Elliot Rodger, feminist fuel


“Badger, I’ve been reading articles claiming that MRAs influenced Elliot Rodger to kill women. Is this true?”

Of course it is! We are also responsible for global warming, all of the endangered species becoming extinct, the death of the first-born in biblical times, and original sin itself. And we enjoy sharpening our retractable talons as we hide under your bed at night. Someone left the cap off the toothpaste? That was us. WWII? We genetically created the leaders of the Third Reich. Children starving in Africa? Guess who!

The acronym MRA—men’s rights activist—must really stand for something else. It can’t possibly mean we actually stand for men’s rights. It must be a complex riddle concealing something evil. Hmm, MRA … oh! I’ve got it! It must mean Marsupial Readers of America! And our diabolical plan is to teach marsupials how to read and in this oppress women … because … okay, I can’t even continue that journey into silly land.

Elliot Rodger joined anti-PUA [pickup artist] groups, not MRA groups. Even said groups told Rodger that he needed to get a healthy grip on things. Feminists are using this tragedy to fuel their anti-male agenda. They are vultures feeding off the victims’ corpses with no respect for who those people were except for the fact that two were women (never mind that four victims were men). Some have even gone so far as to say that seven women were killed! Completely erasing the men who died. But that’s feminists for you. That’s how they would have it, if they could. Push the deaths of men to the background and say that only women die or have died because only women are valued enough to be counted when dead.

Luckily, CNN staff writers don’t mention any of the PUA/MRA nonsense in their article:


I have yet to see evidence of the legitimate news stations giving any thought at all to the lie that feminists are spreading, saying that Elliot Rodger was influenced by MRAs. He was not in the least. The articles spewing such nonsense are opinion pieces and not from the news media itself. Here, however, is one opinion piece that is less biased than the rest. The writer, Kashmir Hill, even points out that the anti-PUAs tried to tell Elliot Rodger that he needed help.


So, before jumping to conclusions, learn how to research first and think for yourself.

Kristal Garcia
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Kristal Garcia

Kristal Garcia is a Freelance Writer who has aired on the TODAY Show for her activism. Currently writing "100 Days of Loving Men", her journey of healing relationship with father and men, in this healing relationship with self. She is the Admin of both "The Art of Femininity" and "Loving and Celebrating Men" Facebook Pages. Kristal sees the core of healthy human community is healing relationships between women and men, starting with healing relationship with self. She is known for her conversation of "Celebrating the Love of Being" she shares her journey of self love and celebrating life. Kristal stands by 'We Rise, We Rise Together'. Vital to this is supporting all human rights including the voice of men and men's human rights.

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  • The best video I’ve seen on this is DrRandomerCam and his pointing out the ghoulish glee with which the aforementioned opinion pieces hoisted two of the victims up on totem banners while turning the rest into non-existent fodder – the exact same thing Elliot Rodger did. What is the line between Rodger and these vermin? Probably that they have a forum to share in any atrocity while distancing themselves from it.

    Also, the comments in the video are priceless, if only for the not-so-good Dr and his responses to sunnyyellowracer. It’s like following him into the mind of a psychotic…

By Kristal Garcia

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