GENDER EQUALITY – T-shirt and bumper sticker fodder


I have seen some slogans and phrase around that speak to gender equality, and been inspired by them to come with one or two on my own.

Please nominate more. Please feel free to use these in any way that gets the word out.

Workplace equality:

A woman’s place is on a road crew.

I will start caring about the glass ceiling when you start caring about the glass basement.

Gender relations:

I will treat you like a lady when I see you can act like a gentleman.

Want me to treat you like a lady? Are you going to treat me like a lord?

Gentleman is not the equivalent of lady, lord is. It is says quite a bit about gender inequality that men  are referred to by the inferior grade of “gentleman”

Men owe women nothing that women don’t owe men.

Where all the good men? With all the good women.

I toyed with the idea of “Where are all the good men? With all the good men.” but this one is just the usual ragging-on-straight-men twaddle that is background noise these days.

And for a t-shirt that will draw attention:

Women rape. Stop the denial.


So please nominate more of these. Someday they may come in handy.

Here go:

Theodmann on said:

Men have gender too.


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  • I like this one: Where all the good men? With all the good women. There’s a bit of a subtle dig in it, but nothing you can really attack.

  • Welcome, Moses!

    The self-righteousness and entitlement in that particular whine has always gotten. “Where are all the good men?” Why would one be interested in you anyway, honey?

  • I wouldn’t worry about how lady and gentleman where defined in the past, no one considers that now when using the term and complaining about it seems to me to be the equal of feminist complaints about manhole covers or something like that. Besides “lady” can be used more in the confrontational sense then gentleman can. “Hey lady get off my back” vs “Hey gentleman get off my back” Anyways it’s too petty to worry about for me.

    However you could easily change that to something like “Want me to make you feel like a queen? Are you gonna make me feel like a king?”

    I especially liked the glass basement comment.

    I don’t mess with the good men/good women thing. I’ve just ultimately come to the conclusion that quite often people (both sexes) just don’t get what they deserve or bargained for from relationships.

    I’ve known good men and good women who just can’t find someone with a similar moral character. Perhaps that is their fault in that they are looking for the wrong things or in the wrong places, but there are so many other factors.

  • VU, I agree on the lady and gentleman thing really, but my point was to knock to challenge people on the facile way we call all women ladies.

    The good man/woman thing – I say let the straight people fight it out. But I can still point and laugh.

  • “Where all the good men? With all the good women.”

    MosesZD was right about this being subtle. I might suggest making a bit less subtle by changing it to:

    “Where all the good men? Out looking for a good woman.”

  • “Where all the good men? Out looking for a good woman.”

    You bitch. A “little less subtle” my ass.

  • [q]Ginkgo on 2014-06-23 at 10:31 am said:
    Welcome, Moses!

    The self-righteousness and entitlement in that particular whine has always gotten. “” Why would one be interested in you anyway, honey?[/q]


    “Where are all the good men?”
    They’re avoiding you.

  • I have soooo many! So some of these are about women realizing that feminism takes away their agency. Others are about telling men that they are being used by women basically/are stuck in rigid gender boxes. Okay, so this one has a cartoon picture of a uterus and ovaries (that’s flexing) and says “C’mon ladies! Grow some ovaries”

    For those who know girlwriteswhat, I want one that has her posed like Uncle Sam saying “I want YOU to put on your big girl panties.”

    “Hi! Ok, now you know a woman who is NOT a feminist.”

    “For every girl that throws away their Easy Bake Oven, there is a boy who wishes he had one.” (picture of little boy cross-legged on floor really excitedly playing with easy bake oven)

    “Guys, you:
    1 Open the door
    2 carry the bags
    3 lift heavy things
    4 pay for dinner
    5 take care of her
    Who takes care of you?”

    Cartoon of princess in tower saying “save me” to a knight below.
    Knight says “No! You have agency and can save yourself. What do I look like, a white knight?”
    Next scene, princess says “Damn” and frees herself.

    This poster as a shirt:

    “What does enthusiastic consent look like?” With funny cartoons, i.e. pom poms (maybe with the cheer “Give me the “D””), begging, a woman in an herbal essences commercial

    • Welcome, Elena!

      I love all of those. The first two are tight enough for a t-shirt and the others would make great posters.

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