What will Dior’s decision regarding Johnny Depp mean for male survivors?


“It’s disappointing and irresponsible that Dior is still working with Johnny Depp.”
That’s what domestic abuse lawyer Rachel Horman-Brown told the MailOnline in 2020. She goes on to say: “The courts made a finding [against depp]. Dior continues to use his advert; it is almost condoning abuse and violence against women.”

Dior stood by Johnny Depp while Warner Brothers and Disney caved under the pressure of the domestic violence industry and canceled him.

Dior’s Sauvage is now the fastest-selling fragrance ever. That includes women’s fragrances. Dior renewed its contract with Johnny Depp for a seven-figure sum.

Dior stood up for a falsely accused man. Dior stood up for evidence and presumption of innocence. Dior stood up against cancel culture. And Dior and Depp won.

If more companies followed Dior’s example, it would mean a world of difference for other male victims falsely accused by their abusers.

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