THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE – “Feminists Run the Schools – Teach Anti-Male Hate”


Brian Simpson has an excellent post up at on the gender situation in the Canadian schools where he has taught. The post is quite complete – he catalogs a whole range of misandry and gender discrimination he has experienced or witnessed in that time.

Local Superiority is Superior Enough – I remember back in the days when I had to do my song and dance briefing whatever commander, one of the questions the Air Force would always get was “Will we have air superiority?” It was so predictable that it became almost a laugh line. And sometimes the answer would be “We’ll have local superiority” and the answer would be “I can live with that as long as you are locally superior over our location.” It was like a set of dance moves.

It doesn’t matter how much you enemy has you outgunned if he can’t aim those weapons at you or if you manage to get your one little, pitiful pistol aimed at the side of his head. That’s how local superiority becomes superior enough.

So if we are presented with the argument that sexism requires actual power along with gender bigotry, fine I can go with that – as long as we identify who actually has what power when and where. And reductionist, simplistic grand global models of gendered power relationships are not going to cut it.

Women control the entire public education system in the United States and I imagine the situation is about the same in the rest of the Anglosphere. Women don’t control the financial industry, and don’t control the foreign policy establishment or the legislative process except indirectly, but none of that matters when you are a six-year-old boy going to school. To that six-ear-old boy, the only power that matters is who is in charge of the building where he spends most of his waking hours.

Brian Simpson catalogs his own experiences as a male teacher. They include hiring discrimination, gendered blaming of violence on men, gendered concern only for female victims of violence presented as Truth in professional settings, bigoted rape awareness indoctrination directed at boys, open expressions of viciously anti-male sentiment tolerated and even encouraged, dismissal of male issues with lies and derision.

And what can a boy in these schools expect to experience:

He will experience being told he is less mature than the girls, and yet to be punished more severely when he misbehaves, and he will be punished more often. If a girl mistreats him, he can expect that to go unpunished. He may even find himself being punished for it.

He can expect to find girls’ behavior called more mature and his behavior labeled as immature.

He can expect to find learning activities structured to emphasize repetitive tasks, compliance with administrative rules valued over mastery of subject matter, and to be evaluated more on how comfortable the teacher is with him than on his academic performance.

He can expect to find competitive activities of the kind that motivate him to learn to be de-emphasized and even stigmatized.

He can expect to hear masculinity itslef stigmatized – to hear expressions such as “testosterone poisoning” and references to “the fragile male ego” and to hear men blamed for all violence and oppression and to hear women identified as the only victims.


Of course primary education is full of teachers, mostly female, who respect and care for all their students, boys included. But the culture of education is against the kind of equality they want in their classrooms. This is the hand that is rocking the cradle in public education. If “children are the future”, that is power indeed.

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  • In my experience (in the US), male teachers have done about the same amount of gender profiling as female ones. (I was ‘falsely accused’ of something by a feminist professor once.)

  • Dani, it’s systemic and male teachers are part of the system. It’s misandrist, and men are often the worst misandrists. So that’s no surprise.

  • I agree that stigmatizing gender is a systemic problem… not sure what the solution is.

  • I read the link, and it takes what is a real problem, feminist control of primary and secondary education, and turns it into blame lesbians. The third paragraph under “other harassment” turns into a “see (heterosexual) women are suffering too”. (I also have a real problem believing that teachers would be taking students to strip clubs, at least so openly.) That’s a misdirection tactic that feminists use to downplay the suffering of men and boys. I’m not surprised by any of this since it was written by arch conspiracy theorist Henry Makow.

    Growing up I experienced feminist/woman run schools. Many of the teachers clearly hated boys and all but admitted it. I remember multiple cases of boys getting detentions and other punishments when they weren’t even doing anything. Favoritism towards girls was rampant.

    However, none of this was the result of lesbians. All the female teachers who hated boys and favored girls were clearly heterosexual. Most of them were married and had kids (including sons). Many of them probably wouldn’t identify as feminist even though they had assimilated feminist ideology.

    One thing I noticed that was missing from the link was why there are so few men in primary and secondary education. That’s because of the (legitimate) fear of being a victim of the false rape/false sexual abuse industry. All a man needs is one kid to say, “he touched me”, and a male teacher’s career and life are over. This can’t be blamed on lesbians so you won’t find it in a piece written by Henry Makow.

    This is also one of the reasons why the few male teachers out there are likely to be huge misandrists. They’re the only ones stupid enough to ignore the reality of how easily a male teacher can become a victim of the false rape/false sexual abuse industry.

  • BP,

    “I read the link, and it takes what is a real problem, feminist control of primary and secondary education, and turns it into blame lesbians.”

    I should have noticed this but by now it is background noise. Homophobia has been the background noise of my life, so a lot of it gets past me.

    I am sick to death of people trying to blame lesbians for everything that is wrong with feminism, with misandry, with whatever. It is cheap and lazy and invalid.

    Most lesbians think about men about as much as gays think about women – not a lot. Misandrist women are generally straight.

    “One thing I noticed that was missing from the link was why there are so few men in primary and secondary education.”

    It was pretty short on analysis all around.

  • Simpson’s post is from 2008.

    It originally appeared on The current front page of is all about hte conspiracy of Jewish Bankers. Rense himself ain’t a whole lot better.

    Go fuck yourself Ginkgo. And continue fucking yourself until you get a better group of sources.

    [Editor-Not substantive, just invective.]

  • Ad hominem dismissal of an argument based on guilt by association all in one sentence. Well done; usually you see so much simple-mindedness and ignorance packed in so succinctly.

  • Hey Ginkgo, you link to Stormfront, don’t be surprised to be called a Nazi.

    Ad-hominem? You’re the one covered with fleas.

  • If you want to whitewash hate sites, go for it.

    The rest of us understand the men’s movement has enough problems with the idiot things our “leaders” say that they don’t need to launder anti-semites, and other bigots.

    Was a blog post on a hate site from 2008 truly the most salient thing to blog about today?

  • “Ad-hominem? You’re the one covered with fleas.”

    So you’ve established oyu don’t know what ad hominem means.

    “Was a blog post on a hate site from 2008 truly the most salient thing to blog about today?”

    What are you blogging about on yours today? That’s where you get the make the choices of what gets blogged.

  • Rense may be horribly designed, but how is it a hate site? It’s alternative media.

    Further this is guilt by association and irrelevant to the merits of the piece as they are.

    This digression is over.

  • Rense may be horribly designed, but how is it a hate site?

    It is a conspiracy theorist website, and believing in conspiracy theory requires the believer to hate someone which can be anyone from the Jews to minorities to capitalists. Whether that makes a conspiracy theorist website a hate site in the usual sense is debatable.

    IMO the real problem with conspiracy theorist websites is the rampant dishonesty and scams. The original Rense link is a good example of this. It tricks you into initially thinking that the article will be about the experiences of boys is a feminist/gynocentric educational system, but turns into lesbians are abusing girls by the end (and boys are forgotten).

  • Yeah, Black Pill is right. Jeff Rense and Henry Makow are nothing more than consiracy theorists and Brian Simpson is a homophobic misogynist. They are not “alternative media”.

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