Mother of Threat Narrative: Rise and Fall of Empires


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Topics covered:

How feminist theory resembles the threat narratives directed at jewish and black men combined into one threat narrative towards all men.

How women have historically embodied the threat narrative of a nationality, culture or group as well as presided over threat narratives on an individual level.

How women’s dominance over threat narratives arises out of our early childhood experience of belonging and intimacy. And how this early imprinting leads us to look to women to model how we react to situations, behaviours and people. Women determine who belongs in a group and the role they play in service of the group threat narrative.

How groups that are dominant over threat narratives tend to act to maximize their visible value–through ornate and expensive clothing–and manipulate those who are subordinate in threat narratives using displays of vulnerability.

How threat narrative pressure leads to Empires being formed and inevitably leads to those Empires collapsing as they disintegrate into factionalism and competing internal threat narratives.

How threat narrative “pressure” is created by women’s need to preside over a threat narratives and men’s need to derive an identity from serving threat narratives.

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  • You know I used to love this blog. As a woman who writes Male-Rights and often Anti Feminist blogs myself, I am super happy to see another woman or any person writing about the male victims too as I am supportive of fighting for gender equality. But to be honest I am super sick of this site and this be the last time I ever visit this site again. My brother who I often work with in our journal writing warned me before how I should avoid this site since he claimed this site isn’t about gender equality but more about how Men are better and more often victims and how women and feminist are more likely to be bad or abusers. He is right. So far trough all the time I visited this place you’re so called Gender-equality blog mostly focus on male victims and males only. You’re no better then a feminist. You’re the same as a feminist. You only focus on One Gender and praising it, you make me feel ashamed for writing anti-feminist blogs and talking about Men’s rights. My brother finds you a big hypocrite to. If you want to write a blog on praising men and how a real men doesn’t take shit from a woman and at the same time shaming women and talking how they must obey or let themselves be lectured by men, go ahead but don’t abuse definitions like Gender Equality with it. This blog has nothing to do with it.


  • @ Avalon

    ” I am super happy to see another woman ”

    Then you must be ecstatic to find three of them. Me, Della and Karen do Honey Badger Radio every Thursday at 8 pm CST.

    In fact Della helped me with this instalment of the threat narrative series. If you listen to it, which I would recommend, we talk at length about the impact of this situation on women.

    Of course there is a focus on how it negatively impacts men, but that’s because there is little focus on how things negatively impact men. And the reality is that the situation can only be understood for women when the negative impact on men is understood fully.

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting. Also… goodbye, I guess and good luck to you in your own blogging.

  • Why is it that whenever a blog or group start talking about men’s vulnerabilities and negative impacts on them, a woman flounces? I can read plenty of things negatively impacting women and men-are-bad screeds. If I want to stop reading I do so, but don’t have to have a tantrum when leaving. Why does any woman take _talking about men being harmed_ as a personal affront? And why do they care whether it’s men or women saying it?

  • I like that “praising men” is now defacto negative. I missed the posts where women were told to obey men and let themselves be lectured by men, and I don’t remember which articles informed “real men” to not take shit from women but I look forward to reading them later when I go back a few posts.

    It is unfortunate that people are now warning their family members away from this site but I will continue to recommend the site to others. I tell them that I come for the praise but I stay for the abuse of definitions.

  • Does anyone know if Avalon has ever commented on Genderratic before? I wouldn’t mind reading those comments, if so.

    If not, then in the future I would hope Avalon would take their opinion and actually let it stand up to scrutiny and debate before checking out. Maybe attempt to back up those claims that this site has nothing to do with gender equality.

  • I wonder what site Avalon is referring to? It sounds just awful.

    Can’t see why Avalon posted the review here, though….

  • What’s important is that Avalon has found a way to feel superior to both feminists and the bloggers (and commentors) here. Good on you Avalon.

  • This goes right to Trayvon Martin and Stop and Frisk. This is all about fetishizing the fears of white women.

    This is the golden cage 2nd Wave feminists railed against. It leads straight to the burka.

  • Does anyone here know if Janice Raymond posted at radfmehub?

    She was recently invited by the Ombudsman (a woman) for discrimination and equality in Norway to speak about prostitution. I few women’s studies researchers protested this in an article and the Ombudsman pulled the invitation. However, various feminist organizations like Ottar, Kvinnefronten and Krisesentersekretariatet (the secretariat for crisis centers) have made their own event where she can speak to compensate for that:

  • I did note that uninvitation (see my comment on it over at FeministCritics), but I was unaware that Ottar, Kvinnefronten, Krisesentersekretariatet and ROSA have made their own event for her to speak on.

    I am somewhat surprised that Kvnnefronten is so willing to look past Raymond’s transphobia, just stating that they disagree with Raymond on certain aspects of her view on transexuality. But I guess in the end the the end justifies the means.

  • Tamen, it’s like the alliance with Stalin; distasteful but necessary. Kvinnefronten can put up with her transphobia if she can serve their misandry.

  • But is Kvinnefronten, Ottar and the others transpositive? I have recently found out that Ottar at least recently used to be, and probably still is, fervently BDSM negative. Even negative towards lesbian and homosexual BDSM. Would they be oposed to average non BDSM people using handcufs in bed too? I think one of them also spoke out against dildos. A few years back feminists in Norway organised a competition for an essay describing a sexual encounter that did not in any way intertwine sex with power.Jørgen Lorentzen was one of the judges.

    Anyway, feminism that is BDSM negative to mee strikes me as feminism that is close to the other loonatic fringes like transfobists, SCUM mongers and the hardcore manhaters.

    Ottar and BDSM:

    Also would not Raymond probably have views on men that are so blatantly bigoted that that should be reason enough for the Ombud not to invite her?

  • Tamen, at feministcritics you wrote:

    “They also point to how Raymond’s research on prostitution only focus on women who prostitutes themselves (and not men, boys and trans people) due to her understanding of the patriarchal gender Power”

    Have you come across any material that directly adresses this? I have a feeling her reasons for her focus and views will sound insane to the Norwegian People and it is, and will look, very strange that the Ombud invited someone like that for this reason alone. The article that led to teh unvitation does not og into this in Depth and that would have been interesting. Given that the case is recent an article about that could get published.

  • From Wikipedia:

    “Raymond has been the recipient of grants from the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. National Institute of Justice, the Ford Foundation, the United States Information Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Norwegian Organization for Research and Development (NORAD), and UNESCO.[”

    Grants from NORAD!

  • Finn: Kvinnefronten is behind the magazine “Fett” which is from what I can gather pro equal rights for trans people.

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