Honey Badger Hangout: RAINN: Rape-Apologizing, Ideology-Negating Nasties!


Halifax has seen an invasion of “Don’t Be That Guy” posters that tell all men to not rape. An anonymous individual has illustrated the wrongness of that generalization with posters of their own. The posters turn the man-hating message of “Don’t Be That Guy” on it’s ear with slogans like “Just because it’s your baby, doesn’t mean it’s your trash” and “Just because it can fit your purse, doesn’t mean you can take it.” Feminists have predictably responded with outrage.


Feminists have called the police over the posters:



And the mounties are currently investigating. Isn’t it horrible when you implicate a whole gender for the crimes of a few?

And now for a review of a seminal historical art piece. Oh, did I say seminal? I mean vaginal.

Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen produced 1975


In this Martha Rosler picks up an implement of kitchen based labor and says it’s name while acting out it’s use.

This piece evokes the horror of being a white wealthy woman whose husband is rich enough to afford her a life of leisure in which she is asked to labor the equivalent of one self-directed part time job.

Despite the fact that the class obligated to labor least is usually the privileged class of a society and despite the fact that other privileged classes managed to invent science and philosophy and sculpture in their leisure time, the housewife is both oppressed and cut off from human endeavour against her will. Leading to a sense of ennui and apathy.

Which is, of course, the fault of the patriarchy.

The sense of tedium was captured by the excessively long intro shot of our heroine holding up the title card. The sense of disconnection is captured by her wild thrusts with the fork, nearly toppling her over and in sharp contrast with her monotone call evokes the Patriarchy’s expectation that women swallow, always swallow their emotions, and yet it condemns them for the self-referential and spasmodic hysteria that results from said swallowing. We do not want to swallow, women cry, and the Patriarchy says ‘you must swallow and keep swallowing’ and women swallow and swallow, finding reprieve only in swallowing valium or in spitting up some of Patriarchy’s coagulated poison in rage sublimated into fitful motions with the hands and feet.

A link to Semiotics of the Kitchen can be found in the show notes on our blog at:  blog.honeybadgerbrigade.com.

Rachel’s tumblr: naughtynerdess.tumblr.com

Now let’s get back to our topic how RAINN is a bunch of rape apologizing, ideology negating nasties.

RAINN’s letter to the whitehouse: http://rainn.org/images/03-2014/WH-Task-Force-RAINN-Recommendations.pdf

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