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In the United Kingdom, A report from the Women’s Justice Taskforce states:

Women should not be sent to prison and should instead serve community sentences.

They believe the focus should be on health, housing and treatment for drug addiction to reduce reoffending. The privilege of women enhances the disposability of the male in the UK with the Ministry of Justice actually considering this proposal.


In other news, 41-year-old Lagina Griffiths is serving a four year sentence for her sexual assault of a U.S. Airman. Griffiths offered the victim a ride but instead drove him to her Eagle River house in Anchorage. When the airman fell asleep on her couch Griffiths sexually assaulted him. He awoke twice and told her to stop.

In the days following the incident Griffiths threatened to tell the man’s commanding officer and his wife about “what had happened” if he refused to willingly have sex. The airman recorded the attempted blackmail and turned it into the Anchorage police. First and second degree sexual assault as well as coercion were the charges.

She was only charged with a single attempted second degree sexual assault, the remaining charges were dropped as part of a plea deal.

Griffiths during the sentencing said she was…

very, very sorry… I’m going to be sorry for this forever.

Yes very sorry indeed she was caught and punished.


Young men and teenage boys face coerced sexual encounters. According to research published by the American Psychological Association, 43% of high school boys and young college men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience, and, of those, 95% were female aggressors.

That’s right – these are men being sexually assaulted by women.

54 high school teens and 230 college students ages 14-26 responded to the survey about unwanted sexual encounters, 18 percent reported sexual coercion by physical force; 31 percent said they were verbally coerced; 26 percent described unwanted seduction by sexual behaviors; and 7 percent said they were compelled after being given alcohol or drugs, according to the study.

Half of the students said they ended up having intercourse, 10 percent reported an attempt to have intercourse and 40 percent said the result was kissing or fondling.


Simon Fraser University, a public research university in British Columbia, Canada, has started a campaign that is supposed to help achieve enthusiastic consent to sexual relations on their campus. They are now handing out to students a little pink box which is called the consent toolbox.

It is a kit containing a condom, lubricant, and a small form. On the form you can express your consent madlibs-style, with the man making a sexual request by filling in the blanks and the female circling an answer on the bottom.

The most disturbing part of the form is that it can even function as a sexual I O U. One of the answers the busy female can circle is “Maybe later, I’m with someone else tonight” – which is a nice way of telling a man that he’s not good enough to sleep with tonight, but that maybe you folks can get down to business later when she’s done enthusiastically consenting with everyone else with a pink consent box.

No part of this campaign deals with the reality of rape. A cute little form is going to do very little to deter an actual rapist. The kit over-simplifies the problem of date rape vs consensual sex and turns it into a game. It perpetuates the idea that rape is simply a miscommunication and paints men as the sole perpetrators of this crime. Needless to say, the feminist thinking process never ceases to amaze. Good job keeping it classy, ladies, and demonizing men and their sexuality in the process!


When CBC radio decided to do a short debate on rape culture, they did not expect a feminist backlash. The debate between Lise Gotell and Heather Macdonald struck a nerve and angry messages flooded in. Within a day they’d gotten enough hate mail that they decided to devote 13 minutes to reading some of the mail that the listeners sent in. Feminists were upset that they’d let the conservative-minded Heather Macdonald on the show.

While MacDonald argued her points rather poorly, most upsetting to feminists was her suggestion that women take responsibility for their actions. Heather suggested that women should demand better treatment from men and that the ladies not drink themselves unconscious. She denied the existence of the majority of campus rapes and pointed out flaws with the 1 in 4 rape statistics.

Feminists have taken this to be evidence that we live in a rape culture. They called Heather Macdonald a slut-shaming rape apologist and were deeply offended that she even got air time.

Within two days people on social media were expressing the bad taste in their mouth. What is disturbing, is the amount of people that were upset that they brought on someone with a different opinion to debate the topic of rape culture. I suppose that in the minds of feminists this makes perfect sense, because a debate where two people agree is no debate at all, and that’s just the way they like it.


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