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Chauvin Charged With Murder, Released in Bond

By Mike J.

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer, has been charged with murder for his role in the arrest and subsequent death of George Floyd. Chauvin, since being held back in May, posted a non-cash bond worth one million dollars. His court date is set for March of 2021. The other three officers from the arrest of Floyd,  Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng, have all been charged with aiding and abetting murder in addition to aiding and abetting manslaughter. Despite Minnesota Governor’s Tim Walz deployment of the states National Guard, riots and unrest began after the announcement with over fifty arrested.

High-School Student Bullied and Spat on for Wearing a MAGA Hat

Andrew G

Braxton McElhaney, a sophomore at a Utah high-school, wore a MAGA hat, showing his support for President Donald Trump. Cellphone video was taken showing the incident. McElhaney said about the incident that “The two girls, they kept antagonizing me, calling me a racist, saying I look r—–ed, and calling me a white supremist, white privilege, because I was wearing my Trump hat.” The two students ripped off his hat, threw an American flag mask he was wearing into a dumpster, and spit on his face. Braxton’s mother said that “It brings me to tears every time I watch it, and I can’t believe that people who are on that side and try to push love and acceptance and toleration of other people, and then they are so against somebody who is just a patriot,” she said.

The Jordan School district released a statement saying that “Jordan School District does not tolerate or condone the type of behavior seen in this video. Our schools stand for respect and inclusion where all are free to learn and work in a safe, welcoming environment without judgment. This situation was immediately investigated with the support and involvement of law enforcement. Swift, appropriate disciplinary action was taken following district protocol.”

False accuser forced to recant and pay victim damages

by Alison Tieman

False accuser Rebecca Blair, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, has been made to issue a public apology to the victim of her false accusation, colleague Dr. Nirmal Joshi. In addition she is paying him an undisclosed sum of money.

Rebecca Blair falsely accused Dr. Joshi of becoming angry at her at work, threatening dismissal and slamming her head against a wall then sexually assaulting her. These allegations were found to be substantially similar to other allegations Blair had made two years prior against a man she was going to school with.

In addition survailence and electronic sign in/out records proved her false allegation victim was not in the presence of Blair during the time of some of the incidents Blair alleged.

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