Honey Badger Radio: Brian Banks and the Social Rapist Show Notes


Air Date: 21/11/2013

Show Intro (written by Alison Tieman, Narrated by Karen Straughan)

Wanetta Gibson. Wanetta Gibson. That’s the woman who falsely accused Brian Banks of rape in 2002. Even though there was no physical evidence to corroborate Wanetta Gibson’s testimony and her story that he had dragged her, protesting, past five class rooms full of students without anyone noticing was far from plausible, Brian Banks was threatened with being tried as an adult and pressured to take a plea deal.

His plea deal got him 6 years in jail, 5 years probation and a life sentence on the sex offender registry.

All based solely on a woman’s testimony. Despite the lack of physical evidence, despite the implausibility, despite the inconsistencies of the tall tale, Brian Banks was not exonerated until he’d served his full sentence and recorded his rapist fessing up to her crime.

Did we say rapist? Why yes we did. Because we do have a rape culture, one in which women can socially rape men with impunity.

Join us on Honey Badger Radio as we discuss the Brian Banks case and other cases of false allegation.

Or as we prefer to call it, social rape.

Additonal Show notes after the break.

Brian Banks Review (Written by Della Burton)

In 2002, Brian Banks was falsely accused of rape by Wanetta Gibson. Gibson’s story had holes in it, and changed under examination by prosecutors. There was no physical evidence of rape. However, under threat of being tried as an adult and facing a possible 41 years in prison, Banks was pressured by his attorney to plead no contest instead of fighting the charge. The attorney didn’t even let him consult his mother before signing the deal.

Banks served over 5 years in prison, received a felony strike, and upon release, was subjected to sex offense registration and other requirements associated with being on parole.

He had served that time time and was out on probation when Gibson contacted him, asking to let bygones be bygones, then agreed to meet with him. It was at that meeting that he recorded her admission that she lied about being raped.

Gibson’s taped confession was enough to convince the Innocence Project to investigate the case, their first time taking on a case of someone already released from prison. Evidence presented by the Innocence project was enough to convince L.A. county prosecutors, and an L.A. county superior court judge that the conviction should be thrown out.

Social Rape: It Exists (Written by Alison Tieman)

Our ideological opponents point out that using the word rape to refer to false rape accusations is expanding the term.

What’s amusing about the charge that we’re “watering down rape” is that feminists are busy expanding what the word rape applies to with their term “rape culture.”

Because of “rape culture” rape now isn’t just a crime that all people condemn–but still remain skeptical in any particular instance that it’s actually occurred–rape exists on a continuum of social behaviour totally unrelated to actual rape.

Rape jokes, rating women’s looks, the beauty ideal, all of these things get folded into the idea of rape using the term rape culture.

Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire. If we can get false rape accusations seen as a form of rape, a social rape, then we bring balance to the discussion. We have to consider the needs of both types of rape victim; those who are raped physically and those who are raped socially.

Now to offer an argument that false rape accusations are social rape, we have to look at what makes rape a bad thing.

It isn’t the physical damage which, according to studies, is often identical to whatever damage is sustained during consensual sex… in fact we know what makes rape uniquely bad is not physical damage because the average physical trauma of other crimes that are considered far less serious than rape is often far more significant. Beatings, broken bones, permanent disfiguration and organ dysfunction… these are common features of muggings, assaults, attempted murders and they all are far more physically damaging than the average rape.

What makes rape uniquely horrific is not the physical damage, which is eclipsed by other violent crime, what makes it uniquely horrific is the mental effects on the victim, the loss of trust, the disruption in their sexual life, the psychological damage.

All of that damage is shared between victims of physical rape and victims of social rape.

When you read the stories of false rape accusation victims, a common theme emerges.

I’ll defer to the words of jpflathead, a commentator on reddit, in describing the effect of a false accusation:

Wait till you’ve been hit with a charge of false accusation of pretty much anything and you find:

  • intense depression
  • social disapproval
  • ptsd
  • constant guilt and wondering if you did anything wrong or deserve this
  • distrust from others
  • distrust of others
  • your failure to thrive at work or in social relationships
  • feelings of personal powerlessness, feeling robbed of control over your life
  • fear of knocks on the doors, or even emails
  • suicidal ideation

All of these symptoms are shared with physical rape victims, male and female.

So if you’re going to take a crime like rape and say that it’s worse than any other crime even though it is, on average, less physically damaging. Then to justify it you have to rely on the psychological damage of rape.

Which applies equally to victims of physical rape and victims of social rape.

And as for women having impunity to socially rape men… unless the criminal justice system gets involved a woman can accuse a man of rape or other sexual crimes without any consequence.

She can use her community against her victim by spreading rumours.

She can even use modern social media against her victim, spreading her toxic lies further than ever before.

Social rape. It exists.

