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University of Ottawa Hockey team file 6 million dollar lawsuit
The men’s hockey team of the University of Ottawa is now filing a class action lawsuit against the unversity after it’s suspension last year. The entire team was punished following allegations of sexual assault against two of their players.

The suspension was set to extend from 2014 to 2015 and continued even after the rest of the team had been exonerated. That team is now suing the school for 6 million dollars in damages stating that they feel their reputations have been damaged by association.

Pat Burns, a former member of the Hockey team penned an open letter describing the treatment he’d received from the university’s decision to condemn the entire team. He described becoming a social pariah, being disinvited from a gala, and being assumed guilty by friends and family.

Other team members described losing their summer jobs and feeling anxious about going out in public and facing public ridicule for wearing their team jackets. Some of the players have transferred to other schools and their hockey programs, but their careers and reputation remain tarnished.

The allegations arose from a third party reporting the alleged assault to the police and the athletic department. The victim is said to not be co-operating with the investigation and little information has been released to the public.

What is known, is that the University of Ottawa now stands as an example of how not to handle allegations of sexual assault, and how rape hysteria continues to plague campus culture.

Robyn Urback: How the entire UofO men’s hockey team became a casualty of campus ‘rape culture’ obsession
University of Ottawa hockey players plan lawsuit over sex assault allegations, suspensions


Feminist study states that women and girls don’t know they’re being abused
In a recent study of, 100 victimized youths aged 3 to 17, feminists have concluded that females normalize male sexual aggression. How did they come to this conclusion you ask? The study interviewed youths who’d been victims of sexual harrassment or sexual assault and found that the girls believed all males were this way and therefore did not report the violence against them, feeling that it was business as usual.

Gee feminists, could it be that maybe victims of assault have a skewed view of sex and men as a result of being victimized? Could it be that sexual predators spend a lot of time and effort into getting their victims to normalize what’s happening so that they don’t report them? Nah, it’s girls normalizing male aggression!

I mean it’s not like the scientists conducting this study are heavily biased citing feminist sources and feeling that all men can be likened to sexual predators. Cause then that study would be biased and therefore unscientific in it’s exectution. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened.

The study stated that they looked at youths of all genders and yet, they chose only to publish the female experiences stating things in line with their beliefs. Imagine that.


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  • Speaking of bias. I’ve seen it commented at the blog: “The Mary Sue” that men don’t make good scientists because their science is full of atheist bias. That only women can be great scientists with their spirituality… My mind boggled just typing that out.

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