Honey Badger Radio: The Craven Clive Bundy


Cliven Bundy is a Nevada cattle rancher who’s been grazing his cattle on federal land and refusing to pay the fees because he doesn’t consider the United States Government to have authority over Nevada land. The ranchers supporting Bundy recently got into an armed standoff with the feds. Rumours floated that the ranchers intended to use women as human shields.

This has been painted, in the media, as the most cowardly of cowardly acts.

Yet the expectation that men be human shields for women… well, that’s just the way it should be.


Sexual Victimization of male college students

A recent study by Jessica Turchik found that 51% of college men report being sexually assaulted or raped since the age of 16. The study, entitled “Sexual Victimization Among Male College Students: Assault Severity, Sexual Functioning, and Health Risk Behaviors” also found that being a victim of sexual abuse was associated with increased risk of alcohol abuse, increased sexual risk taking and increased sexual dysfunctions.

This study adds to an ever-increasing literature on the high rate of sexual assault victimization sustained by men.


Alicia Silverstone is anti-circumcision

Count actress Alicia Silverstone among those increasing number of Jewish parents advocating against circumcision. In her book “The Kind Mama” she says the following:

“I was raised Jewish, so the second my parents found out that they had a male grandchild, they wanted to know when we’d be having a bris (the Jewish circumcision ceremony traditionally performed 8 days after a baby is born),” Silverstone writes. “When I said we weren’t having one, my dad got a bit worked up. But my thinking was: If little boys were supposed to have their penises ‘fixed,’ did that mean we were saying that God made the body imperfect?”

Thank you Alicia for standing up for the genital integrity of all infants!


Natalie Bar’s feminist backlash

And what’s the news segment without yet another report of feminists pimp slapping a woman for saying something they don’t like?

Natalie Bar describes her experiences working her way up the career ladder from cadet to presenter on Sunrise, Australia’s number one breakfast show.

She says she experienced no discrimination because she was a woman and suggests that women stop blaming men for their lot in life and practice some introspection if they’re not happy with how their careers turned out.

This, of course, has earned her the ire of feminists who are not happy that a woman has challenged the necessity of women maintaining a persecution complex. In classic victim-blaming fashion another successful white female Wendy Touhey festers about how women are discriminated against then accuses Barr of saying women fester about how women are discriminated against.

Touhey concludes with:

“Natalie Barr was not taken down by what some woman-unfriendly (and always angry) commentators refer to as the “perpetually outraged sisterhood”.
The sharp and short social media backlash was something for which Barr needed to “take ownership” herself.”

So let me get this straight it’s “woman-unfriendly” to point out the “perpetually outraged sisterhood” even while that self-same sisterhood has attacked a women for not being “perpetually outraged”? This is definitely a new and daring way of defending against an accusation. Simply say you’re not doing something as you do that very thing.



Show segments

Boko Haram kills boys, but crosses a line when it kidnaps girls

The western Outrage Machine has once again churned out a distorted picture of a human rights atrocity based on it’s own morally bankrupt hierarchy of worthy victims.

We’re talking about the situation in Nigeria in which Islamic extremists known as Boko Haram have been for the last 8 months fighting a war against “western education.”

If you listened to the current media crisis of this situation you would think that Boko Haram only started up three weeks ago with it’s kidnapping of 250 girls and only against women and girls getting an education. And you’d be completely wrong.

Here are two other incidences in Boko Haram’s eight month campaign against western education.

*On 29 September 2013, gunmen from Boko Haram entered the male dormitory in the College of Agriculture in Gujba, Yobe State, Nigeria, killing forty-four students and teachers.[1]

* February Islamic militants set fire to a locked dormitory at a school in northern Nigeria, then shot and slit the throats of students who tried to escape through windows during a pre-dawn attack Tuesday. At least 59 students were killed, including many who were burned alive.

The New York Times has the following to say about the Boko Haram’s February attack:

The assailants, who have vilified public education as blasphemous, then burned down dormitories and other buildings and shot at anyone trying to escape. None of the women were reported to have been harmed. After the attackers separated the students, they told the women to read the Quran, go home and find husbands, according to the Yobe State police commissioner, Sanusi Rufai.

The attackers then set about killing the male students, burning alive at least eight, the commissioner said. “Some of them were ready to graduate,” Mr. Bego said. “These are students who were writing their final exams.” Commissioner Rufai said the assailants “did not touch the female students.”

