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In 1966 a little boy had his penis burned off during a circumcision. That little boy’s name was David Reimer.

Dr. John Money, A leading theorist on gender at the time decided the solution was to raise David as a girl. Dr. Money was a proponent of the “theory of Gender Neutrality” and believed he could reject David’s biochemical reality and substitute his own.

And if he was wrong? Well, what’s the life of just one specimen… ahem… I’m sorry, I mean what’s the worth of one little boy?

Men more prone to die from famine
James Schneider writes in an article titled “Feminizing Poverty” that although men are more likely to die in famines, famine relief organizations are more likely to code famine as having a female face.

In the article published on the Library of Economics and Liberty website Scheider offers the explanation that aid agencies use a female face in order to get more donations.

An aid agency might focus on female victims to increase donations. But these donations would presumably be spent disproportionately on men, who are more likely to be famine’s victims.

Obviously Schneider hasn’t heard of the efforts by the World Food Program to restrict food aid to women since the WFP believes women are more vulnerable to hunger than men. And that women supposedly ensure that food is distributed more fairly.
The WFP has either failed to research the issue of who is more likely to die in famines or knows and doesn’t care. Either way they’ve decided to put one of the demographics most at risk to starving to death—men—at even further risk in order to aid the demographic at least risk of starving to death—women.


Female Breadwinners
In an article published at yahoo finance titled “The Drawbacks of being a female breadwinner” Faroosh Torabi writes:

Today, 24% of wives earn more than their husbands. My own academic survey of over 1,000 women — half of them breadwinners — found that when she makes more than her parner, she feels more pressure to stay on top of the finances, advance in her career, maintain her income stream and deal with disapproving or judgmental family and friends.

So women who take on the role of breadwinner find that being a breadwinner requires winning bread?

Ms. Torabi also cautions that men are five times more likely to cheat when their wife is the breadwinner, no mention of how likely the wife is to cheat, and that women who work do more housework.

Interestingly she also describes how women’s desire for higher earning spouses affects their dating and marriage choices and also that if a woman has the potential to earn more than her male partner, she’s also more likely to quit her job to prevent just that.

Women’s desire to have men work to support them couldn’t be the real source of the wage gap, now could it?



Donald Sterling fiasco
Suey Park vs Donald Sterling – who is the biggest bigot? If you don’t know who Donald Sterling is he’s the now disgraced owner of the LA Clippers NBA team. He was caught on tape in a private convo telling his black-latino GF he didn’t want her broadcasting on social media that she liked to hang out with wealthy NBA black players.

His remarks were made in private and were recorded without his knowledge, possibly illegally.

As a consequence Sterling has been hit with a 2.5 million fine, and a lifetime ban from the NBA for a private conversation. He will be forced to sell the Clippers.

Meanwhile Suey Park says that white men are the enemy. But that’s not just okay, it’s a call to righteous revolution!

Also Sterling’s estranged wife Rochelle is still welcome at Clippers games, even though she is arguably a bigot herself.


55 Schools facing sex assault investigation
This week, the U.S. Education department released a list of fifty five post secondary schools which are under investigation for their handling of sexual misconduct complaints.

The list includes both private and public schools. According to the department’s statement being on the list does not mean a school has violated the law, but that an investigation is ongoing. Some schools on the list are being investigated due to student complaints, but other factors can trigger a review, and some schools are being investigated because of news stories.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan has cited “transparency” as the reason the list is being released, and says that it will be updated as changes occur.

According to a Detroit News story quote, Duncan said during a white house media briefing quote “No one probably loves to have their name on that list, but we’ll investigate; we’ll go where the facts are. And where they have done everything perfectly, we’ll be very loud and clear that they’ve done everything perfectly.”

No word has been given on how information exhonerating innocent universities has been released, nor have statements been made as to whether that same approach will be employed in misconduct accusation cases.


Female Experience Simulator
Oh look! Feminists are finally taking some of the logical advice sent their way and creating their own games to reflect their values instead of spending all their time and energy whining about the existing gaming culture – fantastic!

Another feminist “game” has come to our attention, and after the debacle that was “The Day The Laughter Stopped,” this one just HAS to represent women as strong, capable, and intelligent – as feminists believe – right?? Lets take a look.

This one is titled “The Female Experience Simulator.” We begin with a brief narrative: “Good morning! Isn’t it a beautiful day to be a woman?” A little schmaltzy, but alright. The first task that we are presented with is selecting clothes for the day – not overly complicated. When we open the wardrobe, we are greeted with a handful of options, including jeans and a t-shirt, a party dress, and a tracksuit. We can choose any outfit, as we will see shortly that our choice is irrelevant. Once we have successfully dressed ourself, our next task is to decide where we want to go first: the office; the supermarket; the gym; the coffee shop. Again, the choice we make really doesn’t matter.

Every possible combination of outfit and destination results in the player being “sexually harassed,” either immediately or shortly after walking out the door. From requests for your phone number to obscene remarks, no matter what you do, you are the victim of “sexual harassment,” and more importantly, this author believes that it will absolutely ruin your day. Once the “harassment” has occurred – some of which is really awful, and some of which is really tame – the player suddenly runs out of options and the narrative decides for them. In response to the “harassment,” the narrative generally reads as though your confidence has been utterly destroyed and you are forced to go home and cry to your cat – I feel worse for the cat…

So yet again, we have an example of a feminist portraying females as utterly weak and fragile beings who are so delicate that the simplest words will absolutely destroy them. This is not a female experience simulator; it is a feminist experience simulator. This does not simulate the life of a strong, capable woman; it simulates the life of a perpetual victim.

The Destruction of David Reimer
On the morning of May 4th 2004, David Reimer committed suicide. His death came after a life of hardship and abuse at the hands of Dr. John Money. David and his twin brother, were the subject of an experiment on gender identity.

As a baby, David suffered from a botched circumcision that destroyed his entire penis. His mother, fearing for his future contacted Dr. John Money in hopes that he could live a normal life as a female.

John Money theorized that gender was malleable till the age of two. As a result David Reimer, received a sex change.

The resulting experiment was nothing short of horrific. From the beginning David rejected his role as a female, ripping off his dresses, and playing with his brother’s toys.

When Dr.Money found that David wasn’t accepting his role as a female, he abused the twins verbally. He forced them to view explicit materials and engage in genital inspections.

At age 13 David rejected the reassignment completely and began living as a male. He decided to speak out against what happened to him, after finding that the experiment had been cited as a success since 1975.

Dr. Money’s theory of gender neutrality became heavily popular. As a result countless boys and intersex children suffered a similar fate as David, and even now there are few laws protecting the genital integrity of infants.

Feminists continue to spread the idea that gender is a social construct, unaware of it’s origins..

What happens when hard science is silenced to promote an agenda, and what will become of the children caught in the middle?

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