False Accusations (Written by Diana Davidson)

When the topic of false accusations of rape arises the feminist reaction is to silence the subject with claims of ‘victim blaming’ or ‘rape apology’

Aside from assuming guilt instead of innocence, which bypasses an essential aspect of the justice system, it stands as an hysterical reaction to legitimate reasons to vigorously question an accuser.

Feminists assume or project motives onto people who think a woman should be questioned when making an accusation of sexual assault.

It’s not complicated: when a person is accused of a crime that places their liberty in jeopardy they deserve the right to a proper investigation and a fair trial.

Though some women might make false allegations maliciously, other women may simply be in a state of confusion.

False memories are a studied phenomenon.

UK barrister Barbara Hewson outlines some experiments in the matter in a November 11th article on spiked.com called “Believe the victim: a recipe for injustice”

She describes a 1996 Dutch study which found that after an aircraft crashed into an apartment building and the media falsely reported that videos of the crash were made, over half of those interviewed later on claimed to have seen the non-existent video material, and some proceeded to give details of what happened when the plane hit the building.

In 2013 249 soldiers returning from Afghanistan were subtly asked if they remembered a New Years Eve missile attack that had ended harmlessly. This event hadn’t happened so none recalled it… until seven months later. When questioned again 26% believed it had happened.

In regards to sexual assaults Barbara Hewson has repeatedly mentioned the hysteria caused by a book called “The courage to heal” which told women that “if they didn’t have any specific memories of abuse but felt that it might have happened: it probably had” This resulted in a wave of false memories and accusations against innocent parents.

The book had not been written by psychologists or experts. It was written by two women taking a creative writing course.

So, when we say that the number of false accusations of rape are unkown, we’re not just saying that some women are bitches, we’re saying that some people might actually think something happened that never actually took place.

That’s why we want fair trials.

That’s why we want an honest dialogue about false rape accusations.

Top Comments from Listeners

Reddit Show Thread

Men’s Rights Reddit comment by unexpected item:

The magic wand society gives females to wave over men’s lives, on account of their real or imagined precious fragility and lack of sexual agency can be used to deploy a trump card of automatic victim status as soon as they start crying or show emotional weakness or vulnerability. It is just a social fact that victim status commands sympathy and hoists the bearer unto a higher moral plane. It is an instrument of power.

Men possess no such instrument. They are seen rightly or wrongly as sexual agents with the physical and emotional strength to prevail over women in most cases. A man has to make a case for having been wronged. He cannot simply break into tears or cry rape or abuse or domestic violence. This is because society does not construe man to be weaker or less aggressive by nature. This is a social fact that gives to women an arbitrary power men do not possess.

Feminism missed the opportunity to redress the balance.

Instead it construed rape as the signal act of violence used to subordinate women as a class.

Women’s victim status became encoded in law.

Now the instrument has legal force. It is an arbitrary power all women enjoy over men as a class. The power of false allegation of rape both socially and legally expressed through vigilante justice or through the courts is an example of that power.

Male shame is female power. By waving the rape allegation wand, with or without merit, women exercise that power.

Assume patriarchy. Traditional societies are dominated by men. They earn the money because stronger, physically and emotionally. This gives them economic power over housebound, dependent women portrayed as emotional, weak, vulnerable, and fragile. Better they cook and childrear as nature intended. So the theory goes.

Notice now the magic wand of female power is an instrument endowed them by the social reality feminists call patriarchy.

So now, men rape women to subordinate them as a class. Rape is their instrument of power. But within patriarchy, assuming such, the automatic victim card is the correlate instrument of female power. Crying rape is a powerful tool for women. Men do not have it.

The low burden of proof for women and the exaggerated measure of the harm done to women make rape allegation an instrument of power all women enjoy over men. When a rape occurs and accusers do not exaggerate the harm caused, which may be considerable but remains a taboo topic unacceptable to question, then they use this power legitimately. Notice, however, men still do not possess it and it still derives from the ideology of patriarchy so-called. When the allegation is false, the power is used arbitrarily and without justice and is the correlate of rape as defined by feminists, that is, as a violent instrument of arbitrary male power.

For this reason false rape allegation by women against men can be seen as a correlate, though not the only one, of male on female rape and therefore as a kind of magic wand rape or social rape.

If you don’t accept patriarchy defined weakly as traditional patterns of relationship between the sexes with their associated beliefs about male and female status, then just call it traditional society. If you don’t accept the values of traditional society then you have every reason to join us in rejecting false female victimhood and the power it confers on its bearers. You don’t need to see false rape allegation as social rape. You reach the same conclusion by another means.

Viewing it as social rape neatly draws the lines of correlation to oppose the feminist idea of rape as a defining instrument of male power.

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Youtube comment by Matt Hill in response to Percavius.