Up to Boko Haram’s kidnapping of female students, this has been it’s modus operandi. Kill the boys, leave the girls alone.

One wonders if their change in plan is because they’ve run out of boys to kill so now they have to start threatening real people. People with vaginas.





Title Nine has Colleges and Universities coming and going

Title IX states that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance” Title IX has typically been used to downsize male athletic programs on campus because of a lack of interest in female students in athletics. However, Title nine has started to be used by men pushing back against the erosion of due process in sexual misconduct cases on college campuses and challenging the preponderance of evidence standard established in the “Dear Colleague” letter, as well as college judicial procedures.
We don’t know which schools are currently under investigation by the Office for Civil Rights for Title IX or Clery Act complaints, which has been sought by, among others, a group of 39 members of Congress. According to research conducted by the Huffington Post, there were 52 pending Title IX investigations as of April 3, but the OCR will only release information on Title IX complaints on individual request.”

Meanwhile 55 colleges and universities are facing federal investigation for their handling of sexual abuse allegations. These investigations were started after complaints were filed with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) by alleged victims of sexual assault or as part of a review to see whether the schools were complying with Title IX.

The list of institutions under federal investigation for their handling of alleged victims’ complaints includes at least one institution—the University of Michigan—that’s also being sued by a suspended male college student who alleges the University committed violations while investigating a sexual encounter between him and another student in March 2012 in a residence hall.




Male Privilege Makes Me Say Things

Alecia Eberhardt writes that men make her say things that make her feel angry and sad. Specifically those things hat men make her say are “I have a boyfriend” in the face of a man’s romantic interest in her.

She quotes a fellow tumblr feminist:

“Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another male-bodied person more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest.”

If this breaks Alecia’s brain, I wonder what her brain would do if it ever realized that for men, often the only legitimate reason to reject woman’s sexual interest—not just her romantic interest—is because they’re already spoken for.

Otherwise they’re impotent or a fag or shallow, or any of another epithets against their masculinity and self-identity.


The Craven Cliven Bundy

The expectation of society continues to be Women and children first. When men fail to meet this expectation, they are shamed by the media and portrayed as cowards.

When Jamie Rohrs lost his family in the dark Aurora movie theater during the infamous shooting, the media saw him as neglectful father. It did not matter that he was disoriented during the attack or that he frantically searched for his family outside the theater. It also did not matter that every member of his family made it out alive. Because he had not stayed behind, he was seen as a monster.

When Cliven Bundy stood in opposition of the federal government with his militia, he was well aware of this expectation and had no problems exploiting it. His female supporters knew that if they stood out front, it would stop the gunmen in their tracks and turn any woman who was fired upon into a martyr. Yet of all the things Cliven Bundy has done, the idea of women shielding men, was unthinkable.

TPM Interview: Ex-Sheriff Says He Was Wrong About Bundy Ranch’s Human Shields


Aurora Shooting  





Tabloid Rewrites : a review by Jess Kay

Pop culture tabloids represent our desire as humans to indulge ourselves in a lifestyle that we will likely never experience. They immerse us in a world of vanity, excess, and drama. More importantly, they are a form of media written by women for women; supply and demand, as you would have it.

Apparently ‘Vagenda Magazine’ has decided to extend an opportunity to their Twitter followers to rewrite tabloid headlines, as apparently they are so terribly sexist.


Some of the results are quite hilarious, but not in the way the contributors intended.

In one instance, the headline “George Clooney reportedly engaged to hot, successful lawyer” was changed to “Accomplished human rights lawyer might be engaged to greying actor, 52.” Because referring to a woman as hot AND successful is sexist, but referring to a man as greying and referencing his age is not. Or something.

In another instance, the headline is changed, but the massive advertisement above the headline that reads “Hunk of the Week” remains. Because objectifying men isn’t sexist. Or something. More clearly, it is not the type of sexism that suits this agenda, and that is made obvious in the comments section where sexism towards men is explained away with flimsy excuses like “power,” “patriarchy,” and “oppression.”

The most laughable part of this experiment, if you will, is that upon closer inspection, 50% of the tabloids were written by women (25% were written by men and 25% were simply credited to “staff”). So apparently the majority of this “casual sexism” that is supposedly harmful to women is written by – you guessed it – women.
‘Dat internalize misogyny. Or something.

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