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Recently the media noticed a growing group of women online called “Women Against Feminism.” Despite the claim that feminism is about freedom of choice, feminists had no problem harassing these women for their beliefs.

With violent Radfem groups like FEMEN making headlines around the world, it’s easy to see how the average woman would have nothing in common with them.

But feminism doesn’t care about your feelings; it’s about freedom of choice. The freedom to make “their choice.”


Orthodox Jewish circumcision infects two more babies with herpes.
Two more infants in New York were diagnosed with herpes after undergoing a ritual Jewish circumcision. There have been 16 cases of herpes since 2000 due to oral suction, including the three in this year alone. Of these infants, two have died and at least two others have suffered brain damage.

While the disease is harmless to adults, it can be deadly to infants. The tragedy in all this is that it is completely avoidable but that the practice persists due to tradition. In fact, Orthodox Jews opposed regulations passed in New York City to require parents to sign consent forms before engaging in the practice, acknowledging the safety risks to their children.

But the courts decided to side with the city, and now all parents must sign a document acknowledging that the health department strongly advises against this form of circumcision. Just last year, Rabbi Moshe Tendler, a professor of biology at Yeshiva University, spoke out against the practice, saying that there was no religious requirement for this particular form of circumcision: “You will not find a single respected pediatrician who will defend that oral practice.”

Among the two new cases, one baby was found with lesions on his penis and the other had lesions on both his thighs and genitals. This calls into question the ethical nature of this brand of circumcision and to some extent the practice itself, as it is completely unneeded. We must ask, How many more children will be infected in this way before the practice is banned? And how long will it take for people to be reasonable about this issue?



The US executes those with severe mental illness over 50% of the time.
A new study found that over half of the inmates on death row within the study had a severe mental illness. It is unconstitutional to execute the intellectually disabled. Yet those with severe disorders like schizophrenia or PTSD are somehow not protected even when they are visibly disabled by their mental health.

“The overwhelming majority of executed offenders had intellectual and psychological deficits that rivaled—and sometimes outpaced—those associated with intellectual disability and juvenile status.”

Yet the courts have not extended protections to those with severe mental illness. Despite the protection under the Constitution, intellectually disabled people are still executed.

“[o]ne-third of the last hundred executed offenders were burdened by intellectual disability, borderline intellectual functioning, or traumatic brain injury—a similarly debilitating intellectual impairment.”

Which raises several questions about the US judicial system: How many incarcerations might be avoided with an emphasis on the mental health of men? How many become worse by entering the prison system, when they should be treated for their deteriorating mental health, and how long must we wait before this becomes a priority?


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FEMEN is a radical feminist group that use their bare breasts as weapons. The group is recognizable through their bare-breasted protests of everything patriarchal, sexually explicit, or religious. But what really makes this group special is their terrorist tactics and their militant devotion to the cause. They train in their very own activist boot camps, where they teach women to tirelessly continue their hysterical chants while being tackled and carried away.

The ladies of FEMEN know full well that they are kicking the hornets’ nest every time they go out, and their tactics are meant to incite anger and violence against them. They anticipate it, and train for it, knowing that it will be the reaction they get. Yet these women go largely unpunished and serve minimal jail time.

They can commit acts of vandalism, start riots, and harass people, and never be reprimanded as harshly as man. If anything, they are a symbol of female privilege. Because without it, such a group could not exist or even stay funded. These ladies prance around topless with flowers in their hair, a cult of untouchable goddesses protected by the French government. They remain a persistent reminder that people are capable of doing a great deal while accomplishing nothing at all.

Women Against Feminism
Women Against Feminism is a social media group expressing its disdain for modern feminism. It recently came under feminist criticism after the media realized that such a thing even existed. In fact, the group has been around for over a year, and its Facebook page has over 20,000 followers and growing.

Several articles have appeared calling these women ignorant or mindless traditionalists who are a barrier to equality. On Twitter they’ve been called everything under the sun, and it shows no signs of stopping. What is most telling about the feminist critics is that despite the fact that they claim to promote freedom of choice, they openly oppose the choices of other women.

Which is to say that these women only support certain women and certain choices. Then they try to shame women for making choices that they simply do not agree with. It is the lack of understanding from feminists that create groups like this in the first place. In their minds they can do no wrong, and if there are radicals burning flags and hurting people, well, those women don’t matter.

Women Against Feminism is more than a group of women putting a face to anti-feminism; they are a result of feminism’s inability to listen to the voices of real women. They stand in opposition of the feminist narrative that men are monsters. They are well-adjusted women who get along with men. They are the women bridging the rift that feminism created between the sexes and healing that giant chasm. No wonder feminists are pissed.

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