Well, in this case, since there is no actual rapist, it is pretty clear that the real aggressor, the real villain of the piece is the accuser and that’s what is being communicated here. Now, rape is rape,  slander is slander, perjury is perjury, but rape is put on a pedestal. This is by design, you see, because rape is framed as a gendered problem, and as such, those that cultivate rape hysteria can only benefit from elevating the status of rape. They make it a sacred cow so they can fortify their victim status. And here is the outcome: a society wherein unscrupulous women can point a finger and ruin a man’s life. So, you know what? Fuck the word “rape”. If you can assassinate a man’s character, you can certainly rape it, and that’s exactly what we’re talking about here.

Thank you for joining us for this episode of Honey Badger Radio.

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  • Great stuff as always. As an older gentleman, I watched the final phase of the feminist conquest take place. Not hard to win when the other side doesn’t realize its in a fight. One of the progressions relates to the subject of rape. I remember well all the feminist energy put into the idea that rape was a crime of violence and not about sex at all. It was to be understood as a particularly egregious form of assault. We had psychologists and other so called professionals (marxians and feminists all) with their typic ginned up studies and talking heads on TV, all pushing the idea.
    That created a problem for feminists. There just didn’t seem to be enough actual rape going on out there, especially rape perpetrated as a crime of violence. Well, without a narrative of rape, feminism losses a lot of its punch socially and politically. So then the feminist narrative changes and the definition of rape gets fuzzier and fuzzier. Until now its any sex a woman decides afterwards that she regrets having.
    Now, men not only live under the threat of being falsely accused of a violent sexual assault, but of being accused of a crime the cultural mind still considers horrid, for simply having consensual sex that fails to meet female expectations in all regards. This even extends to married men, under the doctrine of marital rape.
    Talk about social rape. The mere fact of maleness labels all of us rapists who just haven’t been accused yet.

  • Matt Hill’s comment about rape hysteria needs to be expanded on.
    When a feminist considers victims of rape to be “only women” and a “rape culture” has been created by men, they (feminists) have created a hysteria. What most people don’t know is that hysteria’s were once considered exclusively a female condition. A hysteria was once a medical or mental condition, real or imagined, that ONLY affects women. Today hysteria has been thoroughly debunked as a condition in every instance except “rape culture”.
    I would like to point out that the most common “cure” for hysteria was sexual in nature. That cure, an orgasm, was the prescription of the day, sometimes with the doctors “help”. Use of vibrators, dildos, and even sex with the doctor (consensual, of course) were all acceptable cures for hysteria.
    Having said that, I think its time we applied tried and true cures for hysteria to all feminists. Buy each one a B.O.B. and in a weeks time “rape culture” will be gone from our lives.

    One common statistic that femtards love to point out is “1 in 4 female college students are victims of sexual assault” along with miss-reciting (which is a different problem) the study that “proved” it. If you care to read it ask nearly any feminist for the source, they all know it, unfortunately none of them actually READ it. But we don’t even need to read it. If we think about this for a few seconds we can see right through the BS.
    Take a major university with, lets say, 40,000 students. We already know that the majority of students will be female (which is also a different problem) so we have at least 20,000 females on campus. If 1 in 4 are victims that equates to AT LEAST 5000 female assault victims at this one school. Do the math… that’s about 13 new victims per day every day. That doesn’t even take into account victims that are assaulted multiple times. Honestly, if you didn’t report it the first time (see below), you have become the “go to” girl for assault.

    The University of California – Los Angeles is considered by Business Insider to be the #1 most dangerous campus in the USA, not by accident, it has nearly the same number of students as our example. In 2011 UCLA had a grand total of 49 violent crimes, 12 of which were rapes. For the feminist statistic to be believed, nearly every single assault victim (99.99%) at the college kept quiet and did not report it. In fact, the feminist statistic is more than 5 times higher than the total number of ALL crimes reported on UCLA campus. You would expect the most dangerous campus in the USA to have a sexual assault spree going on with a huge number of reported assaults. Being the most dangerous wouldn’t that mean that other colleges have less crime and are therefore safer? Not if you believe feminists. According to them roughly 2 out of every 1000 sexual assaults result in an arrest.
    If this statistic were true then, dear god, if your a woman stay the hell off a college campus. Apparently, statistics show you aren’t going to report your assault and the reason is…. Well I’m sure you will come up with something… Or you could just ask the women sitting close to you in class… Odds are high that several of them were assaulted and they came up with their own reasoning. It has to be a valid one or we would have something close to 1 in 4 men arrested.

    That last sentence appears to be the ultimate goal of feminism. Get rid of as many men as possible in order to….

    Sorry I cant finish that thought…. The only thing that came to mind was a giant feminist orgy with a handful of men being forced to screw like bunny rabbits as the only way to perpetuate the species….

    But they wont ever say that the men are being raped….

  • media is not to blame (as in no other is responsible) for rape “hysteria” or “rape culture” but it seems to me that the law could get involved in keeping certain information out of the media until the judge has has reviewed it. that is supposed to be the law anyway.

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