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Dear Honey Badgers,
What do you think about the new proposed prostitution laws in Canada and the confluence of social conservative and feminist rhetoric?

This is for everyone. If I ask you for coffee in an elevator will you think me to be a rapist?

Follow up question if you answered yes, will you come to my room anyway?

The instinct to feel sorry for women and put blame on men seems so deeply ingrained, it can’t be detached from the human psyche. When one hears about how courts are consistently, across nations, giving women less punishment for the exact same crimes men commit, it seems hopeless. Do you think it’s possible for people to become truly objective in how they see men and women? If so, how can it be done?

Why is a woman who has lots of sex partners a “slut” and a man with lots of sex partners a “hero”?
P.S. I know the answer but I’d like to here the Badgers take.

Do you predict that men’s rights will become one of the defining conversations of the 21st century, much like women’s rights were in the 20th century? Or do you think the public will continue to ignore men’s issues, allowing feminist ideology to gain an ever-tighter grip on the cultural zeitgeist? Or do you expect a more subtle shift in public opinion toward the recognition of men’s issues?
How do you, as individuals, conceptualize your roles in the MRM, in light of your predictions for the movement’s future?

Most important question, who is your favorite Bond (007)?

Do you believe that there are actual risks of injury or death, by attending Detroit conference?

What is your response to feminists who say “but feminism just means equality”? and Who yall think is gonna win the soccer world cup in Brazil?

How do you feel about possibly creating individual Youtube channels and talking about men’s rights and feminism in your own words and doing so on a regular basis? I feel like it would be a great idea if you want the message of men’s rights to spread.

As we all know, gender issues seem to be directly tied into economics and political ideology, for better or for worse of course. What are your views of the state? What do you believe it’s proper role should be? What are your feelings on individual liberty and the collective good? What are your views and thought on capitalism, socialism, etc? I’d honestly love to know. It seems that the feminist camp has put it’s loyalties in a society with a more powerful state and a heavily socialist economy. The MRM on the other hand seems to lean towards libertarianism and a more open market. I would absolutely love to hear Honey Badger’s thoughts on these important questions and your own personally views of an ideal society, both politically and economically. Thanks 🙂

Do you get approached by many LGBT people who are critics of feminism and have interest in the MRM?

Looks like the Hufflepuff badger. Can I assume you gals are Hufflepuffs? I was thinking more Ravenclaws, or maybe Gryffindors…

Here’s a question: Is there anything in your view of the gender issues that you’ve talked about that differs from that of Christina Hoff Sommers’ ?

How will the MRM prevent itself from becoming a homogenous ideology? In other words, how do we encourage skepticism within the movement while working together for men’s issues?

What is your most favorite meal to eat?

If being starved of sex causes insanity and shooting sprees, ala Elliot Rodger, putting women’s safety at risk, why is it that we do not see feminists lobbying for government programs that ensure men are sexually satisfied?

Are there any other people that you wish could have attended the International Men’s Rights Conference in Detroit and if so, who would they be?

Why are you so awesome? 😛  What could I do from the European Union to help the movement?

No one has left inappropriate sexual questions/comments on this video that make would him sound like an obsessive basement dweller that would pay hundreds of dollars to get his hands on the panties of the women he is asking these questions to/making these comments about so I will start:

wut r ur bra sizes?

Would any of you be willing to engage in sexual activities with each other on cam?

I want to make semen donations to all of you, where do I ship them?

Are any of you circumcised or do you all have cheese vaginas?(I pay less money for the panties of women who lack the ability to produce the amount of cunt-cheese nature intended due to genital mutilation)

And I think I am going to stop here if posting these questions is making me feel uncomfortable I can only imagine how shocked the people reading them will be and I posted these questions for shock value

What’s your weirdest sexual fantasies?

Dog goes woof, cat goes meow.
Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak.
Cow goes moo. Frog goes croak, and the elephant goes toot.
Ducks say quack and fish go blub, and the seal goes OW OW OW.
But there’s one sound that no one knows…

If a man is married to a Honey Badger, can he still qualify as MGTOW?

Putting aside biological/genetic theories for a moment, what do each of you consider the most influential cultural myths that have made gynocentrism the dominant force that it is?

In other words, which urban legends, memes, mores, taboos, propaganda, customs, fads or fashions do you consider most influential in seducing the world into gyno centrism?

What’s your favorite sammich?

Rachel Edwards
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