JUST FOR FUN – the Italian “naked man” orchid


Mother Nature is an MRA!

Orchis italica is known as the naked man orchid. Orchidaceae is a gigantic family, one the largest among land plants, with around 25,000 species in 890 genera. It certainly has something for everyone.

The name of this genus and of the family in general is based on the Greek for “testicle.” Apparently this genus forms tubers that tend to grow in pairs, so they look like a pair of nuts if you dig them up. And people think God has no sense of humor.

Oh, look, a variety that you can decorate a fabulous wedding cake with!

Best wishes, guys! Congratulations!


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  • That’s really cool. Have you seen a Coco de Mer plant before? I’ve always found it so cool that the female flowers look like vaginas and male flowers look like erect penises.

    I guess because those plants have clearly found an equal balance between the male and female components that make it whole, that is beautifully juxtaposed with human society where we have taken to abusing the other; a simple flower can find a balance we can’t.

  • No, I haven’t. Let me go look. That’s very cool.


    The picture of the stamen sure looks like what you say it does and the description of the pistilate flower sounds they way you say it looks. Well done, Mother Nature.

    “an equal balance between the male and female components that make it whole”

    In Chinese interior design there is a principle of balancing yang and yin in a room or else in the house. Yang has to do with straight lines, hard surfaces and bright colors and yin with curves, soft textures and similar colors. In the West traditional styles lean very yin and modernism leans very yang.

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