Feminists Say the Darndest Things


Part One: The misogyny that dare not speak its name

In part one I described how it wasn’t defending men and boys against feminist double standards that got me banned from Raw Story, but defending women and girls from feminist misogyny.

Here I’ve compiled a series of additional exchanges with feminists that no doubt contributed to me being banned for speaking blasphemy.

In the first exchange a female feminist(CL38) proceeded to use being male as a slur as if men were a lower form of life and me being allegedly male was the only reason she needed to dismiss my opinions. I called her out on it and so did a male feminist named Erik Miles.

Alison Tieman

You really should take a page from this exchange, Erik. These are the people who you’re aligning with ideologically.

People who think that simply calling me a man is a counter argument. Because, apparently, men are a lower form of life.

Erik later gave the feminist in question a head pat for curbing her misandry like a parent would an idiot child.

The lack of respect both female feminists and male feminists show each other continues to be astounding to me.

Alison Tieman

Wow, patronizing.

Erik Miles

Oh, let’s not pretend on your some higher ground of morality.

Alison Tieman

It strikes me as patronizing how you’re acting towards CL38. I’ve noticed that feminist women don’t really seem to recognize that kind of patronizing corralling from feminist men though.

Erik Miles

…Pretty sure she was only mad at me for the patronizing tone I had towards her. Kinda jumping the gun a little bit with the rest of the assumptions.

Alison Tieman

She thinks that you’re a lower form of life unless you agree with never attacking feminism. The only way to respect that view is to call it out as bigotry. She is a person who chooses to be a bigot, not a child who doesn’t know better.

Erik Miles

And you’re right. I was being patronizing to CL earlier and talking down to her, whether I realized that or not. That’s I why I wanted to take responsibility for my mistake and I rightly apologized for it.

Would you rather that I just continued being asshole? I mean, after all, you’re the one that keeps on saying that both genders should take responsibility for their actions.

Alison Tieman

Well, then we’re back at what I said about female feminists not being able to recognize when they’re being disrespected by male feminists by being treated as wayward children rather than people who make choices.

I know that you don’t like the fact that CL38 turned being male into a slur, that’s why you tried to get her to soften her stance. But instead of responding to her choice to be a bigot, you treat her as a wayward child without adult agency thus taking away the consequences of her actions.

Even appeasing her is simply you being the parent spoiling a child throwing a tantrum.

One of the best things about being a men’s rights activist as a female is that male feminists actually treat me like a person who disagrees rather than a child who is wayward. No matter how aggressive it gets, I am an actual person to you. You are acknowledging that my choices and words have an effect on you by arguing with them on an adult level.

You’re not understanding what I’m saying about CL either. You didn’t make a mistake disagreeing with CL, you made a mistake disagreeing with her like an adult with a child. Conceding to her like an adult with a child _is no better_.

Of course, being a feminist, she is oblivious to this violation of her agency.

Erik had nothing more to say at this point. Instead feminist commentator Bagelsan piped up with her own observation.


I think you mistake politeness for respect, Ms. Tieman. Speaking without overt dislike to a performing poodle is still speaking to a poodle, no matter how kindly you do it; you might as well just scritch [sic] it behind the ears and promise it a bone, like the MRA does for you.

Alison Tieman

Another sock puppet turnover! I must be running you guys ragged!

Where did I say I invited politeness? I prefer honesty. Even brutal honesty and I offer it in return.

This comment seems to have hit a nerve. I guess I knocked Eric out of the running.

(Also, reading comprehension, I was referring to how I’m treated by MALE FEMINISTS. It’s a given that Men’s Rights Activists are honest to me.)

Later on Erik Miles asserts that there’s no non-misogynist way to criticize feminism. I disabuse him of this notion.

Alison Tieman

The feminist belief that women are oppressed could be based on a rational appraisal of the situation for women now and historically.

Or it could be based on the misogynist notion that women are more defined by being “acted upon” and men by being “actors”.

Which it is depends entirely on how much effort feminism has put into looking at both sides of the “are women oppressed” argument.

As of this moment I’ve yet to see one feminist attempt to falsify their hypothesis. Leading me to conclude their beliefs are based on the misogynist notion that women are more defined by being “acted upon” and men by being “actors.”

How’s that for a non-misogynist criticism of feminism?

Erik Miles

Actually, with that little statement, I think you might actually have more in common with feminism then even you’re willing to admit.

(Little statement? Erik certainly can’t help talking down to the feeble-minded wimmins.)

Alison Tieman

I have everything in common with what people say feminism is about which is equality.

I have zero to do with the persecution complex they want to saddle women with.

Erik Miles

Well then congratulations…you’re a feminist.

Alison Tieman

I don’t believe that men oppress women now or historically.

I’m now not a feminist.

Feminist CL38 talks about how the Men’s Rights Movement is waging a war against women:

Alison Tieman

Radical feminists say they want to kill women like me. When you clean house of people who want to exterminate me, then you can talk about men’s rights activists waging a “war on women” by bringing attention to issues men face.


“Radical feminists say they want to kill women like you”?

Sorry, I don’t believe you. You are OBSESSED, you make false allegations, twist comments into something they’re not….

I’ll talk about anything I choose, including the war on women you and other MRA’s are waging with the TPGOP.

Because I was, of course, blocked for pointing out feminist misogyny, I couldn’t respond to CL38. But I will say this, yes there are radical feminists who believe that the human race needs to be purged not just of men but also “male-identified” women such as myself.

To this date I don’t know anyone in the GOP or Men’s Rights Movement that advocates for killing all women who don’t believe as they do.

Or any women for that matter.

Alison Tieman
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