoking a cigarrette-what a nasty habit, trying to be like one of the manosphere dudebroes like captain capialism or aurini…

    sorry, misogynists, I prefer my throat cancer like a real man-from cunnilingus on an empowered womyn with hpv—and those womyn are empowered. I pay them the money I get from my donation drives with pictures of kitties.

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